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Analysis of Bhava VII- Planets in the Third House

Third house is a upachaya or a house of growth. Any planets in this house as reckoned from the Lagna, cause the growth of the Lagna bhava. However, the ways in which a planet shall help in growth of the Lagna shall be dependent on their own nature. Being the bhava of courage, malefics in this bhava gives courage, their affliction can cause lack of siblings or trouble to siblings. Benefics in such place may cause lack of courage or cowerdice, but is good for the health and affairs of siblings.

This is also the house of skills and dexterity. Planets in this house make the person skillful in the areas ruled by the planets. Thus planets like Moon or Venus can make a person artist, however the genius and creativity is only ruled by the fifth house.

Being the 7th house from the 9th house, planets in this bhava also aspect the ninth house of fortune. Hence, Malefics placed here give troubles with fortune, more so if afflicted and benefics give rise in fortune.

Being the 9th house from 7th house of relationship, it shows the dharma in the relationships and hence it also the house of morality. Affliction to this house also makes a person low in morality and principles.

From the Argala perspective, planets in the 3rd house shall have dharnargala on the 2nd house, labhargala on the 5th house and sukhargala on the 12th house. Thus courage and initiative actively influences the wealth one accumulates, the knowledge one gathers and the expenditure one involves in. If benefics or the karka or the friends of the karaka of 2nd/ 5th/ 12th are placed in the 3rd house, the significations of these houses shall enhance, otherwise suffer due to significations of 3rd house.

Valorous; Famous; Wealthy; Happy; Have a good and eventful life; Intelligent; Generous; Good to friends; Forgiving nature; Patient; Devoid of illnesses; Handsome; Liked by women; Respected; Honourable; Conquer enemies; Go to pilgrimages; Philantropic; Virtuous; Endowed with material comforts; Fortunate; Aquire comforts due to grace of ruler; Prosperity of brother; growth of family.

Devoid of siblings; Cruel Deed; Inimical towards his relations; Ear troubles; Destruction of family

Prosperity and well being of brothers; more sisters; Healthy; Strong & Courageous; Religious; Good in Literature; Enjoys material pleasures; Dependent on friends; Dependent on relations & Friends; Fond of Traveling

Suffer Rheumatism; Autocratic/ Cruel and Miser

Financial gains; Brothers long lived (Mars under benefic influences); Patience; Valorous/ Courageous; Unconquerable; Generous; Meritorious; Honoured by the ruler/ govt.; Happy; Independent/ self-confident; Healthy and Famous; Self made person

No younger siblings; Wife of questionable character; Association with prostitutes (association with nodes); Inimical to siblings or Loss of younger siblings; Devoid of good living place; Suffer tuberculosis / consumption

Many siblings; Happy; Posses landed property; Acquire wealth; High morals; Independent; Good natured; Virtuous; Tolerant; Long life (when third lord is strong); Long life to brothers; Inclination towards trade and business; Courageous; Clever; Detached from worldly affairs; Dependence of younger siblings on the native.

Suffering in life; Suffer throat diseases; Timidity (weak third lord); Consummate rogue; Devoid of friends; Unstable mind

Big family; Many siblings; Religious; ; Detest materialism/ belief in simple living; Clever; Determined; Fond of Travelling; Brothers achieve high position; Fortunate but cannot earn as much as he desires; Get national honour or recognition

Stingy/ Miser; Impatient; Idiotic; Suffer poverty; Suffer from Acidity / Inflammation; Sinful; Malicious nature; Humiliated in public; Dominated by wife; Ungrateful; Not a friend of anybody; Worried; Devoid of courage

Tolerant; Many siblings (mostly sisters); Determined; Wealthy and Happy

Weaker constitution; Miser; Not liked by people; Devoid of happiness / wealth; Wife dominates over the native; Devoid of courage; Devoid of enthusiasm; Less fortunate; Attracted towards women; Lose morals and involve in lowly acts; Unhappy regarding children; Dependent on others

Many siblings; Intelligent; Courageous/ Great strength; Determination; Natural leader; Holding administrative positions; Generous (even treat his enemies well); Patient/ persistent; Happy married life; Charitable; Ambitious; Good orator

Loss of brothers/ Unhappy on account of brothers; Earn by questionable means; Lazy; Unhappy; Mean; Devoid of gratitude towards others; Face many obstacles in life; Suffer ear troubles; suffer due to rheumatism (vata)

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Analysis of Bhava VI- Planets in the Second House

The 2nd house is primarily for Accumilated wealth (karaka Jupiter); accumulated wealth (karaka Moon) and Application of knowledge (since this is tenth from fifth house); Speech (karaka Mercury); Eyes (karaka Sun) or Face (Karaka Sun) Malefics placed in this house adversely affect these significations.

Checking the argala perspective, planets placed in the 2nd house would have argala on the Lagna bhava (dharnargala); Fourth house (Labhargala) and Eleventh house (sukhargala). Malefics placed in this house affect the significations of these houses adversely, while benefics placed in second house, enhance the said houses.

Healthy; Immensely Wealthy; Aquire wealth due to the grace of ruler/ govt.; Learned in shastras; Wise; Good eye sight; Good reputation/ fame

Egoistis; Devoid of wealth; Loss of wealth due to wrath of Government; Diseases in Face/ Mouth; Eye diseases; Lack of Intelligence; Devoid of knowledge of shastras; Ill health; Domestic disharmony (conflict with kith and kins on account of spouse); Stammer (association with Mercury and the 2nd lord is weak); Trouble to Children.

