Ghataka Chakra

As the name suggests, Ghataka chakra is seen for any kind of injuries, may it be Physical or Mental. The injuries can be inflicted at an inopportune moment or by an inimical person. Both of these can be seen from the Ghataka Chakra. For the first instance, the inopportune time can be seen from the horoscope of the moment of occurance of the event and for the latter case, the same can be seen from the horoscope of the person inflicting pain and injury.

Ghataka Chakra


As shown in the ghataka chakra, based on the position of natal moon, one of the specific element of time namely Moon sign (rasi), Lunar day (Tithi), Weekday (vara), Lunar Asterism (Nakshatra) or the Ascendant (Lagna) can be inauspicious. Following priciples can be used in the analysis of the Ghataka Chakra:

1. If at any moment, there is preponderance of the ghataka elements, then there can be some injury/ pain inflicted on the person. So one must regularly checkout the Lunar Transit through the sign and the Nakshatra, the solar and lunar days and the Lagna of the moment to carry out some activities or remain cautioned about some impending danger. If many of the ghataka elements come together, then there can be indications of danger during that time. For example, I am born with Scorpio Lagna and I must be careful on the days when Moon is transiting through Taurus or Revati Nakshatra and that day happens to be a Friday and the lunar day happens to be a Nanda Tithi (pratipada-1, shasthi-6 or ekadasi-11).

2. The relationship of a person can also be checked using the Ghataka Chakra. To check this out, we need to check the presence of the Ghataka elements in the other person's horoscope. Thus for me (born in Scorpio Rasi), the natives with Taurus Rasi, Revati Nakshatra, born on Friday, in the Nanda Tithi and/or with Scorpio (Male) or Taurus (Female) Lagna can inflict injury. The presence of more ghataka elements confirm this.

3. The nature of injury can be seen from the nature of ghataka element and the lord of the element. If the ghataka element happens to be Moon, then the injury is on reputation, if they happen to be Weekday or the Lagna, the injury is more physical and if they happen to be Tithi or Nakshatra, the injiry is more mental and emotional. The lord of the ghataka element which caused the injury can say more on the exact nature of the injury based on its lordship, placement and yogas.


Amer Abbas said…
Dear Sarajit

Thanks for sharing an imp technique.
Amala Gaura das said…
Can you comment on this for marriage compatibility? I am seeing a case wherein a female is ghataka to the male and not vice versa on two points, rashi and tithi. Should this marriage be discouraged?

Thank you for any comments,
Amala Gaura dasa
Shiva said…

Really a great post. Appreciated. For me, Venus is in 7 th position, and Sun,Mer,Mar and Ket in 8th position. How strong the kuja dosha?
Thank you very much,

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