Progeny in Jyotish I: Fertility of Parents

In human life, the birth of children occupies a very prominent place. The parents find their own image in their children and see the progression of their lineage though the future of their children. The mother has to pass through nine months of grooming of the infant, with all it takes, which a mother can better understand and the results are still uncertain. Many of them are born still, many of them are born with incapability and many get eradicated from their very start of journey. Every thing has a very profound impact on the parents and their future.

Prognosticating the sex of the unborn child has been a matter of concern in the recent years, where the foetus are killed when they are substantially grown and had their identity as a human child inside the womb. If the sex of the child is not what the parents want, they were brutally extricated. Thanks to the medical science that it can’t say anything about the sex of the child before it grows up substantially and help the parents to decide in advance whether or not to have a baby.

This is where Jyotish comes to rescue. Because it can see the path much ahead of the time, it can forewarn the parents about the future possibilities and help them in making a conscious decision. The more important thing of all is that Jyotish can give remedies, when it judges the possibilities are more negative than positive. Such remedies not only eradicate the root of the problem, but also prepare the parents to boldly face the impending dangers.

In the forthcoming portions, we shall study, how to prognosticating the birth and life of the children and the remedies to address the impending difficulties and danger to the parents and child.

Fertility of the Parents

  1. If the lord of the 5th in the Rasi chart is placed with Mercury, Venus or Saturn, there is problem is procreation as these three planets tend to obstruct the naisargika putra karaka Jupiter.
  2. In Female Horoscope, Moon and in Male horoscope, Sun and Jupiter becomes the key controller progeny in the saptamsa and thus the procreation. If they are badly placed, being afflicted, or placed in the Maraka Sthana in the Saptamsa, this can show problem or denial of progeny
  3. Strong influences of the fiery element (Mars, Sun) on the fifth house. This can happen due to conjunction, aspect of parivartana of the 5th house / lord. This can be overcome by increasing the dominance of Jala Tattva on the 5th. (COVA, Page 199)
  4. Jaimini Says Sun, Rahu and Jupiter in the 9th shall indicate many Sons, which is also mentioned by Parasara who indicates that the Sun, Rahu or Jupiter will give illustrious son. (Sanjay Rath, J.S. 1.4.25)
  5. The Moon in the 9th house gives one Son. (J.S. 1.4.26)
  6. The ninth in odd sign indicates many children and Vice versa. (J.S. 1.4.29 - 30)

Lack of Fertility

Method of Deha (Jaimini Sutras)

The method of Deha given by Maharishi Jaimini in Upadesha Sutra is infallible in predicting the fertility or procreative ability of the native. Pt. Rath explains this in the following words-

“This method is based on the Rasi chart. Determine the arudha padas of the third and ninth house from the Lagna and the Sun. The arudha padas of the 3rd and 9th from the Sun (AS3 and AS9) constitute the ability to sustain the Atma (soul- signified by Sun) in the form of Sperm (i.e., the sperms should have life in them). The arudha padas of the third and ninth from the Lagna (A3 and A9) constitute the physical ability to procreate. If the Sun is in the 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses from any of these padas, the same can be damaged resulting to infertility. Similarly, if Venus and Mercury conjoin these padas, they produce infertility. If either of these two padas is not damaged, childbirth is delayed and not denied. If the padas from Lagna are afflicted as above, medical attention is required and the astrologer should not attempt remedial measures unnecessarily. However, if the affliction is from the padas from Sun, then astrological remedial measures are necessary.”

Mercury, Saturn and / or Venus in the trines to the saptamsa Lagna tend to deny children (J.S. 1.4.24).Mercury and Saturn are eunuch planets and in saptamsa Lagna deny fertility. Venus, on the other hand causes association with too many thereby depleting the chances for progeny. However If both planets giving children (Sun, Rahu, Jupiter and Moon) and those denying children (Mercury, Saturn and Venus) are present, a child will be born after some delay. (J.S. 1.4.27)

Stressing the point Pt. Rath says in COVA (page 175) that, if Saturn, Venus and Mercury are in trines “alone”, then the native is barren irrespective of all yogas in the birth chart. This is an overriding rule.

For female charts, the ninth should be considered and for male charts the fifth for determining procreative successes. (Sanjay Rath, J.S.)

Mars’s and Saturn’s influence on the trine to the Saptamsa Lagna show that the native will have Adopted Child or Dutta-Putra . Pt. Rath says, Mars and Saturn are karaka for the younger and elder brother respectively and could indicate begetting a child through a kinsman as the native many lack procreative abilities or otherwise. It also indicates marriage with a divorcee/widow who already has children from a pervious wedlock.

Denial of Children due to Curses (COVA, Page 172)

The denial of children could be due to curses incurred in the past birth. These have been elaborately listed in BPHS along with the remedial measures and include Brahma Shapa (curse of priest / astrologer), pitri Shapa (curse of father or elderly paternal relative), Matri Shapa (Curse or mother or someone from mother’s family), Shatru Shapa (Curse of enemies) etc. Let us examine the Brahma Shapa to understand the underlying principles. The conditions for this curse are as follows:

  1. Rahu in the signs of Jupiter: Rahu represent the curses of past birth and is hence a karmic control planet. In the signs of Jupiter it shows the curse due to priest, judge, astrologer or all persons signified by Jupiter.
  2. Jupiter conjoined or aspected by Mars and Saturn: Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn owned by Saturn and become marana karaka in the 3rd house signified by Mars. These planets aspecting Jupiter can block it to the extent of denying (Mars) or delaying (Saturn) the fruits of Jupiter, i.e., Children. Simultaneously, the ninth lord should be in the 8th house to confirm that curse. If this condition is not fulfilled, remedial measures shall work easily.
  3. Sun, Moon or Jupiter and the fifth lord, placed in the eighth house with Malefics: Jupiter, the karaka of the fifth is called Brahmanaspati (the fruits of Brahma) and hence, the Sattvik planets Sun, Moon or Jupiter will represent Saints, Brahmins and learned men respectively whose placement in the 8th house (curses) with malefic will deny progeny.
  4. Jupiter in the fifth house conjoined or aspected by the 6th lord: The 6th house being the 2nd from the house of children, 5th, is maraka for children. So the placement of the marakesh, sixth lord in the house of children, with Jupiter (already showing loss), will constitute a curse from a Brahmin due to anger or enmity (shown by 6th lord’s involvement).

If in the ninth house, they afflict the father and fortune of the native and if in the Lagna, they afflict the name and life of the native.

Om Tat Sat


Visti said…
Dear Sarajit, Namaskar
The slokas you have qouted regarding the ninth house, i find working extremely well from the ninth from upapada. Parasara states the same.
Best wishes, Visti.
Sarajit Poddar said…
Dear Visti, Namaskar,

True enough, I have tried the combination myself and it works. I would include this in my further article on how to see progeny from the UL.

Best Wishes
vbda97arpr said…
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Amer Abbas said…
Dear Sarajit

What should i say that how helpful your articles have been. I learnt many new concepts especially Maharashi jaimini concept for Procreation from 3rd and 9th padas from Lagna and sun.Thanks to you and Guru Jee Pandit Sanjay Rath for sharing this excellent knowledge with us.
jon said…
aries astrology info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your aries astrology posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to aries astrology surfing LOL : )


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