Vedic Numerology IV: Application

There are numerous application of the discipline of Vedic Numerology. This is because numbers form the universal language. To understand the concept of Universal Language, one must understand what Language is! The basis of any language is symbols. These symbols carry a specific meaning, which help us communicating with each other. While we see how the language evolved; there was a time, when the things and events were shown using some or other symbols. They formed the evolution basis for the first languages of the world, which were symbol based, like that of Hieroglyphics.  From those earlier languages, many languages evolved through out the world, each having their own set of symbols and the characteristics associated with their own cultural evolution. However, what remained constant throughout is the language of numbers. This is borne out of the fact that irrespective of cultural and geographical boundaries, the numbers retained their characteristics. If number 1 mean something to us, it means the same to the whole world. Moreover, because of its consistency over time and space, it becomes the only language with which mathematics or the laws of nature can be revealed. This is why the numbers can be used to determine the flow of the destiny in our life as a part of the universal consciousness. The numbers can be used in the following ways:
1.  The predominance of a number in one's life shows the predominance of the inlfluence of a particular planet and a sign in his/ her life in the area of life where the number belongs to. For example, if a person buys a vehicle for business or work, then the planet/ signs influencing the business/ work etc. can be seen from the number of the vehicle. Similarly this can be seen from the  work telephone/ mobile/ office desk number ect.
To know the influence we do two processes related to the number, they are:
a. Finding out the root number. To know the root number keep adding the digits of number till one arrive at a single number. 
The functional as well as the natural nature of the planet along with the yogas they form shall give various clues on the persons coming to the native's life during that time. This shall also show the state of native's mind and his behaviour pattern related to the matters related to that number. This shall also show the characteristics of the thing ruled by this number.
b. Finding out the rasi (zodiac sign) ruled by this number.  The rasi can be found out by expunging the multiples of 12 from that number. If the result is Zero, then it should be replaced by 12, signifying Pisces.
The environment the person would be working in, the various support as well as obstacles the native would be facing can be seen from this rasi under consideration. To know the exact nature of the surroundings/ environment the following guidelines can be used:
 i. Find the yogas (both natural and functional) forming in that sign in the natal horoscope. Also look for the planets placed in that sign, the placement of the lord of the sign, in the natal horoscope.
ii.  Find how the planets placed from that sign. Malics shall be placed in the Upachayas (3/6/10/11).
iii. Benefics should be placed in the Kendras (1/4/7/10) or the konas (5/9).
iv. The Sukha Trikona (4/8/12) should not be having any malefics, otherwise the native shall face lack of happiness or contentment in that part of life.
v. There should not be papakartari yoga (hemming between malefics) in that house. Subhakartari yoga bring luck and support to that sign.
vi. The karaka of the matter under consideration should be well placed with respect to the sign.
vii. The Moon is the karaka for all activities we carry out in this world and hence should be well placed with respect to the sign. It should never be placed in the eighth house from the sign, otherwise the experience related to that matter can be a bed of thorne.
2.  The numbers can be used in Naming of the person and the influence of the name on the person. Please follow the article on the "Principles of Naming" given before in these pages.
3. The numbers can be used to find the effect of our year number, month number and the date number on our life as well as the impact of other persons (being ruled by other numbers) on our life. This area requires a considerable research, to arrive at a consistent set of principles. I am still working on it and I shall publish my findings once I am done.


dewavrat buit said…
A nice continuation of series vedic numerology. Are you going to cover the akashatapaya vargas and the achyuta vargas. The part of Nashta Jatak also. It is very intesting. Thanks and congrats you have put it on the web.


dewavrat buit
Anonymous said…
expert in nashta jatak can find out exact time of birth ,is this right .Can you help me ?
Peter Jene said…
Really fantastic your post. I look forward to future posts.

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