Kantak Sani & Sade Sati

The transit of Saturn in some of the houses in the natal horoscope is highly dreaded. During such unfavourable transits, the native faces tremendous odds in different aspects of life such as Career, finances, family etc. and Saturn makes the person remember god's name. Even though such transits are terrible materialistically, spiritually they are uplifting as Saturn cleans up the native from all past sins and give him chance to live a life with righteousness in later days.

However, the transits are not as bad for all the natives, since it depends on how badly Saturn is afflicting the horoscope. If Saturn happens to be a yogakaraka in the horoscope and involved in good yogas then the transits are not as bad and vice versa. This is also dependant on the Astakavarga strength of a sign. If in the sarvastakavarga, the number of dots are lesser than optimum and/ or in Saturn's astakavarga the dots are lesser than 4, the period becomes a tough nut to crack. Along with this, one must check out, whether it is a bad transit from all the three points, namely Moon, Lagna and the Arudha Lagna. If it happens to be bad transit from all these three points, then the time become too tiresome for the native from almost all areas in his life. It is also required to check the astakavarga of all planets, whether Saturn has contributed to any dots in the transiting sign in the those planet's astakavarga. If not, then the affairs ruled by the planet under consideration suffers due to such transit.

Sade Sati

The transit of Saturn in the 12th,1st & 2nd houses from the Janma Rasi (Natal Moon sign) is called Sade-Sati or the seven and half year period. Each house is transited by Saturn for about 2½ years each.

The transit of Saturn in the twelfth house from Moon sign initiates the Sade-sati when the domestic affairs go awry. There maybe turmoil in married life, differences with parents and children, change of residence and many domestic problems. Worship Sri Kali Ma in addition to the Graha Mantra of Saturn.

Graha Mantra of Saturn

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं शनैश्चाराय नमः

om prām prīm praum śanaiścārāya namah

The transit of Saturn in the Janma Rasi causes bad company, failure in undertakings, and many personal problems like loss of reputation, danger from accidents etc. Worship Sri Hanuman in addition to the Beeja Mantra of Saturn.

Ekadashakshari Hanuman Mantra

ॐ हं रुद्राय हनुमते नमः

om ham rudrāya hanumate namah

Beeja Mantra of Saturn

शं शनैश्चाराय नमः

śam śanaiścārāya namah

The transit of Saturn in the second house from Moon results in many enemies and financial losses, loss of livelihood and danger from Government action. Worship Sri Krishna as well as Saturn.

Kantaka Sani

Whenever Saturn Transits on the 1st, 4th, 8th or 10th from the Chandra, Lagna or Arudha Lagna (AL), such transit is called Kantaka Sani. Kantaka literally means thorn and as the name suggests the native's life become so terrible that it is compared to a condition whereby a person limps when a thorne is stuck in his foot. During this period, the career is hamphered and finances dwindle. When it happens with respect to the AL, the career and finances are greatly affected, when it happens with respect to Lagna, the person makes wrong decisions and suffer due to that and when it happens from Moon, the person suffers physically and emotionally.

The remedy to Kantak Sani is to chant the 3rd anuvaka of the Chamaka Prasna of Yajurveda, 11 times, in the morning at the brahma muhurtha. If this is done sincerely then the effect of Kantaka Sani on the native is minimal.