Handsome; Glorious; Wealthy; Complacent; Knowlegeable; Large family; Attached to the family; Soft spoken; Endowed with material comforts.

Speech troubles; Passionate; Stupid and Uneducated.

Gain wealth; Well educated; Good eye sight and Defeat his enemies.

Lack of education; Eye troubles such as cataract, defective eyesight or night blindness; Eat stale food; Ugly face; Speech defects; In company of mean people; Stupid and Miser.

Many children; Talkative; Educated; Well versed in shastras; Determined; Contented; Wealthy; Virtuous; Distinction in academic pursuits; Financial gains; Proficient in Mathematics (aspected by Jupiter); Poetic; Intelligent; Soft spoken; Fond of good food and drinks; Famous; Highly moral; Orator; Generous; Fond of luxurious living;

Uneducated; Suffer from windy troubles;

Handsome; Intelligent; Eloquent; Sweet tongued; Soothsayer (Whatever he says comes true); Prosperous; Wealthy; Fond of good food; Fond of luxuries; Charitable; Fond of poetry; Well versed in administrative matters

Difficulties in education; Have thieving inclination; Liar and vulgar speech; Drunkard; Immoral; Destroyer of family; Relations with other’s wives; Childless; Talkative; Difficulties in accumulate wealth

Attractive eyes; Wealthy; Prosperous family; Get good food; Humble nature; Kind hearted; Helpful to others; Eloquent/ sweet tongued/ Humble in speech; Wealthy; Poetic; Enjoy good food/ drinks; Glorious; Enjoy luxuries; Enjoy company of women; Intelligent; Handsome/ decently dressed

Eye troubles (lord weak/ afflicted); Night blindness (associate with Moon)

In charge of a religious institution; Earn in foreign land /becomes wealthy in foreign land

Suffer poverty/ Deprived of wealth by the king; Remarriage; Possess no lands; Suffer eye troubles; Suffer diseases in face; Ugly in appearance; Harsh speech; Detaches himself from the family to move to foreign land

Rahu is inimical to the Karaka of the house Jupiter (wealth) or Family and being a malefic can cause distress in these areas.

Financially successful in the business related to fish, meat or restaurant; Harsh tongue/ shocking speech; Diplomatic speech.

Thieving habits; Low sinful deeds

The native is inclined towards arts and literature; Sweet tongued

Troubles to eyes and throat

Analysis of a Bhava V- Planets in First house

This section shall enumerate the different effects of all the planets in different houses. The effects of all the planets shall be divided into two distinct categories namely the favourable effect, the unfavourable effects:

A planet gives favourable results
if it is placed with strength viz., placement in exaltation, Moola trikona, own house or natural friend’s house
if is under the influence of natural benefics Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon.

A planet gives unfavourable results
if it is weak by placement viz., placement in debilitation or enemies house.
if it is under the influence of natural malefics Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.

The relations signified by a house suffer, if the house is placed with malefics (afflicted) and the lord of the house is weakly placed as well. If benefic aspects such house, the suffering is either nullified or minimised to great extent. The influence on the lord of the the bhava also shows the effect on the native’s mental makeup towards relations signified by that house. Thus if the 3rd lord is afflicted, the the native might not go well with brothers. The different relations governed by the houses are:

Lagna- Self
Second- Family as a whole
Third- Siblings in general and younger siblings in particular
Fourth- Mother
Fifth- Children; Secret friends
Sixth- Enemies, maternal uncles
Seventh- Spouse
Ninth- Father
Eleventh- Friends, Paternal uncle
Twelfth- Secret enemies

The natural benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon & Venus) are good for the health and longivity of the relations and natural malefics (Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu & Ketu) cause health troubles and reduction in longevity and health. In the the third house malefics give lesser siblings and in the fifth house it gives difficulties in birth of children and also lesser in numbers.

Lagna is primarily a kendra bhava and secondarily a trikona bhava and hence Parashara says that this bhava is specifically auspicious of all natives. If there is affliction to this bhava, the whole horoscope is affected. Malefics placed here can harm the bhava, however since this is a kendra bhava, if those malefics (Mars or Saturn) are placed in own house or exaltation, they constitute two mahapurusha yoga namely Ruchaka and Sasa Mahapurusha yoga. When such mahapurusha yoga occurs, the planet doesnot harm the bhava and instead promote the bhava.

The influence of the planets on the physical features and nature, while placed on the Lagna can be seen from the characteristics of the planets, which are as follows:
§ Sun
o Has honey-coloured, golden Brown or Tawny eyes (madhu pingala drk)
o Has Sqarish Face (Chaturasrah)
o Has bilious temeperament (pitta prakrti)
o Is intelligent (Dhiman)
o Has limited hair (Puman alpaka)

§ Moon
o Is extremely windy and phlegmatic (bahu vata kapha)
o Is Learned (Pragnya)
o Has round face (Brtta)
o Has good looking eyes (Subha Drk)
o Has sweet speech (Madhu vakya)
o Fickle-minded (Chanchal)
o Is Lascivious/ eager to associate with opposite sex (Madana Aturah)

§ Mars
o Has fierce and blood-red eyes (krura/ raktetasana)
o Unsteady or wavering (chapala)
o Has bilious temperament (pitta prakrti)
o Is angry (Krodhi)
o Has thin waist and physique (Krsah Madhya Tanu)

§ Mercury
o Is admirable (vapush)
o Is splendid and beautiful (Strestha)
o Has beautiful skin/ skin without blemishes (shlishtvak)
o Is fond of humor (hasya ruchi)
o He has a mix of all the three humours, i.e., bilious, phlegmatic and windy

