Nakshatra Devata IV

9. Ashlesha

Mythologically Ashlesha nakshatra is ruled by the Sarpas or the serpents. Thinking of Sarpas, the thoughts which comes to our mind is someone who is poisonous and vile. Although this is true for the natives of this nakshatra to certain extent, it is not everything. The Ashlesha natives have a choice to accept two opposing possibilities and traits, one which is base and gross and the other one which is highly spiritual and enlightening. We all know that the nodes are head and tail of a serpent which encircles the world signifying the two extremes of existence attachment and liberation. The north node or Rahu signifies the head of the serpent and represent the attachment and poison while the south node Ketu signifies the tail and represent enlightenment and liberation.

These natives have both the contradicting potencies of strong material attachments and spiritual enlightenment and they have a constant internal fight to choose between them. Most natives of this nakshatra are guided by the potencies of Rahu and few could transcend to the real of spiritual enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of life and death. This can also be related to the dormant coiled serpent which rests in the base of the spine (meru-danda) and also known as the kundalini shakti. It is understood that the energies at the muladhara chakra, the lowest among the 7 chakras, are quite gross and material and the energies become subtle and spiritual when the kundalini shakti rises towards the crown chakra or the Sahasrarara.

As represented by the dormant kundalini shakti (or the serpentine energies), these natives are secretive and do not like to share their inner thoughts to the outside world. They like to put on a mask and show a face to the world which is more socially and politically correct. This makes them extremely tactful in handling difficult people and situations. Due to their ability to cover their heart (emotions) and mind (thoughts) they are good in diplomacy and have high political acumen. They are endowed with good oratory skills which they use as their means to achieve in their career and life. They are usually sweet spoken and able to persuade others to engage in pursuits which benefit them. They are thus manipulative in getting things done by others due to hidden agendas which are buried deep inside. However, when the hidden agenda comes to surface his associates develop a sense of being manipulated and lose respect for these natives. It is thus quite easy for these natives to be mistrusted by others and it gets more difficult to regain the lost trust. Due to their abilities to cover their emotions and thoughts, they can become eloquent public speakers and get adapted to changing circumstances easily.

They have penetrating and hypnotic eyes. They are able to get deep inside other’s psychology and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Based on their judgment of people’s personality, they chose their friends carefully and cautiously. They like to make friends to those who can provide them emotional and moral support and help them in fulfilling their objectives. They are shy and are intensely emotional. Because of their emotional hang ups, they are not able to let go any negative emotions which make them intolerant towards any criticism. They cannot see their mistakes and take any form of criticism negatively.

They have problems in relationship due to their secretive nature. Since it is difficult for their associates and partners to understand their motives, it generates mistrust and friction in the relationships. There are high possibilities of breakdown of marital and other relationships in these natives’ lives. The serpentine energies make these natives have mood swings and they sway between delight and depression quite easily. This is accentuated by their secretive and hideous nature and it gets difficult for them to open out their hearth and channelize the pent up emotions causing the trouble. The buildup emotions however gets out once in a while, when they do not have any more holding power, however, that results in great deluge and emotional outburst. Such outbursts not only affect these natives but all their close associates and partners. In addition to their mood swings, they are also short tempered and lose their cool often. This even further accentuates the relationship troubles and widens the gap. Since what people see in others are reflection of their own self, such natives, they have hidden agenda and motive towards others, they are always suspicious about others motives and are not able to trust almost anyone, not even their parents and well-wishers.

They are egoistic and arrogant and wish that the whole world should obey and work for them. Although they are soft spoken at most times, due to their serpentine nature they have a vile, rude and harsh speech which manifest when they get angry. While they cannot make a trustworthy friend, they can make a bitter enemy. If they are inimical towards anyone, they know no bounds to control. Due to their nature of holding up the emotions, they are incapable of letting go any negative emotions towards anyone. Their tact of handling situation makes them even more vile and bitter. They never forget their enemies and take revenge to the extent possible. They try to ruin their enemies in every possible way, financially, socially, politically etc. One should be cautious while having the Ashlesha natives are their enemies. Their tact of dealing situations and their keen sight to look into the deepest and darkest side of human nature can make them good lawyers, someone who can uncover anything. When they have courtroom battles with their adversaries, they can stoop down to any means to win it such as bribing, threatening, black-mailing etc. They are resourceful and try to build good contacts with people of high influence and reputation so that he can use his contacts in achieving his purpose. Due to their resourcefulness and shrewdness they can be quite overwhelming to anyone.

