Praśna II: Use of Trisphuta in praśna

As the name suggests, tri-sphuta is a sum of three longitudes; the longitudes of the Lagna, Moon and the Gulika. The involvement of three participants in the formula suggest that this has something to do with health and longevity. Lagna and Moon are the keeper of health and Gulika is the destroyer of health. When we combine the longitudes of these three bodies we arrive at a potent point which can indicate about the health at the time of Prasna. Thus if a prasna is about health and diseases, then it is of utmost importance to get this potent point and use it to know about the past, present and future condition of the native under consideration.

Prasna Marga deals quite extensively on the Trisphuta. While computing this point, there is no ambiguity with the longitudes of Lagna and the Moon, however there can be some ambiguity with the longitudes of Gulika. There are some difference in opinions on the longitude of the Gulika among the scholars and hence we should know what should be the definition of Gulika to be used in this computation. If the day duration (dinamana) or the night duration (ratrimana) is divided into 8 portions (yama-ardha) of "approximately" 1.5 hrs each, then each portion will be lorded with the 7 planets in the order of weekday starting from the weekday lord for the day portion and from the 5th planet from the weekday lord for the night portion. Since there are 8 parts, the part after Saturn is lordless and is supposed to be lorded by Gulika (BPHS). Various upagrahas (also called the son of the grahas) rise the middle portion of the planetary periods (the yamardha lords) as per Kalidasa's Uttarakalamrita, while Gulika rise at the onset of Gulika's portion. Hence the beginning of Gulika's portion is also known as Gulikodaya kala, which means rising time of the Gulika. You can refer to my following article for details.


Thus many say that it rises at the end of Saturn's portion while others say it as beginning of Gulika's portion and both are essentially same.

Here are some principles of using Trisphuta as per what my Gurudev taught:

  1. The zodiac in the rasi chart has to be divided into three parts whereby the first part (Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer) represent creation, the second part (Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio) represent sustenance and the last part (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) represent destruction. We can call them as rasi creative, sustenance and destruction zones.
  2. Similarly coming to a smaller scale each sign starting from Aries represent Creation, Sustenance and Destruction in that order. Thus all movable signs represent creation, fixed signs represent sustenance and dual signs represent destruction.
  3. Coming to even smaller scale, each nakshatra starting from Ashvini represent Creation, Sustenance and Destruction in that order. Thus Ashvini represents creation, Bharani represents sustenance, Krittika represent destruction and so on.

Since the nakshatras can be fully mapped to the Navamsa, we can map the nakshatra mapping to Navamsa as well. We know that Ashwini's four padas cover Aries to Cancer and similarly Bharani's four padas cover Leo to Scorpio and Krittika's four padas cover Sagittarius to Pisces and so on. Thus we can see that Navamsa can also be divided into 3 parts whereby 1st part from Aries to Cancer represent Creation, the 2nd part from Leo to Scorpio represent Sustenance and 3rd part represent Destruction. We can call them as navamsa creative, sustenance and destruction zones.

  1. Coming to the minutest level, each pada of the nakshatra represent Creation, Sustenance and Destruction as well. Thus 1st pada of Ashwini represents Creation, 2nd pada represents sustenance and 3rd pada represents destruction and so on.

Since even this also can be mapped to Navamsa, we can see that similar to classification of Signs in the Rasi Chart, similar classification in the Navamsa can be linked to the nakshatra padas. Thus nakshatra padas falling in Aries Navamsa will represent Creation, those falling in Taurus Navamsa will represent Sustenance and so on.

In analysing the Trisphuta in the matters of Health following things should be noted:

