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The Karakas I

All inanimate as well as the animate being the world are signified by the planets and hence the work karaka is associated with them. Karaka means the doer of certain activities. This means that the karakas represent the influence of various things animate or inanimate, in our life. Based on the inhenrent gunas, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas the karakas are classified in three categories namly the Naisargik karaka which is predominant in Rajas Guna, the Chara Karaka which is predominant in the Sattva guna and the the Sthira Karaka which is predominant in the Tamas guna. The utility of these karakas can be understood from the standpoint of their gunas. The sthirakarakas are governed by by Shiva and there are 7 such karakas. They represent the death of various animate things surrounding us (Rahu and Ketu, who are the shadowy planets without body cannot die and hence is excluded from the scheme of the 7 sthira karakas). The charakaraka is governed by vishnu and are 8 such karakas. T…

Narayana Dasa II: Cues to Interpretation I

Narayana dasa is one of the most versalite rasi dasa. It holds the same importace as Vimshottari dasa holds among the nakshatra dasa system. It can be used for not only analysing all aspects of human life, but also all aspects of mundane affairs. It can also be suitably compressed to accomodate smaller events such as as swearing in charts etc. Though the name does not suggest much differences it has as compared to the vimshottari dasa system, in actual practice, this dasa is more deterministic and fixed and shows the wishes of Narayana, whereas the vimshottari dasa shows the reaction of normal mortals to the situations they are placed in.

This article gives some insights on how to analyse the narayana dasa in a chart. For more details, the readers can study Narayana Dasa by Pt. Sanjay Rath.

The planets can be arranged in the order of decreasing beneficence such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Ketu and Rahu. The influence of the benefic p…