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Narayana Dasa I: Basics

The dasa starts from the stronger of the two signs, the Lagna or the 7th house, since they are the seat of truth, otherwise known as the satya-peethas. To ascertain the stronger of the two signs, the lagna or the 7th, following rules can be followed. The rules are culled out from Brhat Parasari Hora Shastra and the Jaimini Sutras and beautifully presented in the Narayana Dasa book by Pt. Sanjay Rath.

The reader of the Narayana Dasa book would find that there is difference in the sequence of the rules given. To them I shall say that the sequence is revised based on my interaction with the author and my experience.

Rule-1: The sign with a planet (or with more planets) is considered stronger than a sign without a planet (or with lesser number of planets).

Rule-2:The sign which is aspected by Mercury, Jupiter or its Lord is stronger.

Rule-3: If the signs have equal number of planets and they are similarly aspected by Jupiter, Mercury and the lord, then the status of the plane…