Vedic numerology II: The meaning of Numbers

When we live in the world surrounded by illusions and we know that the behavior is based more on perceptions that the truth behind an event, we need to understand our perceptions whenever we are faced with different circumstances/ events. This is worthwhile to note that our behavior is interrelated with those of others in our surroundings. For example, if I am a king, this is because, others also perceive me as a king, along with my own perception about self. Thus, the results we get in this would be more dependent on the perception of people in our surrounding, than the real truth about our own self. Thus we shall study the perception which is generated under different conditions/ situations. Here we shall study the TRUTH pertaining to a no. and the PERCEPTION of that true self. Though the truth of the numbers are based on the Weekday order, the perception is different.

Number one represents the creative force, as this is the starting point of the numeral system. The number zero although precedes it, it represents absence of anything or vacuum and thus not represent by any planet.

The attributes of this number being the source of all creation, the king, the independent one etc. can only be attributed to Sun, the natural signification of Soul, the king, the father, the natural leader

When we see the qualities of natural leadership, we also get enthused with energy feel like taking initiative in things near us. We do feel the presence of a king as protective and feel that the dharma would be protected by all means. We become righteous and dutiful under the Solar Influence. Thus, the planet, which is based on the perception of the true self, is also Sun.

Number two represents sustenance and represented by Moon, when seen in the weekday order. Moon rules motherly compassion, love, caring and protection.

When we come under the influence of motherly affection and compassion, we feel protected. Thus the perception of number two is the Moon itself.

Based on the weekday order this no. is ruled by Mars, who governs the anger, aggression and violence

Whenever we are faced with such situation of violence etc., we seek divine intervention and peace. The preceptor of the gods, Jupiter, governs this and hence rules the perception related to this number.

Mercury governs this number based on the weekday order. Mercury represents a child, humor and childish activities. 

A child’s behavior is that of carelessness, laughing on something without basis, plotting pranks against someone etc. Whenever we are faced with such situation, we sometimes develop the feeling of suspicion or sometimes the feeling of disgust. Rahu rules these feelings and hence it governs the perception of this number. 

Jupiter rules this number, representing a teacher, who is knowledgeable and willing to bestow us with knowledge and wisdom.

Whenever we are placed under the guidance of a wise teacher, the feeling which develops therein is that of a disciple and hence this no. is governed by Mercury, the learner.

Venus is the true ruler of this number and represents comfort, luxury and courtship.

Comfort and Luxury make us seek the same from our surroundings and in the presence of a partner, we also seek courtship and relationship. Thus the perception is also governed by Venus, the true ruler of this number.

Saturn, the ruler of this number governs Sorrow and Pain, which redeem us from the bad karma of past lives.

While we suffer pain and misery, we tend to understand and acknowledge our past undoing and realize that this life is a bondage and the only way we get bliss is get out of this chain of life and death. We seek liberation from both trouble and the chain of life and death. Thus Ketu, the significator for emancipation, governs this number’s perception.

The natural ruler of this number is Rahu as per the weekday order. Rahu signify, deception, cheating and troubles inflicted on others.

When we faced with such situations of deception and all wrong doing, we do feel that such persons should be punished. Thus Saturn, the Dharmaraja (the king of righteousness), governs the perception of this number.

Ketu rules this number as the weekday order and signify emancipation, liberation and sanyasa (monk) , who has broken out of the bondage of cycle of rebirth.

Whenever we see a monk or such persons, the predominant feeling which we have is that, "how determined these persons are, that they broke the strong chains of material success". It also generates the feeling of rage on our self, that we are not as determined like them, to follow our own life’s calling are. Mars governs these feelings of determination and rage and hence governs the perception relation to this number.


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