Rasi Tulya Navamsa

Similar to the technique of Navamsa Tulya Rasi, in which the Rasi is juxtaposed over the Navamsa, there is yet another technique in which the Navamsa is Juxtaposed over the Navamsa which goes by the name of Rasi Tulya Navamsa.

The Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique is widely used in the Nadi Literature and can be used for normal natal chart analysis as well as timing events with Transits. The concept is that you can project the Navamsa on the Rasi chart and read the results therefrom.

For example take my chart.

Rasi Lagna - Sagittarius
Sun in Rasi - Leo
Sun in Navamsa - Gemini

While the usual way we see the impact of Sun on our life is through its placement in the rasi chart, we can also see by projecting the Sun's navamsa position on the rasi chart, which in this case comes to the 7th house and hence would influence my seventh house affairs.

To differenciate between the rasi and navamsa placement, maharishis have suggested different terms for the projected placements. They are as follows:

1. Lagnamsa
2. Dhanamsa
3. Vikramamsa
4. Sukhamsa
5. Putramsa
6. Ariamsa
7. Kalatramsa
8. Nidhanamsa
9. Dharmamsa
10. Karmamsa
11. Labhamsa
12. Vyayamsa

In my horoscope the placement of the planets in the navamsa and the rasi tulya navamsa are as follows:

1. Sun - Gemini - Kalatramsa
2. Moon - Scorpio - Vyayamsa
3. Mars - Scorpio - Vyayamsa
4. Mercury - Leo - Dharmamsa
5. Jupiter - Aries - Putramsa
6. Venus - Sagittarius - Lagnamsa
7. Saturn - Aries - Putramsa
8. Rahu - Capricorn - Dhanamsa
9. Ketu - Taurus - Nidhanamsa

(To be Continued)


Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit, Jaya Jagannatha

Nice article.

I think you got the terminology wrong.

(a) Lagnamsa means the navamsa of Lagna.

(b) Tulya means 'identical with'.

(c) For rasi tulya navamsa, the correct word should be lagnamsake as in the definition of Panchottari Dasa (Sukramsake).

best regards

NB:- Tulya is not always used as defined.
Sarajit Poddar said…

I am not conclusive about the Terminology and need to dig out more on this.

Tulya means "as compared with".

Best Wishes
Anonymous said…
Dear Sarabjit,
Nice articles.
May I suggest you to complete the article in one page only in place of two different pages.
Secondly also express your views whether it should be used as a regular technique of interpretation and what are its major advantages..
May God bless you with his choicest blessings.
Anonymous said…
They say in Sanskrit "Sama Tulyam Asti" and I think the closer meaning to Tulyam is "as compared with"


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