The nature of a serpent is to entwine, embrace and enjoy its victim surreptitiously. Similarly most natives of this nakshatra have a strong sexual drive and they like to use their sweet speech, shy effeminate nature and hypnotic eyes to enchant others into relationship to satisfy their lust. Since they are crafty by nature, they can use sex as one of the means to manipulate others. Psychologically they are deprived of sex and hence given any opportunity, they like to satisfy themselves physically and emotionally. If they do not learn to restrain this drive they can go to the extent of perversion and promiscuity. They have desire to have sex with multiple partners, people of own sex and at times it crosses all the boundary of decency and morality. If they stoop down and bow to their carnal instincts they can get involved in incest and even having sex with animals. They must learn to control their sexual drive and channelize their sexual energies towards enlightenment. These natives are inclined towards tantric rites where they aim to achieve enlightenment by having sexual fulfillment, a school of thought which was publicized by Osho Rajneesh.

They are introvert and like seclusion and isolation. They like to brood in such places and do not like to go to social gathering and are not socially active. If they get engaged in any social cause and purpose, they could be driven by a hidden agenda. Their ability to hide their feelings and emotions make them a good actor and enable them to tell lies to achieve their purpose. They like to travel to various places, however without any specific plan. They can pack their bags and go out for trekking, travels and tours without any prior planning. This makes it difficult to bind them in any one place and they are inclined towards professions which encourages travels. They are swift in thinking and moving. Thus it does not take them much time to decide to change places, things and relationships. They are fast to react to any situation and mostly if that involves attacking others with words or action. Their associates should be cautious and careful while dealing with these natives.

They are insecure, coward and suffer due to low self-esteem. Due to these they are often condescending and rude and try to take advantages from situation where it is unwarranted. They are not grateful towards others as they are not convinced that the help done to them were with pure and unadulterated motives. While they cannot do things without having a hidden motive, similarly they are suspicious that any help or favor done to them is based on hidden motives. Their lack of gratitude also makes them even more vile and misunderstood from other’s perspectives. Although they are politically astute, they lack leadership qualities as they are not driving by a cause or purpose. They may rise to high authoritative position however instead of working for the benefit of their subjects; they will try to take advantage of their position for personal gains. More often than not they need other’s support to lead their life so instead of taking a leadership position on their own; they like to associate with leaders.

They are possessive of their material possessions and stingy with their money. They will hardly spend their money for a cause unless they are benefitted directly or indirectly. They can empathize with disadvantaged people or get involved in a cause, but even that will be driven by a hidden agenda. For illustration, if they do charity they would like to publicize it.

They have diverse interests which are not long lasting. They get bored with things at hand quite easily and have a strong urge to keep changing. This makes them versatile and flexible taking up diverse activities and they end up changing their professions many times. As mentioned above they are inclined towards profession such as acting and those which involves travel such as sales rep, tour and travel agent or guide. They can make a good politician, statesman or a diplomat. In addition they are also drawn towards journalism, espionage and secret services. They can also become good investigator and detective.

Physically these natives are not strong and suffer pain in their limbs. They can suffer due to flatulence, digestive problem, jaundice and dropsy. The female natives can suffer from hysteria, emotional outbursts and nervous breakdown. They are attracted towards drugs and other form of addictions.

Om Tat Sat


sumit said…
Sir , I have read ur articles on numerology and greatly fascinated. i never knew that vedic numerology exists and is so deep rooted. kindly tell also how we can know the year ahead and month.This knowledge is unavailable anywhere.I shall be very thankfull to you.
sumit aneja
Anonymous said…
I'm Ashlesha though some say I am Magha. im on the cusp. Id say this is very true. The reclusiveness, the ability to read people so withdraw from most and the not being able to pin down as always on the move without warning. I rarely do anything for personal gain though. That bit is not correct for myself. Im always looking out for others, I feel obliged. And also I have a strong stocky build, im not weak built.
Lakshminarayana said…
Namaste Poddar Guruji,

Could you please suggest me Right gem to over come obstacles in life settlement,Finace problems,Peace of mind
Albert said…
Sir , I have read ur articles they are really nice and solved my lots of problems...thanks for sharing and keep on posting...

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