§ Jupiter
o Has a big body (Brhat Gatra)
o Has Tawny hair and eyes (Pingala murdhajeksane)
o Is phlegmatic (kapha prakrti)
o Is Intelligent (Dhiman)
o Is expert in all Shastras (Sarva shastra visharada)

§ Venus
o Is charming (sukhi kanta)
o Splendorous physique (vapusshreshta)
o Has beautiful eyes (sulochana)
o Is poetic (kavya karta)
o Is Exceedingly phlegmatic (Kapha adhikya)
o Is also windy (Anilaatma)
o Has curly hair (vakra murdhaja)

§ Saturn is
o Has an emaciated and long physique (Krsha Dirgha Tanu)
o Has tawny eyes (Pingala Drsti)
o Is of windy in temperament (anilaatmakah)
o Has protruding teeth (sthula danta)
o Is lazy (alasa)
o Is Lame (Pangu)
o Has coarse hair over the body (khara roma)

§ Nodes
o Rahu has smoky appearance (Dhumra akara)
o Has bluish body (Nila tanu)
o He resides in forests (Vanastha)
o He is horrifying (Bhayankarah)
o He is of windy temperament (vata prakrti)
o He is intelligent (Dhiman)
o Ketu is akin to Rahu

Note: Terms inside the closed brackets are the sanskrit term taken from BPHS.

Since the Lagna signify the self and the personality of the native, the influence of different planets shall influence the personality of the native too. If more planets are placed in the Lagna (or aspect it), the person would be broad minded as he would be having the attitude / personality traits bestowed by all planets. Many shastras say that such people will be a king, which in modern context mean an able leader or a natural leader.

This is a Marana Karaka Sthana for Saturn and hence the natural significations of Saturn such as longevity gets severely affected. However, if they also constitute the Mahapurusha yoga, the effect undergo transformation and the Marana Karaka avastha is cancelled.

The different Karakas for this bhavas are:
Sun - Soul; Health and Vitality
Moon - Body
Jupiter - Intelligence
Saturn - Hair

The effect of different planets on Lagna is based on their interaction with these different karakas. If they are friends to the Karaka, they shall enhance the significations of the karaka; otherwise they shall affect it adversely. However, it needs to be emphasised again that strong planets (exaltation, own, friendly houses) tend to give less malefic results than the weaker ones. It is also to be noted that each planet is a karaka for other houses too. If it is placed in a dusthana (6th/ 8th/ 12th) from the concerned house (karya bhava), then the native is unfortunate related to the affairs to that house. For example if Saturn is placed in the Lagna, it can curtail longevity since, it is the karaka of eighth house (longevity) and if placed in the Lagna, it would be placed in sixth house from the eighth, which happens to be a dusthana from the karya bhava. Similarly Mars is the Karaka for enemies and if placed in the Lagna, would be in the eighth (dusthana) from the sixth house, causing damage to the sixth house. Thus, this position of Mars, causes suffering to the enemies in the hands of the native (Lagna- self).

One more very important thing to consider is the concept of argala. Planets in the Lagna would have argala on the 12th house, 3rd house and the 10th house. Malefics in the Lagna would have the argala on the 11th house too. Thus the planets in the Lagna shall effect the influences of these four houses also. If benefics are placed in Lagna, then it enhances, expenses on good cause, prosperity of the siblings, enhacement of reputation and fame and also income from desirable sources. Malefics placed in the Lagna gives quite opposite results.

Favourable effects
Less Hair on head (baldish)/ Prominent forehead; Dignified; Sattvik Natured; Good health; Intelligent; Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise; Ambitious; Initiative; Natural leadership qualities; Commanding nature; Bilious Temperament; Hot tempered; Fierce; Less spoken; Valourous; Self contended; Famous; Wealthy; Acquire territory (Leo); Father of daughters (Virgo)

Unfavourable effects
Lethargic (predominance of tamasik guna); Obstinate; Cruel Hearted; Lack the forgiving attitude; Wanderer; Proud; Fluctuating wealth; Devoid of Learning; Devoid of authority; Devoid of progeny; Blind; Subservient to Women (Pisces); Suffer from boils; Diseases in the Head; Eye defects/ diseases/ troubles/ Eye Inflammation or Cataract of eyes/ Night blindness (Leo); (Cancer); Heart disease (Capricorn); Lose his wife/ Ungrateful (Virgo).

Handsome; Happy; Strong built; Well versed in shastras; Wise; Intelligent; Clever converstationalist and Wealthy

Unfavourable (weak in paksha bala along with other weaknesses)
Fickle minded; Restlessness; Weak constitution; Deaf and Mute

Healthy; Strong constitution; Stout body; Big navel; Reddish hands; Valorous; Wealthy; Hot tempered; Honoured by the ruler/ govt.; Long life; Fond of sight seeing

Rarely get peace of mind; Marks of wounds or boils; Suffer many diseases during childhood; Stealing habit; Stupid; Cruel; Angry temperament; Unstable mind; Suffer from Mental troubles; Wicked disposition; Short life; Few children; Ugly appearance; Rheumatism; Eye diseases; Accidents; Injuries to Limb; Loss of wife/ Trouble to wife; Face evil consequences for his actions

Gentle; Educated; Early marriage; Devout listener of the recitation of religious scriptures; Like to travel to many places; Travel to pilgrimages; Inclined towards Mantras and Tantras; Have the power to free people from the influence of evil spirits; Soft spoken; Forgiving; Kind hearted; Gain of wealth; Distinction in academic pursuits; Good health; Golden lustre on the skin; Interested in Astrology; Happiness from brothers; Religious minded; Proficiency in Arts; Poetry, Literature, Logic, Mathematics and use of arms; Stout body/ Handsome; Knowledge of own country; Well versed in shastras; Sweet and tactful conversationalist; Long-life; Destroys the Arishta (evil effect on longevity) caused by other planets in the horoscope and Good physician, Prosperity of children; They usually don’t suffer from any diseases. However, if they contact any disease, it will be very complicated.

