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Astakavarga: A snapshot

The following section provides methods to judge a horoscope with the help of Astakavarga. These are taken from Immortal Classic Prasna Margam and give vital clues to judge the horoscope of a native with a holistic view. I am sure the readers would not find it difficult to understand as they are pretty clear and concise.

In the sarvastakavarga, signs having more than 30 bindus can be said to be the best (srestha); those getting between 25 and 30 - middling (madyama) and those below 25- worst (kasta). The best sign should be selected for all good work, journey etc. worst sign should be avoided. Person born in best signs can be taken for association. They will bring in good. Persons born in worst sign will be source of distress.

Judging Volume of Income and Expenditure
1. The sum total of the bindus in the 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th is known as Vittya. If the total exceeds 164, the native will be prosperous, otherwise his expenses would be high. If the value exactly equals 164, then the e…