Transit II: Transit from Arudha

The arudha shows the image of a person in this world. Though the true self is important for a person, the perception about him in this world is equally important as all the interaction with the external world is based on how the person is perceived by the world. Hence for analysing, how we are going to benefit or lose material with relations to the world, we need to consider the arudha lagna. The importance of Arudha Lagna is discussed by both Maharishi Parashara and Maharishi Jaimini in their immortal classics, however some other classics such as Deva Keralam mention about the importance of transits with respect to the arudha lagna too.

While we speak of arudha lagna, different other arudhas can be seen for the impact of transits on persons ruled by different arudhas and also different affairs ruled by them, which are as follows:

A2 : Dhanapada - Family and the Money
A3 : Vikramapada- Intiatives/ risks and younger siblings
A4 : Sukhapada - Happiness at home, properties and mother
A5 : Mantrapada - Mantra initiation, Children
A6 : Shatrupada - Diseases, enemies
A7 : Darapada - Relationships and business affairs
A8 : Mrtyupada - Inherent weaknesses and longevity
A9 : Dharmapada - Religiosness and Father
A10: Rajyapada - Power, position and authority
A11: Labhapada - Gain of objectives and elder siblings
A12: Upapada - Spouse

The important planets to be seen for the transits are the slow moving planets Saturn, Rahu/ Ketu, Jupiter and the faster moving planets Sun and Moon. Since the Karaka for the Arudha is Moon, Saturn tend to harm it and Jupiter/ Sun tend to fortify it, during their transits. Some guidelines to judge the transits of planets from the AL are given below. Intelligent jyotishas can extend this principles to other arudhas as well.

Saturn: Transit of Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 8th & 10th houses from the arudha lagna goes by the name of Kantaka Sani (kantaka means thorne and the term imply that the person is hurt so much that he limps) and is considered to be extremely inauspicious for career and financial welbeing of a person. If it happens to be in bad position from the Lagna and the Moon as well, then the person passes through serious hard times. The transit in the 4th house is known as ardha-kantak (half-kantak) and lesser worse than other positions. The transit of Sasturn however in the 12th from the Arudha is supposed to give Raja-yoga and while transiting in the 3rd and 6th from the Arudha gives many benefits.

Jupiter: Jupiter is knows as the Jiva or the life-giver and controls the fruits of any effort. Thus whenever it transits over favoruable positons from a arudha, the person realises the fruits of all the struggle he has put at differet times. Thus the transit of Jupiter in quadrants from arudha lagna is considered a blessing.

The Moon: The transit of Moon in the 5th, 9th and 12th from any arudha is considered to be extremely fruitful for that arudha. Thus for all major activities done by a person should be done during such time, when Moon transits favourable position from the Arudha Lagna. The worst position of Transit Moon is in the 8th from an Arudha, which is extremenly detrimental to the image of the person or related areas.

The Sun: The transit of the Sun in the Trine to an Arudha energises the arudha and the person feels special focus regarding those area as governed by the arudhas. Thus at the time of death, Sun should be in the trine to the Mrityupada (A8), the arudha for longevity and death. If not death, such transit can give, near death experiences.

The Nodes: Rahu is the materialistic planet and hence confers material gains, whenever it transits in the trine to the Arudha Lagna, whereas since Ketu is the spiritual planet, it confers spiritual pursuits while it transits the trine to the Arudha Lagna. Similar results can be predicted when the nodes transit with respect to other arudhas. Thus when they transit with respect to the Dharmarudha (A9), similar things can be told about the father or father like persons.


Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,
The article on Arudha transits is absolutely fabulous yet so simple to understand. Can you kindly illustrate how to use the other arudhas in the same manner for the lesser intellectuals.

Is their a job timing methodology which works easily and almost always.

Warm regards,

Sarajit Poddar said…
Dear Sushmita,

You can apply the same rules with respect to different arudhas. For example, if the transit it seen from A4 or Matripada, then it will show you about the mother or happiness at home or otherwise.

About the job, you can apply narayana dasa and vimshottari dasa in the Dasamsa chart along with the dasamsa transit to get very accurate results. You can confirm this with other methods such as Tithi Pravesh Chakra. If time permits, I will write some article on this.

Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,
1. How can a sun in trines to A8 give death, if sun in trines to AL cannot give birth??
2. Is the concept of Maya limited to the world of vishnu or does it extend beyond to birth of Brahma as well?

Anonymous said…

However article is good and it is in very much in sync with what we see through Natal chart,But I ahve applied is pratically in various charts,it doesn't show any of those results.things are more applicable through Natal chart Lagna,rather than Arudha Lagna.

I likt to have examples for those.

Regards and Love
jon said…
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Anonymous said…
Well sarajit,
A strong 10th house determines whether a person will become a karmayogi or not. Karma is action/labour and perform karma one expends energy. Therefore, the first significator of the 10th house becomes Saturn (Sani) as he uses up a great deal of energy to do a work.

But here Sani becomes a thorn as kantaka sani when it transits 10th house from the moon.

My janma chart- sani in pisces( 10th house) will it behave like kantaka sani during the transit alone or will it remain a kantaka all my life.

Wow Sani, Sarajit find a solution.
may God bless you.
Amer Abbas said…
Dear sarajit

Its a very imp technique with respect to transit. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.
Anonymous said…
Awesome Dude. What else I could say. Keep up your good work.


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