Suffer from skin diseases, bilious troubles and jaundice; Defective limb; Antagonistic towards gentlemen; Suffer from eye diseases; Inimical relations with his brothers and will be deceitful; He will be deprived of the comforts of bed (sexual pleasures) and will be a devotee of evil Gods; Suffer the loss of sight in his left eye (association with Saturn); Expenditure on undesirable persons.

Dignified appearance/ Handsome; Good natured/ amicable; Good speaker; Learned; Well versed in shastras; Knowledge of Vedas; Many children/ Happiness from children; Happy; Long lived; Perform religious deeds; Long lived; Fearless; Tolerant; Respected; Virtuous; Charitable; Philanthropic; Go to pilgrimages; Famous; Enjoy luxuries and material pleasures

Indulge in sinful deeds; Unstable mind; Medium span of life; Childless; Ungrateful; Full of false vanity; Forsake his near and dear; Like travelling; Inimical towards others; Miserable

Jataka Parijata says in this respect - If a powerful Jupiter in his full rays is posited in a kendra (1,4,7,10), he alone wards off all aristhas just as a sincere prayer to God Mahadev destroys all sins of the devotee

Handsome/ charming/ attractive; Soft-spoken; Long lived; Proficient in Mathematics; Learned in shastras; Loved by his wife; Fond of ornaments, good dresses & beauty; Liked by opposite sex; Wealthy.

Thieving inclination; Cheat; Suffer rheumatic / phlegmatic diseases; Troubles in generative organs; Two wives (Venus own 6th/8th/12th); Fluctuating fortune; Hard hearted (lack of compassion).

Rheumatism; Bilious complaints; Mendicant (aspected by Moon); Poor; Sickly; Unclean; Suffering from diseases in childhood; Indistinct speech; Lazy / Lethargic; Greedy; Sorrowful; Narrow minded; Conquer enemies.

The native is always dissatisfied, greedy, endowed with broad vision (they can’t see minute details) and over ambitious. They are usually jealous of others’ improvement and as a result suffer lack of peace of mind. However, if placed in own house or exalted or when placed in Pisces or Sagittarius, the native is gets name and fame.

Favourable (only if in own house or in exaltation)
Leader of his community; High status & position

Conquer enemies; Successful in his endeavours with others’ help. Rahu is Leo, Cancer or Aries Lagna is specifically beneficial.

Physical troubles and Troubles in married life.

Good speaker; Successful in education (the deity of Ketu is Ganesha, who is the giver of the siddhis)

Lean; Lacks physical felicity; Marital disharmony

Analysis of a Bhava IV- Generic Effect of Planets

Favourable and unfavourable effects of planets
1. Benefics gives unfavourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 8th or 12th houses.
2. Malefics give facourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 11th houses.
3. Planet gives unfavourable results when
i. Placed in Debilitation
ii. Conjoined with/ aspected by malefics
iii. Conjoined with/ aspected by enemies
iv. Placed in Rasi Sandhi or Gandanta
v. Placed in inimical sign
vi. Hemmed between malefics (Papakartari)

4. Planets give favourable results when
i. Placed in exaltation
ii. Placed in friends house
iii. Conjoined with / aspected by Benefics
iv. Conjoined with/ aspected by Friends
v. Hemmed between benefics (subha kartari)

5. Planets placed in Bhava Madhya is capable of giving full results whereas the result of a planet placed in bhava sandhi would be feeble.

Results of Planets:
Unfavourable position: Wrath of ruler, lord Shiva, father; Diseases in Heart, stomach, eyes; troubles to bones; diseases caused by Pitta; Fear from Quadrupeds and fire; Destuction of copper utensils; Decline of personal influences on others

Favourable positions: Sattvik Nature; Blessings of lord Shiva, father and rulers; Acquisition of copper utensils; Increase of wealth through journeys and by trade in woolen goods, grass, gold, leather and medicines.

Unfavourable position: Queen’s anger; dissatisfaction of the mother or her illness; diseases caused by vata, pitta and impure blood; enmity with superiors or relatives; wrath of Ma Durga; loss of crops; Danger to life; ill fame

Favourable position: Satisfaction to mother; Gain of money by trading in ghee, sugar, clothes; Income by chanting mantras or by breeding cattle, by marine traffic and by dealing with diamonds, through the help of women and by increase of crops and increase of fame and riches

Unfavourable position: Misunderstanding with brothers, Loss of landed property and gold; Fear from fire, thieves and enemies; Wrath of god Subrahmanya and trouble from military personnel; Ailments arising out of impure blood, fever, eye diseases; Loss of utensils; Cuts and wounds caused in the body by weapons

Favourable: Acquision of landed property, gold, weapons; Favour of commander in chief; Grace of lord Subrahmanya; Profit from loss of enemies; Profit from brothers and kings

Unfavourable position: Wrath of lord Vishnu; Suffering from the heir-apparent; Suffering due to abusive languages; Trouble from theives.