  1. The rasi-zones indicate the immediate past of the native. If the Trisphuta falls in the creation zone, the native has been healthy and full of vitality, if the Trisphuta falls in the sustenance zone, the native has been having stable health and if the Trisphuta falls in the destruction zone, the native has been suffering.
  2. The rasi-signs indicate the present state of affairs. If the Trisphuta falls in movable sign the native is currently healthy or recovering (if in past he was having health troubles). I it falls in the movable sign, the native is having stable health condition and if in dual sign, the health is deteriorating.
  3. The navamsa zones and the signs indicate the future. If Trisphuta falls in creation zone, then the native will recover fast; if it falls in sustenance zone, the recovery will happen slowly and if it falls in the destruction zone the recovery will have after considerable trouble and suffering; provided Trisphuta falls in the creation sign in the navamsa. If it falls in sustenance sign, then the health will be stable although there would not be much improvement and if it falls in destruction sign, the health will deteriorate further. However, the rate of deterioration will depend on the zone. If Trisphuta falls in creation zone but destruction sign i.e., Gemini, the native's health will deteriorate slowly; however if it falls in Pisces, the health will deteriorate very fast and the native might even lose his life.
  4. There are few additional things to note. If there are nimittas (omen) pertaining to the lord of the nakshatra (as per Vimshottari lordship) where the Trisphuta is placed, the indications shown by the Trisphuta will definitely happen.
  5. The nature of the health trouble or its causes can be seen from the lord of the Trisphuta Nakshatra.
  6. The health trouble can be timed using compressed Vimshottari Dasa (for a year) initiated from Trisphuta. This may be called as Prasna Trisphuta Vimshottari Dasa.

References on Trisphuta in Prasna Marga: Details on the Trisphuta is given in the 5th chapter of Part I of Prasna Marga. Further references can be found at other places in the book. I am giving here translation of some of the key slokas on Trisphuta from Prasna Marga.

Stanza 28: If Thrisphuta falls in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it is productive of intense trouble which is greatest for Pisces least for Cancer.

Explanation: These are the last signs of the three zones. However, Cancer is a creation sign, Scorpio is a sustenance sign and Pisces is a destruction sign, indicating highest suffering in Pisces and lowest in Cancer. In addition, all these signs are watery signs and giver of health (Moon/ Venus - Water) and hence presence of Trisphuta can cause health troubles.

Stanza 29: If the Thrisphuta falls in the last Navamsa of Karkataka, the questioner will die in a year. If it falls in the last Navamsa of Vrischika, he will die in a month. If it falls in the last Navamsa of Meena, he will die in a day.

Explanation: Cancer falls in the creation zone indicating that the health is good and last navamsa falls in Pisces navamsa, a destruction sign in destruction zone. The combination of creation zone in Rasi and Destruction zone is Navamsa indicate death (if happens.. for example the native is in the death bed and waiting for his last time) shall happen quite late, i.e. 1 year (usually the duration of a prasna is of 1 year shown by the slowest moving planet Saturn). If however Trisphuta falls in Vrischika sign (a sustenance sign in sustenance zone) and last navamsa which is again Pisces navamsa, death can happen in one month. However if Trisphuta falls in Pisces Sign and Pisces Navamsa all indicating destruction zone and sign, death can happen in 1 day.

From this we can extend the principle for other Signs and the Navamsas.

Stanza 30: The four signs beginning from Mesha, Simha and Dhanus respectively constitute the creative, protective and destructive areas. Movable, fixed and common signs and Navamsas are respectively creative, protective and destructive. If Thrisphuta falls in a destructive area, Rasi or Navamsa or Nakshatra, predict that evil alone will happen.

Explanation: This gives the dictum for the principle mentioned above, on the division of the zodiac into three zones starting from Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Stanza 32: Multiply the Thrisphutas by 9 and drop off the Rasis. Multiply the degrees and minutes that remain by 12 and expunge all 'twelves' from the Rasi. If the result falls in Riksha Sandhis, Navamsas, or in the asterism of the questioner, he will certainly die.
Stanza 33: If the Thrisphuta Rasi or Navamsa Rasi, whichever is stronger, happens to be the Janma Rasi of the questioner, then also he will meet with death. If it falls in the navamsa of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, he will live long.

Explanation: If the Janma rasi of the querist fall in the Trisphuta rasi or the navamsa (the stronger among the two), the native is likely to suffer considerably or even die.

If however, the Trisphuta falls in fiery Navamsas, the health will recover. It is important to note that Sagittarius is a destruction sign in the Destruction Zone. However, since it is a fiery sign, it will improve health, although after considerable suffering.