3rd Anuvaka of Chamaka Prasna

शं च मे मयश्च मे प्रियं च मेऽनुकामश्च मे

कामश्च मे सौमनसश्च मे भद्रं च मे श्रेयश्च मे

वस्यश्च मे यशश्च मे भगश्च मे द्रविणं च मे

यन्ता च मे धर्ता च मे क्शेमश्च मे धृतिश्च मे

विश्वं च मे महश्च मे संविच्च मे ज्ञात्रं च मे

सूश्च मे प्रसूश्च मे सीरं च मे लयश्च म ऋतं च मे

ऽमृतं च मेऽयक्श्मं च मेऽनामयच्च मे जीवातुश्च मे

दीर्घायुत्वं च मेऽनमित्रं च मेऽभयं च मे सुगं च मे

शयनं च मे सूषा च मे सुदिनं च मे॥ ३॥

śam ca me mayaśca me priyam ca me'nukāmaśca me
kāmaśca me saumanasaśca me bhadram ca me śreyaśca me
vasyaśca me yaśaśca me bhagaśca me dravinam ca me
yantā ca me dhartā ca me kśemaśca me dhritiśca me
viśvam ca me mahaśca me samvicca me jñātram ca me
sūśca me prasūśca me sīram ca me layaśca ma rtam ca me
amrtam ca me'yakśmam ca me'nāmayacca me jīvātuśca me
dīrghāyutvam ca me'namitram ca me'bhayam ca me sugam ca me
śayanam ca me sūshā ca me sudinam ca me ..3..


Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,
Statistically it will mean that many millions of people will have between 7 and 8 houses constantly influenced by Kantaka Sani. In other words of every 29.5 years of Sani cycle between 12.5 and 17.5 years will be bad just because of this ?
Taking other negative issues such Marana Sthana Karak, transits of 8th lord etc. into consideration, we see that millions of people don't even get a chance for any decent life at all. Is this realistic ?
A well wisher
Sarajit Poddar said…
Dear Sir,

While it is true that the native will have kantak sani most part of their life since, the kantak can happen from either Lagna, Moon or AL, the effect would be different at different times, based on the sign where it is happening, dasa running at the moment and in which cycle Saturn is causing the Kantak.

Thus, even though the Kantak applies most of the time, people still can have decent life since, the effect would be different each time.

Also one must know that one of the cause of Human Birth is to redeem out past karmas and Saturn ensures that in various ways. The way he does is various and Katak / Sade sati are some of those ways.

Anna said…
Dear Sarajit,
Article is excelent, topic is well chosen- always actual! It's very good that you avoided being 'too technical' yet covered all relevant perspectives in a well articulated manner, not leaving any important side uncovered. Your response to the previous comment so nicely complement the article itself!- yes, life is full of difficulties that we learn how to deal with, that make us more capable human beings, better, wiser..that's how we grow, in fact..My optimism is also based on the beleif that God never gives us more than we can handle- Sade sati, kantaka sati/s/..doesn't matter- we can have more or less productive and full life despite that, as you said, or just because of that- as I feel, after I 'weather the storm', lol!
"Life is not easy, neither should it be" said R. Peck long time ago..You wrote a perfect astrological story around that 'essence of life'. Good reading, Sarajit, indeed!
/I've just found your site- look forward to reading more!/
PS- ididn't mean to be ann.- but I don't have my http//...
Anna said…
..just to add to your detailed remedial measures: horse shoe helps too /as per our tradition- to ptotect the home..
Anonymous said…
Dear sir,

For a person of aries rising, saturn owns 10th and 11th house, but saturn is placed in the 6th house. As per general rule a malefic placed in the 6th house is good.
but in this case saturn is the lord of the 10th and 11th house(which deals with his proffession and wealth).
is this placement good?
Sarajit Poddar said…
Placement of a kendra lord in a dusthana constitute a duryoga unless it joins a kona lord. Functionally this will trouble the career of the person, however, the person shall show courage in dominating his enemies.

All the best
Anonymous said…
dear sir,

i had already asked the question about placement of sani in 6th house(for a person with mesha as ascendant).
what if mars is also present in 6th house with saturn?
is this combination good(as mars is the lagna lord )?
what will be the effect due to this combination(as mars is an enemy to saturn.)?
in this case, what will u predict about the persons profession and what will be the overall effect on sixth house?
Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,
Excellent article on kantak shani,which we generally overlook unless faced with the problem.can you give me your inputs on pomegranate tree for meen lagna as shani is the lord of 11 and 12th house.how is it helpful?