Favourable: Acquisition of horses, gold, land; Increase in friends; Acquisition of wealth with the help of Brahmins and good advisors; Income from sculptural skills and arbitration work; Increase of Fame; Performance of religious deeds; Earning by writing or mathematics; Grace of lord Vishnu

Unfavourable position: Ear troubles; Sickness to children; Wrath of gods and brahmins; Enmity with wicked people
Favourable: Increase of clarity of mind; Gain from religious practices, through persons well versed in recitation of Vedas and through favour of rulers; Acquisition of gold, horses and elephants; Blessings of gods and brahmins

Unfavourable position: Sickness to wife or other female relations; Destruction of clothes; Decrease in general prosperity; Sorrow caused by love; Hatred towards government servants; Association with low born people; Death of cattles; Loss of silverware

Favourable position: Gain of silver utensils; Fine clothes; Ornaments; Diamonds; Underground treasures; Marriage; gain of money; Increase of taste for music; Access to cattle and good food

Unfavourable position: Diseases caused by vitiation of wind and phlegm; Ignorance; Tendency to steal; Irritability; Calamities; Lazyness; Physical and Mental debility; Suffering due to sarcastic attitude of spouse, children and servants; Dislocation of limbs; Jealousy.

Favourable position: Reduction of sorrow; Association with old women; Increase in servants and iron goods; Headship of a town; Acquisition of buffalows

The effects of Rahu are similar to the lord of the rasi occupied by him and of Saturn. Similarly the effects of Ketu are similar to the lord of the rasi occupied by him and of Mars.

General Inauspicious effects: Death; Serious diseases; Danger to near and dear ones; Destruction of house; Fall from position; Wrath of the rulers; Unpopularity; Loss; Waste of money and land; Theft of property; Dishonour; Ill fame

General auspicious effects: Good health; Royal favour; Gain of money; Friendship or increase in friends; Success in all undertaking; Mental peace; Elevation to high position; Popularity; Fame; Birth of children.

Analysis of a Bhava III- Generic effect of planets in houses

Malefics: Failure, diseases in head, sorrows, dishonour, displacement, loss of money, pains all over the body, discomfort in all ways

Benefics: General comfort, success, good health, financial prosperity, fame, promotions to higher positions

Second house:
Malefics: Loss of ancestral property, diseases in the face, sickness for the family members, diseases in right eye, scandals, loss of utensils.

Benefics: Increase in family wealth, gains of utensils, family amity and happiness

Third House:
Malefics: Misunderstanding with friends and people who help them, Misfortunes to brothers, diseases in chest, neck and right ear; mental affliction, bad conduct or cowerdice.

Benefic: Good conduct, courage, happiness to brothers, increase in help from others and good health

Fourth House:
Malefics: Distress to mother and maternal relations, loss of cattle, beds, cots, landed property and vehicles, heart trouble, general misery and discomfort due to impure water.

Benefic: Vehicles, lands, cattle, beds and general prosperity and health

Fifth house:
Malefics: Illness/ death / danger to children, leaving of sanchita karma, mental unrest, irritable temperament, illness to native’s advisors

Benefics: Birth of children, good health, peace of mind, influence and increase of good deeds

Sixth house:
Malefics: Occurance of wounds or ulcer in the organ ruled by the 6th sign, fear from theives and enemies, trouble in waist and navel; obstacles in undertakings; ailment signified by the occupying planet

Benefics: Enemies would be vanquished, diseases will disappear and new ones do not sprout out

Seventh house:
Malefics: Sickness or death or separation from the life-partner, disturbances in journey; urninary troubles; fire hazard in spouse’s house

Benefics: Marriage, recovery of lost wealth, enjoyment and happiness, safe return of relations gone to the foreign land, building of a good house.

Eighth house:
Malefics: Illness to servants, obstacles in all work, diseases in anus, quarrels with all, loss of wealth due to theives/ rulers or enemies; loss of appetite; diseases, bad name

Benefics: Freedom from diseases, courage, longevity, facilities to acquire new houses, building mutts etc.

Ninth house:
Malefics: Illness to elders, father, grandchildren; ill luck; divine wrath; disinclination to the acts of charity; gradual decline of hard earned merit; ruin of one’s power of penance; hard heartedness

Benefics: Blessings from elders and parents; mental happiness; god’s grace; increase of fortune, inclination to do good acts; increase of tapas; philantropy; happiness from grand-children

Tenth house:
Malefics: Failures in efforts; loss of reputation; loss of respect; ruin to assistants; breaks in profession; diseases in anckle; exile

Benefics: Contruction of wayside inns; new roads; council halls; temples; success in all attempts; increase in reputation; increase in influence; rise in profession; acquisition of assistants

Eleventh house:
Malefics: Illness to elder brother and sons, ailment in the left ear and legs; gain of articles as indicated by the planet

Benefics: Reduction of grief; accomplishment of desired objects, gain of fresh sources of wealth and material objects signified by the planet

Twelfth house:
Malefics: Squandering of money; fall from position; troubles in the feet; trouble to the left eye; falls due to carelessness and sinful actions

Benefics: Heavy expenditure for good purposes; gradual termination of sinful actions; recovery from illnesses

Analysis of a Bhava II- General Analysis

The following section is taken from Prasna Margam

Postures Vs. Kendras (Used in Remedies)
The Lagna, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th signify the postures Waking (Chakramana), Lying/ Sleeping (Sayana), Sitting (Upaveshat), Standing (Sthiti) respectively.

External and Internal Bhavas
Bhavas can be considered to have two significations, viz., External and Internal. The external ones are as mentioned before, whereas the internal ones are given by Varahamihira in Brhat Jataka.