Stanza 34: If Gulika or evil planets occupy Thrisphuta Rasi, it forebodes evil. If anybody in the questioner's house is born in the Thrisphuta Nakshatra, he will fall sick. If this Thrisphuta is afflicted by Nava Doshas, then the questioner will meet with calamities, If Thrisphuta occupies creative elements or if it conjoins with good planets, then predict longevity and good health.

Explanation: Gulika and Mandi are the most evil among other planets to cause ill health. In addition association of natural malefics such as Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu the native will suffer considerable ill health. However association of natural benefics such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon will help in recovery of the native.

This sloka talks of nava doshas (9 blemishes) which can be found in Prasna Marga. I will write on this when time permits.

Stanza 35: If Thrisphuta falls in Aswini and its trines, Bharani and its trines, etc , and an event of the following kind takes place on each of these days, then predict that the questioner will die. A rich and learned Brahmin visits the house; a penniless Brahmin visits the house; a conflagration takes place ; loss of clothes ; a man comes after being vanquished in a quarrel; a serpent is seen in the house; three Brahmins turn up at the house: destruction of cattle; and arrival of a relative.

Explanation: This sloka talks of the nimitta (omen) happening at the time of judging the Trisphuta shall give additional strength to the indication of Trisphuta and the evil shown by the Trisphuta shall certainly happen. The omen is related to the lord of the nakshatras as per vimshottari dasa scheme. The association of various nimittas with the planets are as follows:

Ketu    - A rich Brahmin visits the house
Venus   - A penniless Brahmin visits the house
Sun     - Conflagration
Moon    - Loss of cloths
Mars    - A man comes after being vanquished in a quarrel
Rahu    - A serpent is seen in the house
Jupiter - Three Brahmins turn up at the house
Saturn  - Destruction of cattle
Mercury - Arrival of a relative
Stanza 36: These events must take place when the Sun or the Moon occupies Thrisphuta Rasi, or its Navamsa Rasi or their trines. Then only death can happen.

Explanation: This sloka gives additional qualification for the death to happen. Only when the luminaries, the Sun or the Moon occupies the Trisphuta Rasi or Navamsa, death can be predicted.

Stanza 37: Health troubles shown by different planets placed in Trisphuta Rasi or Navamsa. If no planets are placed with the Trisphuta, then the lord of Trisputa Nakshatra will indicate the trouble
  1. The Sun causes fever, internal heat, and severe pains in the head due to heat.
  2. The Moon causes dysentery.
  3. Mars brings in all sorts of sores and wounds.
  4. Mercury causes inability to talk and think, i.e.. disorder in the vocal organ and the head.
  5. Jupiter causes weakness of the eyes.
  6. Venus causes mental ill-health, excruciating pains in the body and swelling.
  7. Saturn produces disorders to one's hands and legs.
  8. Rahu is the cause of sudden fall from an elevated place.
  9. Ketu causes ills like Mars.


Case I: Mother's health

My mother has considerable health troubles and hence I draw up the Prasna Chart to see scope of recovery in near future (within 1 year period)

Date:          January 22, 2008
Time:          1:30:38 pm
Time Zone:     8:00:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         103 E 51' 00", 1 N 17' 00"
              Singapore City, Singapore

Ayanamsa:      23-58-19.11
Sidereal Time: 20:29:52

Body                Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Lagna               16 Ar 14' 58.79" Bhar      1    Ar   Le
Sun - PiK            7 Cp 35' 33.74" USha      4    Cp   Pi
Moon - GK            3 Cn 11' 30.53" Puna      4    Cn   Cn
Mars (R) - DK        0 Ge 35' 52.68" Mrig      3    Ge   Li
Mercury - AK        26 Cp 14' 10.85" Dhan      1    Cp   Le
Jupiter - BK        13 Sg 50' 02.85" PSha      1    Sg   Le
Venus - PK           3 Sg 26' 57.89" Mool      2    Sg   Ta
Saturn (R) - MK     13 Le 35' 24.12" PPha      1    Le   Le
Rahu - AmK           5 Aq 14' 46.41" Dhan      4    Aq   Sc
Ketu                 5 Le 14' 46.41" Magh      2    Le   Ta
Maandi              23 Ar 54' 21.18" Bhar      4    Ar   Sc
Gulika              12 Ar 27' 35.69" Aswi      4    Ar   Cn
TriSphuta            1 Le 54' 05.01" Magh      1    Le   Ar

The Trisphuta is in Leo rasi, Scorpio Navamsa and Purva-phalguni nakshatra 4th pada. In the rasi chart, Saturn and Ketu are placed in the Leo rasi and in Navamsa Rahu is placed in Scorpio Navamsa.

