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Analysis of Bhava VII- Planets in the Third House

INTRODUCTION Third house is a upachaya or a house of growth. Any planets in this house as reckoned from the Lagna, cause the growth of the Lagna bhava. However, the ways in which a planet shall help in growth of the Lagna shall be dependent on their own nature. Being the bhava of courage, malefics in this bhava gives courage, their affliction can cause lack of siblings or trouble to siblings. Benefics in such place may cause lack of courage or cowerdice, but is good for the health and affairs of siblings.

This is also the house of skills and dexterity. Planets in this house make the person skillful in the areas ruled by the planets. Thus planets like Moon or Venus can make a person artist, however the genius and creativity is only ruled by the fifth house.

Being the 7th house from the 9th house, planets in this bhava also aspect the ninth house of fortune. Hence, Malefics placed here give troubles with fortune, more so if afflicted and benefics give rise in fortune.

Being the 9th house…

Analysis of Bhava VI- Planets in the Second House

The 2nd house is primarily for Accumilated wealth (karaka Jupiter); accumulated wealth (karaka Moon) and Application of knowledge (since this is tenth from fifth house); Speech (karaka Mercury); Eyes (karaka Sun) or Face (Karaka Sun) Malefics placed in this house adversely affect these significations.

Checking the argala perspective, planets placed in the 2nd house would have argala on the Lagna bhava (dharnargala); Fourth house (Labhargala) and Eleventh house (sukhargala). Malefics placed in this house affect the significations of these houses adversely, while benefics placed in second house, enhance the said houses.

Healthy; Immensely Wealthy; Aquire wealth due to the grace of ruler/ govt.; Learned in shastras; Wise; Good eye sight; Good reputation/ fame

Egoistis; Devoid of wealth; Loss of wealth due to wrath of Government; Diseases in Face/ Mouth; Eye diseases; Lack of Intelligence; Devoid of knowledge of shastras; Ill health; Domestic dishar…

Analysis of a Bhava V- Planets in First house

INTRODUCTION This section shall enumerate the different effects of all the planets in different houses. The effects of all the planets shall be divided into two distinct categories namely the favourable effect, the unfavourable effects:

A planet gives favourable results
if it is placed with strength viz., placement in exaltation, Moola trikona, own house or natural friend’s house
if is under the influence of natural benefics Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon.

A planet gives unfavourable results
if it is weak by placement viz., placement in debilitation or enemies house.
if it is under the influence of natural malefics Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.

The relations signified by a house suffer, if the house is placed with malefics (afflicted) and the lord of the house is weakly placed as well. If benefic aspects such house, the suffering is either nullified or minimised to great extent. The influence on the lord of the the bhava also shows the effect on the native’s mental makeup towards r…

Analysis of a Bhava IV- Generic Effect of Planets

Favourable and unfavourable effects of planets
1. Benefics gives unfavourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 8th or 12th houses.
2. Malefics give facourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 11th houses.
3. Planet gives unfavourable results when
i. Placed in Debilitation
ii. Conjoined with/ aspected by malefics
iii. Conjoined with/ aspected by enemies
iv. Placed in Rasi Sandhi or Gandanta
v. Placed in inimical sign
vi. Hemmed between malefics (Papak…

Analysis of a Bhava III- Generic effect of planets in houses

Malefics: Failure, diseases in head, sorrows, dishonour, displacement, loss of money, pains all over the body, discomfort in all ways

Benefics: General comfort, success, good health, financial prosperity, fame, promotions to higher positions

Second house:
Malefics: Loss of ancestral property, diseases in the face, sickness for the family members, diseases in right eye, scandals, loss of utensils.

Benefics: Increase in family wealth, gains of utensils, family amity and happiness

Third House:
Malefics: Misunderstanding with friends and people who help them, Misfortunes to brothers, diseases in chest, neck and right ear; mental affliction, bad conduct or cowerdice.

Benefic: Good conduct, courage, happiness to brothers, increase in help from others and good health

Fourth House:
Malefics: Distress to mother and maternal relations, loss of cattle, beds, cots, landed property and vehicles, heart trouble, general misery and discomfort due to impure water.

Benefic: Vehicles, lands, cattle,…

Analysis of a Bhava II- General Analysis

The following section is taken from Prasna Margam

Postures Vs. Kendras (Used in Remedies)
The Lagna, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th signify the postures Waking (Chakramana), Lying/ Sleeping (Sayana), Sitting (Upaveshat), Standing (Sthiti) respectively.

External and Internal Bhavas
Bhavas can be considered to have two significations, viz., External and Internal. The external ones are as mentioned before, whereas the internal ones are given by Varahamihira in Brhat Jataka.

This difference is very important in the horoscope analysis. One must know that there are two aspects of significations of each house; one of which shows various expect of our own self , whereas the the other aspect is more related to the environment we are in and also the relations we are with…

Strengths & Weaknesses of Bhava
The Bhavas which are associated with or aspected by their lords or benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon) are said to thrive well. Those conjoined with or aspected by malefics suffer annihi…

Analysis of a Bhava I- Significations of Houses

INTRODUCTION Analysis of bhavas is the first step to be taken in interpretation of the horoscope. Though many things have been written on this so far, there are many inconsistencies in the books written by various authors. These inconsistencies tend to discourage any new students of Jyotisha. Thus this article strives to present the subject in a very systematic manner and hopes that the Jyotish enthusiasts and the beginners would gain substantially from this.

The article is divided into various sections starting from the significations of Bhavas; General strengths and weaknesses of bhava; Generic effect of Benefics and malefics in the bhavas and the specific effect of all the planets in the different bhavas. I however admit that this article is no way comprehensive and leaves enough room for improvement. I shall modify/ add sections to this as and when time permits.

SIGNIFICATIONS OF HOUSES(from Prasna Margam) Note: The terms inside the brackets are the sanskrit terms used in the classic…

Effect of Ascendant III: Gemini

Tall & straight body
Long and thin arms
Nervous and fidgety
Dark complexion
Dark hair
Hazel and bright eyes

NATURE Intelligent:This is one of the upachayas of the natural zodiac. The upachayas are the houses which helps in the growth of the Lagna (or the house under consideration). The 3rd and 6th house, viz., the first two upachayas are governed by Mercury, which shows that intelligence is one of the key component of survival and growth in this world. Mercury rules the intelligence which helps us in the survival in this world. This is however, different from the intelligence which makes us superior to rest of animals in this world, which is ruled by Jupiter. The operational intelligence of Mercury is borne out of the fact that it rules the skills of communication and expression, which plays a crucial role in our existence.

Curious: In natural progression of age of the zodiac, we can consider Gemini as the sign, which is predominant with the attitude of a child, who…

Effect of Ascendant II: Taurus

Physical FeaturesShort or Medium stature Well-built and stumpy body Short and thick hands Broad Forehead Small and bright eyes (indicated by strong Moon) Short thick neck Wide nostrils and mouth Lustrous face Broad shoulders Dark Hair Love curl on forehead Fair Complexion NATURE
Artistic Temperament: This sign is ruled by Venus and Moon gets exalted here, thus providing enough ground for expression of the artistic talent of the native. They are fond at least one of the form of arts, say music, arts, cinema or drama, etc. They start learning the art forms in their early age; they can become skillful as they possess the natural talent to learn this.

Melodi­ous voice: This is the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which represent speech. Being lorded by Venus; the planet of relationship and attraction, they are naturally endowed with a charming and melodious voice. They like to merry around while humming, wherever they are. In addition to the lordship of Venus, this sign also exalts Moon, the planet …