Thanks & regds
PINAKI Dasgupta
Anonymous said…
Hi Sarajit,

Excellent Article. I do not know much about this, but my Sun Sign is Pisces and Moon Sign Meen. I have heard from someone that I am under the Shani Pradosh right now, and am surely facing a tough time regards Career progression and domestic life is concerned. Any advise?
Lakshmi Kary said…
Jaya Jagannatha
Dear Sarajit, I thought Saturns transit in the 7th from Moon was also giving alot of suffering?
If you have time please narrate a puranic story explaining the inimical relationship between Saturn and Sun.
thanks for your articles
Sarajit Poddar said…
Dear Lakshmi,

This is a nice idea to put the puranic stories to highlight the relationship between various planets and not alone Saturn and Sun.

I will do it.. Let me just try to extract out some spare time from my hectic schedule.

Anonymous said…
I was told that my husband
is running ju mahadasa and venus antardasa , this is a meet for his bhratri karaka and atmakaraka,atmakaraka lord of his home mana and family and himself is giving suffering related to that field .Adding salt to injuries,he is running kantaka shani i.e.shani transit in 8th from lagna,shani lord of finances giving suffering related to that field, health may also suffer during kantaka sani as even the strongest one limps.So , he needs appropriate remedies for this.For Ju tell him to respect elders and love children as much as he can and donate yellow prasad on thursdays.Keeping fasts on thursdays will hasten recovery,for saturn best is to recite kantaka sani mantra daily before sunrise
found your article looking for the same.
can i copy the mantra from your site?Also can i help my husband in reciting?
jon said…
free astrology compatibility info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your free astrology compatibility posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to free astrology compatibility surfing LOL : )

jon said…
celtic astrology info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your celtic astrology posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to celtic astrology surfing LOL : )

Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajitji,

Saturn is transiting in the 2n house from my janma rasi. Grateful if you can highlight a.likely impact and b. relief measures.

Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
Well Sarajit.The effect of sade sati or kantakasani, I am already seeing it. One thing I would like to bring to your notice.
My sani is in Aq (9th house from moon and asc) but bhava chakra shows it in Pisces(10th house from, moon and asc)
Sani transit to taurus on March 11, 2001(my 12th house) everthing was good.
Sani transit to Gemini June 2, 2003(my 1st house) I was on the peak everything looking rosy.
Sani transit to cancer Nov 12, 2004
(my second house) I lost EVERYTHING
by sep 20, 2005.
The next transit of sani is Jan 31, 2007 to Leo(My third house from moon and Asc), Then I might get a break for two years. but again there is second innings to play when sani will be in virgo probably in 2009.

Sani being in Aq in my janma chart is my atmakaraka and it had made me work very hard all my life and now as a token of appreciation, now this.
But why all my other plants are silent, which are in the best positions they could be.

Is it the Mahadasa(Sani)which is so empowering that all other plants are simply sitting in the pavilion watching sani bowl bouncer after bouncer.

Then again the main action-reaction triggering factor had been the deha-antarada dasa always.
where Rahu in 12th house(taurus) had been shouting "how is that", all the time for every ball bowled by sani.
Out of all this, one good thing is
Yes I found god.
Sarajit dear, What is the relation between Sani and Rahu- astrologically or mythlogically.

Your articles are actually so near to reality that it is like near death experience :-)

Keep it up.
asha kamath said…
hello friend, article was very well written. my rashi is Taurus(moon placement) and my saturn is in Leo what will it be after october?? I am running moon dasha in saturn which has made me lose money, credit and everything.
Anonymous said…
My sun sign is sagittarius and moon sign is makararasi(shravan nakshatra). Last time When I had kandakasani (was in 92-93 i guess) i had health problems,family problems,what not!!.Finally after lot of suffering i got job ,carrer went upswing and i thought things are better.Again for the last 1 year i think I again have kandakasani..Atleast From what I read I know that makararasi again has kankakasani. Now again I am jobless,homeless and has family problems .Will my kandakasani never end.and when it ends do i get ezharasani(7 1/2) sani again.I read that kandakasani again comes in at 2020 to makararasi. what do u think? Is it like my problems never end inspite of all hardwork i do?
tavarageri said…
Dear Friend Sarabjit,

