Saturn in Taurus | Womanizing Saturn

Placement from the Mulatrikona: 4H (heart)

State: Mutual friends

Mood: Womanizing Saturn

  • Taurus is the 2H of the natural zodiac ruling face, speech, family, wealth among many other things.
  • It is fixed, earthy and an even sign.
  • The sign is ruled by Venus the karaka for relationship, sex, semen etc. as well as comforts and luxuries.
  • We will see hereon that, Saturn being the karaka of vices, uncleanliness, misery, diseases and losses, it influences the sign and its through one or more of these significations.
  • Saturn placed in Taurus corrupts Venus and the sign. Venus is the karaka for relationship and influence of Pure Graha such as Jupiter indicate purity in relationship. Saturn, on the other hand indicate uncleanliness and impurity in relationship matters. Hence such natives are prone to be non-committal in the matters of relationships. Either they have multiple relationships, wives, or they go after many women or women of questionable characters. This however can’t be said if Venus and 7L are strong and influenced by benefics. Saturn being the karaka for old age, maturity and old tradition, it can give inclination towards matured women.
  • While analyzing a matter in someone’s life, one should not infer only based on one factor such as this. However take into consideration 1) strength and association of the karaka 2) Grahas placed in the karaka’s sign 3) Grahas placed in the Bhava under consideration, 4) Strength and placement of Bhavesha– here the sign and bhava of the bhava lord need to be considered.
  • Say, if Saturn happens to be the 7L and placed in Taurus it increases the chances of going to prostitutes. This becomes even stronger if Venus is conjoined Mars and is placed in either 6th or aspecting the 6H.
  • Similarly if Saturn is in the 7H in Taurus for Scorpio Lagna, this can indicate such indications as well.
  • The important think to keep in mind is that, the Grahas-rasi phala needs to be judged from a bhava standpoint. Without considering the Lagna of the native and the bhava being influenced by this combination, it is impossible to conclude anything. Saturn stays in a sign for 2.5 years, however, it will be idiotic to say that all who are born during this 2.5 years time-frame will all go to prostitutes.
  • Having said that, this does not discount the importance of the Graha rasi phala. In some cases, it can become the determining factor between multiple possibilities.
  • Now the natural 2H is also the house of food and feeding, what is the impact of Saturn’s placement here? The native becomes a voracious eater. Perhaps such people don’t distinguish between nutritious or non-nutritious food.
  • This can give inclination towards partaking putrid, unhealthy, unclean, addictive food; that causes weaknesses and diseases.
  • Being in the natural house of treasury, it gives ordinary wealth. Being the friend of the lord Venus, it does not give utter poverty.
  • If it has any connection with the matters of complexion, say by being in the lagna or being the Lagna lord placed in Ta, the native is given a darker complexion.
  • Saturn in an expert liar or illusionist. Its influence on the sign of speech indicate deceptive speech, lies and cleverness in swindling others– thanks to Venus’s blessings. Such people can be highly persuasive, perhaps a skills highly required in today’s world.
  • While Saturn corrupts the good quality of Venus; Venus supports Saturn’s wrong doing! What friendship! Such people are submissive and like solitude (association with Lagna), more inclined towards serving others instead of using their enterprise to take control of their own destiny. If Lagna/ Moon is afflicted, this position of Saturn can give a highly anxious nature, someone who is worries about basic necessities in life.
  • If say Saturn is in Taurus being the 3L or be in the 3H or conjoined the 3L or aspecting the 3L/ 3H, it can indicate submissiveness and servitude among the siblings.
  • In general such native can be dull-witted, inclined towards questioning established norms etc.
  • The Saturn-Venus association indicate that they have the potential to become a Tapasvi. They can practice self-restraint, astanga yoga, physical exercises, healing activities etc.

Om Tat Sat


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