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Maraka Grahas

In Chapter 44 of BPHS Parasara says, O Brahmin! Third and Eighth Bhava are the two Bhavas of longevity. The Bhavas, related to death, are the 12th from each of these, i.e. Dhana and Yuvati Bhava are Maraka Bhavas. (BPHS 2-5) Out of the two maraka bhavas, Dhana Bhava is a powerful Maraka Bhava. Along with it the following are also considered to be Marakas The Lords of Dhana and Yuvati Bhava Malefics in Dhana and Yuvati Bhava Malefics conjoined with Dhana and Yuvati bhava’s Lords (BPHS 44.3)The major and sub-periods of these Grahas will bring death on the native, depending on whether he is a long life, medium life, or short life person.The Dasha of a benefic Graha, related to twelfth lord may also inflict death. End may descend on the native in Eighth Lord’s Dasha. The Dasha of a Graha, which is an exclusive malefic, may also cause death (BPHS 44.6 - 44.7) Predominant KillerIf Saturn is ill-disposed and be related to a Maraka Graha (as mentioned above), he will be the first to kill in p…