This difference is very important in the horoscope analysis. One must know that there are two aspects of significations of each house; one of which shows various expect of our own self , whereas the the other aspect is more related to the environment we are in and also the relations we are with…

Strengths & Weaknesses of Bhava
The Bhavas which are associated with or aspected by their lords or benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon) are said to thrive well. Those conjoined with or aspected by malefics suffer annihilation. (26)

The Bhavas which have benefics in the 2nd, 7th and the 12th or 4th and 10th from them are considered favorable. (27)

The benefic nature of Bhavas is destroyed by their connection with the lords of sixth, eighth and twefth or with the natural enemies of their lords. If the bhava, or its lord or the karaka is weak, then also the bhava suffers (28)

The association of a bhava or its lord with sixth, eighth or twelfth or their lords cause suffering to the bhava. The association can be of following way:
The dusthana lords are placed in the bhava or aspect the bhava
The dusthana lords are conjoined with or aspect the bhava lords
The bhava lords occupy the dusthanas

A bhava should be considered weak under the following circumstances
The said bhava, its lord or its karaka is weak
The bhava is hemmed between malefics
The bhava is aspected by malefics
The bhava is aspected by the enemies of their lords
Benefics do not associate/ aspect them
Natural malefics are placed in the 4th, 8th, 12th or 5th or 9th

Out of all the afflictions, if the two or three of them are present, the bhava suffers annihilation

Significator (Karaka): If the different karakas are strong, then events attributed to them will be predominantly seen. If weak, then these shall exist only in name. With regard to Saturn, if he is strong, miseries and diseases decreases, however, if weak, it is felt in abundance

The lords of the 9th and other favourable houses, though they may be malefics, nourish their bhava. This point has been emphasised by Varahamihira in the verse Lagnath Puthre.

Benefics if strong contribute good fully, malefics if weak give their evil in full (34)

A planet capable of giving rise of both good and inauspicious results, confer good results when it is strong and the the evil results when it is weak (37)

A favourable planet if capable of conferring auspicious results fully, moderately according as the navamsa it occupies is vargottama, own or friendly or inimical. Similarly a malefic planet is capable of giving inauspicious results fully, moderately or feebly according to the navamsa it occupies is inimical, own, friendly or vargottama (38)

If the lord and the karaka of a bhava are strong and occupy favourable houses, then the indications of the bhava will be fully experienced. On the contrary if they are weak and occupy the 6th/ 8th or 12th, the results of that bhava will be negetive or feeble (39)

If the lord and karaka are strong but occupy an unfavourable position, then though the effects of the bhava may be seen, the native will not enjoy them. On the contrary, if the lord and the Karaka are weak, but occupy favourable positions, the effect will be experienced by the native, however it would be feeble (40)

If the two, the lord and karaka of a bhava, if one is strong and the other is weak, then the influence should be considered to be mixed in nature (41)

If the lord of a bhava occupies a favourable position from the Bhava itself, then the effects of the Bhava will be full, however only if they are placed in favourable position from the Lagna, then the native shall have good experience (42)

Such bhavas as have any relationships with the Lagna or its lord such as aspect, association, kendra disposition etc. shall be surely experienced.

Benefics in the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th become unfavourable. Malefics in the 3rd, 6th or 11th become favourable. The most important of all these houses is Lagna. The 5th and 9th houses are equally important. It is these three bhavas that benefics show their greatest good and malefics their worst evil. (44)

Malefics in the sixth house confer all significations governed by the planet such as copper, lead etc., however the bhava i.e., the 6th house suffers. The results could be rise in enemity and diseases. (45)

The good and bad significations ascribed to different planets should be used when describing the effects of dashas. (47)

Planets give rise to favourable or unfavourable results based on whether they occupy Ishta or Anishta bhavas. On the basis of Samgnadhyaya, the various effects should be inferred.

When Bhavas are ruined: When the lord of the 8th from a certain bhava or saturn transits the bhava and at the same time, the dasa / antar of the 6th, 8th or 12th operates, the bhava under consideration suffers. Similarly diseases signified in the various parts of the body as signified by the bhava concerned can be predicted.

Analysis of a Bhava I- Significations of Houses

Analysis of bhavas is the first step to be taken in interpretation of the horoscope. Though many things have been written on this so far, there are many inconsistencies in the books written by various authors. These inconsistencies tend to discourage any new students of Jyotisha. Thus this article strives to present the subject in a very systematic manner and hopes that the Jyotish enthusiasts and the beginners would gain substantially from this.

The article is divided into various sections starting from the significations of Bhavas; General strengths and weaknesses of bhava; Generic effect of Benefics and malefics in the bhavas and the specific effect of all the planets in the different bhavas. I however admit that this article is no way comprehensive and leaves enough room for improvement. I shall modify/ add sections to this as and when time permits.

Note: The terms inside the brackets are the sanskrit terms used in the classic.

