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The Rahu - Ketu Story

Rāhu and Ketu are unique in Vedic Astrology as they are called the Chaya Graha. However, it is not easy to determine where they belong to in the entire discipline. Many texts which have defined the results accrued due to placement of Grahas in different Bhavas and Rāśi are silent regarding these two Grahas. Many believe that they give results merely due to association with other Grahas/ Dispositor and do not have any results on their own. There are many opinions regarding them, which is kind of understandable since these are Shadowy Planets. Hence, it logical to think that they position in this discipline of Vedic-Astrology will also be shadowy!The mythology about Rāhu Ketu is widely known among those who are interested in Indian mythology or Theology. It goes somewhat like this. After the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthana), when the Pitcher (Kalasa) of Amrita (Nectar) was obtained, Lord Vishnu decided to favour the Suras (the clan of the Luminaries, Surya and Chandra) or the De…

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