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Mundane Astrology

The principle of astrology can not only be applied to horoscopes of living being such as humans and animals but also anything else in this world such as nations, institutions, organisations, associations etc. We should appreciate the fact that everything in this world is only temporary, it can be marked by a specific time when it came into existence and there would also be a time when it will cease to exist. In this world of maya numerous things are created and destroyed every momenet and all such things can be analysed using astrological principles. This can be done because essentially everything in this manifested universe can be mapped to 12 signs and 9 planets based on the underlying forces of 5 elements. One should note however that the signs represent the immobile aspect whereas the planets represents the mobile (living) aspects of the things under consideration.

The mentioned things can be analysed by creating a horoscope at the moment of commencement of the thing. For instance,…

Indian Lunar Calendar

The Indian lunar calendar is based on movement of both luminaries Sun and the Moon in the sidereal zodiac. One should note the difference between Indian Lunar Calendar and the Chinese Lunar Calendar. While Indian Lunar Calendar is based on sidereal zodiac, the Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on tropical zodiac and hence the Indian Lunar months are not synchronized with seasons, but fixed stars (or the nakshatras), while Chinese Lunar Calendar is synchronized with seasons. This indicates the importance of fixed zodiac not only in astrology but also celebration of the festivals.Since the Lunar Calendar is synchronized with the Sidereal Zodiac, the lunar months are tagged to sidereal signs. This means based on the sign occupied by Sun in the sidereal zodiac, the lunar month will bear the same name. For example, Chaitra, the 1st month of Lunar Calendar is tagged to sidereal Pisces. The names of the months are given by the name of the nakshatra, the Moon is expected to be placed while Sun …