Lagna: Excellence/ Superior goodness of beauty/ Extreme Skillness/ Cleverness/ Self Confidence (Sauthavam); The state of being/ Existence/ Perseverence/ Standing/ Stay at a place (Sthiti); Self- dependence/ Sound State/ Health/ Ease/ Comfort/ Contentment/ Satisfaction (Svasthya); Welfare/ Welbeing/ Yasha/ Fame (Shreya); Victory/ Success/ Acheivement (Jayo)

Second House: Family, Wealth (Vitta), Speech (Vani), Right Eye (Dakshina Chakshu), all forms of Knowledge (Vidyascha Vividha)

Third House: Patience (Dhairya), Vitality and Potency (Virya), Wrong thoughts (Durbuddhi); Siblings (Sahodara); Valour (Parakrama); Right Ear (Daksha Karna); Assistance/ help/ following (Sahaya)

Fourth House: Mother (Mata); Sacrifice (Suhut); Sister’s child (Bhagineau); Landed Property (Kshetram); Sukham (Happiness); Vehicles and Carriages (VahanamHsanam); grace/ beauty/ charm/ amour (Lalitya); Resting/ sleeping (Shayanam); growth and prosperity (Vriddhi); Cattle (Pasu); Birth house/ birth place (Janma Griha)

Fifth house: Wisdom (Pragna); Abilities (Pratibha), Intelligence (Medha); Ability to discern (Viveka Shakti); Good deeds of past life (Puratana Punyam); Mystical hymns (Mantra); Advisor/ Misnister (Amatya); Children (Tanuja); Mental Satisfaction/ Cheerfulness (Saumansya)

Sixth house: Thief / Smuggler (Taskar); Enemies/ Hostile persons (Araati); Impediment/ Obstacle/ Interruption (Vighna); Wounds/ Injuries (Vyaadha); Harm to body (Tanu Kshati); Death (Marana) by Enemies (Ari) or Weapons (Shastra)

Seventh House: Marriage (Vivaha); Amour/ sexual instincts / Passion/ (Madana); Bharya (Spouse); association with other relations (Bhartr Samagama); Bed/ Sleeping place (Sayya); Wife’s dwelling place (Sthri sadma); Lost things (Nastartha); Coitus (Maithuna)

Eighth House: Destruction/cessation of everything (Sarvapranasa); Misfortune/ Danger (Vipad); Defame/ loss of repute (Apavad); Cause and Place of Death (Maranasya Hetupradesha); Servants (Daas); External houses/ house external to the living place (Mathadikam Veshma); Chronic diseases (Gadaa); Danger/ Obstacles (Vighna)

Ninth House: Luck (Bhagya); Duty/ Righteousness (Dharma); Kindness/ Empathy (Daya); Good deed (Punya); Father/ Guardian (Taat); Grand children (Sutatmaja); Donation/ Charity (Daana); Worship (Upasana); Good conduct and amicable disposition (Sushil); Teacher/ Preceptor (Guru)

Tenth House: Religious Shrines (Devalaya); Townships (Nagar); Council (Sabha); Houses besides the road (Margalaya); Servants/ attendants (Daas); All Activities (Sarvakarma); Follow Order/ Command (Aagnaalambana)

Eleventh House: Fulfillment of all desires (Sarvabhistaagama); Elder Brother (Jyestha Bhrata); Wife (Jaya) of Own Son (Nija-atmaja) or Daughter in Law; Left Ear (Vamkarna); Gain/ Profit (Labha)

Twelfth House: Sin/ Evil (Paapa); Loss/ Expenses (Vyaya); Fall (Patana); Emancipation (Niraya); Left Eye (Vama-ambakam); Loss/dis-appearence of position (Sthana Bhramsa); Loss of Limbs / Physical injuries/ Depression/ Sorrow (Vikala)

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Effect of Ascendant III: Gemini

Tall & straight body
Long and thin arms
Nervous and fidgety
Dark complexion
Dark hair
Hazel and bright eyes

Intelligent:This is one of the upachayas of the natural zodiac. The upachayas are the houses which helps in the growth of the Lagna (or the house under consideration). The 3rd and 6th house, viz., the first two upachayas are governed by Mercury, which shows that intelligence is one of the key component of survival and growth in this world. Mercury rules the intelligence which helps us in the survival in this world. This is however, different from the intelligence which makes us superior to rest of animals in this world, which is ruled by Jupiter. The operational intelligence of Mercury is borne out of the fact that it rules the skills of communication and expression, which plays a crucial role in our existence.

Curious: In natural progression of age of the zodiac, we can consider Gemini as the sign, which is predominant with the attitude of a child, who has gained consciousness of the surrounding around him. This makes him experience and understand each and everything he can see or feel. This curiosity makes them delve deeper into things and question the existing paradigms, more to understand them. This endows them with a good scientific mind and also the scientific skills. They naturally are very good observant of their surroundings.

Active and rational mind: Since Mercury is the fastest moving planet and also closest to Sun; it is very quick to react. Moreover, they are highly rational. Usually they do not accept things just based on their face value and being endowed with the scientific mind, they try analyzing the thing or situation rationally.

High-spirited: The lord Mercury is naturally a young man and the sign represent a child; whichever perspective it is seen, the natives of this ascendant are high spirited and actively involved in almost everything happening near them. They are full of energy and drive like the previous two ascendants, however along with it they have the curiosity to understand everything they can see.

Humane: They are humane and can empathize with others; in addition to empathy the skills which make them stand alone is the ability to make others feel comfortable, as soon as they start communicating with them. Like a child who cannot withstand the pain of others, these persons also try to help others out in they all means to make them comfortable.

Adaptable/ Flexible: The sign as indicated by a curious child, the natives ruled by this sign are usually flexible in trying understanding the differing paradigms, without rejecting them out rightly. This gives them a balanced outlook about anything new and also makes them flexible. They can be critical if they are faced with something which challenges their existing view points, however, they endeavor to understand more on the opponents view. The flexibility in their thought process and view points also makes them easily adaptable to any circumstances. They are usually adaptable to all pursuits.

Fluent speech/ Good linguistic skills/ Writing abilities: Being a planet of expression, it rules expression through any medium, either through spoken or written. They are usually very vocal and face no restraints in communicating their ideas or feelings to someone else. They also know the art of keeping the communications lively. While they write, however, they can be good narratives or fiction or literature.