Well, it is only very recently that I bumped across your blogsite and got interested into it. Your very self introduction is so meaningful. You are right on the point in introducing yourself, "a soul trapped in the world of illusion". But, just take a look around you, all of us are sailing in the same boat, and "from the inside of real selves, we are all the same". Only the physical bodies that we are in are different. Hence I took the step of calling you "Friend" though I have never interacted with you. Hope you do not mind.

Coming to the astrology part, I would like to find if you could provide some solution to my career difficulties (remedies) and general advise. Only if you are willing I can provide you my information to you directly. Please advise.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Nagesh Tavarageri
Cerritos, CA

Makarand said…
Dear Sarjeet,

I am out side india. Now Singha( Leo) moon sign has sade sati.

Pls inform me when does it ends. I do not remember the exact date but either it is over in the end of Aug or will end in the month of Sept / Oct.

Waiting for your reply.

Sept 09, 06
Anonymous said…
SOme astrologer predicts I will have Kandaka sani from Nov 2006 I am born Poooruruttathi KUmbh lagna.
How is it possible
Leo will be 7th from Kmbh no?
My Sani is in 9th plcae from langna and in swakshetram.
Anonymous said…
I hv Saturn in 12 house of Aries and Saturn Mahadasha is going onsince Jan 2005.
I am giving details of birth please advise me.
DOB: 23 Dec.1969
POB:Jhabua (INDIA)
2H:Moon (Gemini)
4H:Ketu (Leo)
10H:Mars,Rahu (Aquarious)
Please give somelight to this horoscope.
Hemant said…
Dear Sarajit,

Am a Karka Lagna, Mo in 12th and AL in 11th.
So that makes my entire life in the grip of Shri Shani Maharaj... ?
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this article and the 3rd Anuvaka.
Anonymous said…
kindly explain, what is the consequence of shani sadesati in 2nd house from the moon rashi, if in the natal chart the second house is occupied by sun which is in fall(7th sign),but saturn is occupying the 9th house.And saturn becomes the lord of the 9th house in rashi chart
Anonymous said…
I was told that my venus is in mahadasa. can you please explain what that means? Thanks.
Nidhi said…
Kindly explain the effect and the duration of sadesati in a horoscope with Gemini moon sign and saturn in 9 th house of the natal chart. Thankyou
ashasangeeta said…
this way I will never see light of the day my lagna is Aquarius, arudha is aries and moon rashi is taurus-so will i ever be out of Kantak shani?
last transit was 6th from Lagna, Now it will be 4th from moon next will be saturn return-my saturn is retro in virgo at 9 degrees
Greg said…
I need some help, maybe you can
My moonsign is capricon,my ascendant is aqaurian,Saturn is in my first house lagan, saturn is my lagnesh,saturn is moolatrikon. I am going thro the mahadasa of saturn since 2004. Things are not going the way they should, altough I am talented and gifted I am seem to miss opportunites.My dob is2/11/65.time 3.15pm,place mumbai
please help. Gregg Dias. email:-gregscorpion@rediffmail.com
Sheila said…
Hi Saratjit,

For remedial measures, does one have to recite the shani graha mantra a specific number of times - someone told me it should be 19000 times.
More improtantaly doesn't chanting graha mantra make shani stronger - in turn magnifying the ill effects of shani??????
ss said…
dob 14 june 1970,2.20p.m karnal haryana india. how is sade satti effecting my marriage . will i have divorce.
Dear sir,
in kerala astrologers take the transit of saturn thru 1,4,7,10 from janma raasi as kantaka sani, but in your site it is 1,4,8,10 which is true?
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