Navamsa Tulya Rasi

Transit is a very wide topics and many classical texts have given many clues on the interpretation of Transits in both Rasi and divisionals. Here is one article written on "13 Feb 2005", based on a discussion on a forum, showing Juxtaposition of the Transit Rasi Chart on the Natal Navamsa and reading Results therefrom.

Some verses from Deva Keralam talks on the Transit of various planets in the rasi chart while considering the planets in the same rasi in the Navamsa Chart. This principle of reckoning Rasi in the Navamsa chart is called the Navamsa Tulya Rasi.

It is known in the SJC tradition that if a planet is transiting the Rasi Chart in a sign, it will influence that particular sign in all divisional chart. For example, now Saturn is Transiting Gemini, which means that it will influence Gemini in all divisional charts. Somebody who has Moon in Gemini or Taurus or Cancer in Dasamsa would face the effect of Sade sati in the area of work. For example take the case of one of friend, Hari, whose dasamsa Moon is in Taurus and the past few years of Saturn Transits in Taurus, Gemini and Cancer has been too harsh for him professionally.

Navamsa being one of the most important divisional chart controlling one's destiny, we need to see various results by projecting the rasi transits on the Navamsa.

The author of Deva Keralam says that Saturn's Transit in the sign identical with the Navamsa occupied by the "lord of the 8th" from a given bhava or a "trine thereof" on the degree the said planet will destroy the good effect due to that bhava.

Now for example, Saturn is transiting Gemini. In my Gemini Navamsa, Sun is placed. Sun happens to be the 9th lord in my Rasi chart and hence it is the 8th lord from the 2nd house of family and wealth. Thus Saturn's transit in Gemini would adversely affect my 2nd house, which it did... all money spent.. no savings...

In Hari's case, Gemini Navamsa has Venus. Venus is the 7th and 12th lord. Thus it is the 8th lord from 12th and 5th house. 12th house is the house of expenses and 5th house is the house of inner harmony... The trouble Hari passed through this time, we all know.

Lets see what happened when Saturn Transited Aries. In my Aries Navamsa, Jupiter and Deb Saturn is placed. Jupiter is my Lagna and the 4th lord. So it becomes the 8th lord from 9th house and 6th house. It was in that position during April 17th, 1998 onwards. This is the time, when my work (6th) started troubling me the most and I had to leave it in August... Things started falling apart... Then I took some two months break from the job and started preparting for my MBA entrance examination, which I eventually got through. 9th house is also the house of luck and fortune... and it was pretty bad for me during that time. If my father was alive, it would have troubled him the most being on the 8th lord from the 9th. Now it exactly transited my Jupiter's degree 20d 51m on March 25, 2000. It made me financially too tight... just survived the phase somehow... just think... doing masters with no money in the pocket to sustain onself... However after that period... things started improving... and I got some award in a competition, which compensated the condition

* * * * * * *
In addition to the Lord of the 8th of the Bhava under consideration, we can take the naisargika karaka of the Bhava. For example, while judging the 9th house for father, we can take Sun also in addition to 4th house (8th from 9th house), for judging his health related issues.

While I checked this principle to verify on my own chart I found that on 17th of Feb 1994, when my father passed away for his heavenly abode, Saturn was Transiting Aquarius on 8deg 31 min, which is 9th sign from my Natal Navamsa Sun sign, Gemini and very near to its degree, that is 8deg 17min.

* * * * * * *
While checking the consistency of the principles mentioned here in other horoscopes, I found the following things.

If my father's death is shown in my horoscope, it should also show up in my brother's horoscope too... However, while I started analysing that, I faced the troubles that the principles could not be applied without any modification. Lets take those cases.

Elder Brother
Date: May 13, 1973
Time: 11:45:56 am
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 74 E 57' 00", 30 N 12' 00"
Bhatinda, India

While my father died, Saturn was in Aquarius sign with longitude of 8d 31m. This means that there must be some negetive (for father) planet in Aquarius Navamsa or trine to it.

While checking these signs I found they are Jupiter in Gemini and Rahu in Virgo. Now Jupiter is the 9th lord in the rasi chart and placed in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. However, there is no connection of the 4th lord (4th is 8th from 9th). Who happened to be Venus with the trines to Saturn's Transit. However Saturn was Transiting near to Venus's natal degree 7/37.

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Amer said…
Dear Sarajit

Thanks a lot for sharing these imp reserches on blog as its easy to check them from time to time as compared to groups where we forget the messages they were discussed.

I have applied this principal and its amazing to see how it works.
Sarada's child said…
Dear Sarajit-ji,
namaskar. Can you shed some light on the assessment of how strong the effect of the transit of Shani over a sign is ? It depends on the chart from person to person. Do we see Ashtakavarga points that Shani gives to the bhava in the rasi chart of Navamsa for this ?

This is in addition to Saturns transit with Navamsa Tulya Rasi.

Best wishes,

Sarada's child said…
Dear Sarajit-ji,
Namaskar. First of all thank you for sharing this. I hope to read a detailed article on Navamsa-Tulya-Rasi from you.

Can we use Ashtakavarga points with this above knowledge to see how severe Shani's transit effect could be? Ofcourse it depends from person to person; but how to assess that?

Best wishes,

Thank you for sharing this with us. Give us more detailed knowledges about the hidden sides of Vedic Astrology, which only Advanced Astrologers know.
Anonymous said…
vande gurunaam charanaravinde.. dearest and most respected guruji, salutations to you.. wat u have put up on the web is really a wonderful aid for learners of this ancient science.. all my choiciest good wishes are with you acharya . may the Cosmic Infinite guide you in all ur attempts
Anonymous said…
dear sarjitji,
destiny is there but even the best could not predict the future therefore element of uncertainity.
That is our saving grace
Anonymous said…
let destiny unfold through natural mean if and if nots never can solve Problems, If u expect a problem there is problem if not there is not one.
Exectancy lay a big role

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