Changeable/ Lack continuity/ Indecisive/ Lack self-confidence/ Lack determination and will power: Being one of the fast moving planets it shows changeability in its actions. The natives of this ascendant usually lack fixity of purpose and keep jumping over different things. They have the habit of keeping things half done for long, before they resume and complete it. This also makes it difficult for them to standby one particular opinion or viewpoint and hence making decisions becomes extremely difficult for them. They usually seek opinion from others before deciding anything. They must try developing the self confidence on their own ideas and opinions and then only can they progress higher and higher in life.

Nervous/ Excessive worry/ Irritation: Sometimes these people become very nervous at different circumstances. This is rooted to the fact that they are not clear on their own stand and they have the fear of facing humiliations. This leads to excessive worries, which make them belligerent sometimes. Thus, these people who are usually gentle in nature become irritated while posed with difficulties, which they find difficult to solve. They lose their cool often and tend to get isolated from the crowed under those circumstances.

Effect of Ascendant II: Taurus

Physical Features

  1. Short or Medium stature
  2. Well-built and stumpy body
  3. Short and thick hands
  4. Broad Forehead
  5. Small and bright eyes (indicated by strong Moon)
  6. Short thick neck
  7. Wide nostrils and mouth
  8. Lustrous face
  9. Broad shoulders
  10. Dark Hair
  11. Love curl on forehead
  12. Fair Complexion

Artistic Temperament: This sign is ruled by Venus and Moon gets exalted here, thus providing enough ground for expression of the artistic talent of the native. They are fond at least one of the form of arts, say music, arts, cinema or drama, etc. They start learning the art forms in their early age; they can become skillful as they possess the natural talent to learn this.

Melodi­ous voice: This is the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which represent speech. Being lorded by Venus; the planet of relationship and attraction, they are naturally endowed with a charming and melodious voice. They like to merry around while humming, wherever they are. In addition to the lordship of Venus, this sign also exalts Moon, the planet who rules singing.

Fond of good food: 2nd house also rules food as it is the house of sustenance. Being the 2nd house of the zodiac, it makes the person, a lover of good food. They are connoisseur of food and taste.

Elegant: They are a firm believer of elegance and demeanor. They are naturally very well mannered and believe in fair play. This is a natural gift from the owner of the sign, Venus.

Calm and Composed: They are generally calm and composed and have a great endurance power, however when they are provoked they become angry like a bull. When they get angry they are very difficult to control as they have a powerful built and a tendency to be stubborn. Their composure is also based on their tendency to conserve energy and not to waste it in unwarranted activities.

Believe in harmony: Being ruled by Artistic and Benevolent Venus, they like to stay away from any kind of fight and would not budge from their stand unless instigated. However, once instigated, they are difficult to control, just like a Bull.

Firm, determined and stubborn: Though they are slow and steady in carrying out their activities; however they have a great power of perseverance and persistence to see through the conclusion of their activities. Since they are not impulsive, they shall not be agitated by the delay in the activities and patiently wait till the activity is done. Since they have a strong will- power they try carrying out their pursuits in spite of all odds, however they will take their own time and do it with their own pace until the objective is reached.

Practical: They are practical in evaluating various things such as people, project or ideas etc. Being an earthy signs, which represents stability; these nativities have the tendency to take steps only after proper evaluation of the pros and cons of whatever actions they would take. This is unlike Arians, who would take up any activities coming up their way, without much prior thoughts.

Cheerful: This sign, exalts Moon and hence shows a place where the mind becomes extremely delighted. Thus the natives ruled by this sign are naturally very cheerful; however, since Moon represents fluctuations and vacillations, they shall also be very Moody, while being cheerful at the same time. Due to the predominant influence of water element in this sign, the natives of these signs are also emotional and search for support from outside. This makes them prone to search happiness in their own community (2nd house also rules family and community). They are hence easily swayed away by flattery.

Ambitious: Their ambition is granted by the exaltation of Moon in this sign. They want to fly high in life as they find their surrounding very appealing and instigating. They always like to be in action which take them higher and higher and would never get complacent. They are born achievers as signified by a Bull, who once decided to go ahead with a certain thing, would not be bothered about the obstacles that it would be facing while achieving the same. This makes them industrious; someone who believes is action, however, with caution.

Self-centered: Usually the natives ruled by this signs are self centered and they do not have a big friends circle. They like to be contended with their own self and focus on planning out the activities and goals of their life and also the ways to achieve it. This can be said that they live in their own world of imagination. The negative side of this is that, they are hardly moved by the happening around that and have a attitude of “I do not care; whatever is happening, let it happen. Also this makes them less affectionate and touched by other emotions, so much so that many call the natives of this sign as “Cold hearted”

Passionate: They are passionate but steadfast in their love. Generally they do not fall in to relationship easily, however once they enter an relationship, they would be fully committed to it.

Fortunate: They are blessed by goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of corns, the deity signified by the Lagna lord Venus. Being the 2nd house, Dhana Bhava of the natural zodiac, they have natural tendency to find out opportunities to earn from all odds.

Fond of worldly possessions: They are fond of all kinds of enjoyment, since this the natural house of wealth. In addition the lord also represents all the luxuries of the material world. This also makes them spend money in procuring them, as long as they get comfort out of it. Sometimes, they are prone to excesses and which makes them lazy and callous.

Spendthrift: Being the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which represents money and sustenance; the ruler of this sign has the natural feeling of abundance and they do not believe in hoarding money for the rainy days. Usually they would not hesitate to spend money wherever they find an opportunity, however, that should match their artistic taste and give them comfort.