Kalachakra & Astadala Padma

The Eight petalled lotus is the foundation of Hinduism. Here is what I made out of my understanding. An article on the same is forthcoming.

Figure I: Kalachakra 

The inner set of Petals govenrs the directions (dik/ ayana), while the outer petals govern the Kalas.


dewavrat buit said…
Dear Sarjit,

Congrats on putting so nice digram of Kalachkra including the digbala chakra. A very nice digram.


Dewavrat Buit
Anonymous said…
A really very excellent figure; now only if you could give the details of how to use this diagram as done in the tradition.
Sarajit Poddar said…
I have written a draft article on the use of the kalachakra and the ayana chakra and shall post it as soon as I give it a final touch.

Thank you very much for the appreciation. I shall be putting up more diagrams I have made so far.
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