Leo falls in the sustenance zone and is a sustenance sign showing that her health has been stable so in near past. However Saturn is placed quite close in Purva-phalguni 1st pada showing that she is suffering from some troubles of hands and legs. Ketu although is placed in the same rasi is placed in Magha, different nakshatra, hence its affect is quite minimal on the Trisphuta. In addition, Leo is a fiery sign, indicating some scope of recovery as fiery sign indicate that.

Trisphuta navamsa is again in Sustenance zone and Sustenance Rasi showing that the heath is not going to improve in near future. In addition, presence of Rahu does indicate some fall which she might face in near future.

She is actually suffering from Osteo-arthritis in her knees, shown by Saturn in the Trisphuta rasi and Nakshatra. She is also passing through mental stress and troubles due to lordship of Venus for the Trisphuta nakshatra. Her condition will be stable in near future and shall not deteriorate. However she should be careful of heights as Rahu in the Trisphuta navamsa indicate fall from heights.

Case II: My health

I am suffering of back-ache for over 1 month which sometimes becomes quite painful. To know how bad or better it would be I casted a prasna chart and here is what it shows.

Date:          January 22, 2008
Time:          3:15:45 pm
Time Zone:     8:00:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         103 E 51' 00", 1 N 17' 00"
              Singapore City, Singapore

Ayanamsa:      23-58-19.11
Sidereal Time: 22:15:16

Body                Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Lagna                6 Ge 11' 34.88" Mrig      4    Ge   Sc
Sun - GK             1 Aq 38' 22.10" Dhan      3    Aq   Li
Moon - AK           28 Cn 11' 44.73" Asre      4    Cn   Pi
Mars (R) - BK       24 Ge 33' 43.57" Puna      2    Ge   Ta
Mercury - MK        20 Aq 16' 58.49" PBha      1    Aq   Ar
Jupiter - PiK        7 Cp 49' 21.81" USha      4    Cp   Pi
Venus - AmK         27 Sg 30' 41.35" USha      1    Sg   Sg
Saturn (R) - PK      7 Vi 33' 30.24" UPha      4    Vi   Pi
Rahu - DK           29 Aq 12' 53.52" PBha      3    Aq   Ge
Ketu                29 Le 12' 53.52" UPha      1    Le   Sg
Maandi              17 Ta 52' 55.11" Rohi      3    Ta   Ge
Gulika              28 Ta 56' 12.02" Mrig      2    Ta   Vi
TriSphuta            3 Sg 19' 31.63" Mool      1    Sg   Ar
Kunda               21 Aq 38' 05.40" PBha      1    Aq   Ar

Trisphuta is in Hasta 4th pada in Virgo Rasi and Cancer Navamsa. There are no planets in the Virgo Rasi or Cancer Navamsa. Presence of Trisphuta in sustenance zone in rasi and destruction rasi indicate that the condition has been stable from past while currently it is quite bad. Its presence in Creation zone in the Navamsa in a creation rasi indicate fast recovery in near future.

The problem should be indicated by the lord of Trisphuta nakshatra i.e., Moon, since no planets occupy either Trisphuta rasi or Navamsa. Moon causes watery troubles such as Dysentery which is not a case with me. I have muscular pain which should have been shown by Mars. On closer examination, I found that Moon is placed in Cancer Rasi hemmed between Mars, Saturn and Ketu. Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac and affliction of which due to papakartari yoga shows the trouble in my back (behind chest) which is ruled by the 4th sign.

Om Tat Sat


Anonymous said…
In Illustration 1, table shows Trishputa is in SC raasi In Anu 1 and Le as navaamsa. But your discussion says Le as raasi and Sc as Navaamsa. I don't understand this. Please explain.
Sarajit Poddar said…
Hi Raju,

Thanks for pointing out the error. Looks like in both the illustration, the chart details are different from the analysis. I will look into it and rectify accordingly.


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