Illustration of “Hostile Saturn”

A Graha interacts with the lord of the sign due to its placement. Understanding the interaction is extremely important for deriving the results of placement of the Graha in a Rasi.

Depending on the relationship of the Graha and Rasi-adhipati, there could be four different variations. The Graha can support or defeat the Rasi-adhipati and also get supported or defeated. When a Graha is placed in Upachaya or 7H from its Mulatrikona, it defeats the lord of those Rasis. Whether or not the Graha gets supported or defeated depends on the disposition of the Rasi-adhipati towards the Graha.

For instance Saturn in Aries or Scorpio is both defeating and defeated. Hence it is a lose-lose situation for both Graha Saturn and Rasyadhipati Mars.

The four variations in the relationship are:

  1. Defeating-defeated (Lose-Lose)
  2. Defeating-supported (Win-lose)
  3. Supporting-supported (Win-win)
  4. Supporting-defeated (Lose-win)

For instance Saturn in Cancer is defeating-supported i.e., Saturn defeats the significations of Cancer and Moon while Moon supports the significations of Saturn

The disposition of Saturn in different signs are as follows:

  1. Ar: Defeating-defeated. There is loss of significations of Saturn, Mars and Aries.
  2. Ta: Supporting-supported. There is strengthening of significations of Saturn, Venus and Taurus.
  3. Ge: Supporting-supported. There is strengthening of significations of Saturn, Mercury and Gemini.
  4. Cn: Defeating-supported. Moon is neutral to Saturn, hence it will moderately support Saturn’s significations. Moon and Cancer’s significations are defeated.
  5. Le: Defeating-supported. Sun is neutral to Saturn. Hence, Sun and Leo’s significations are defeated while Saturn’s significations are supported.
  6. Vi: Supporting-supported. Mercury is neutral towards Saturn while Saturn is very friendly towards Saturn. Hence Mercury’s and Virgo’s significations are strongly supported while Saturn’s significations are moderately supported.
  7. Li: Supporting-supported. Saturn is best placed in Venusian signs. Among them this is Saturn’s exaltation sign. Significations of Venus, Libra and Saturn are all supported.
  8. Sc: Defeating-defeated. Saturn is always in this state in Mars’s signs, although the situation is grave in Aries due to Saturn’s debility. There is loss of significations of Saturn, Mars and Scorpio.
  9. Sg: Defeating-supported. Jupiter is neutral towards Saturn’s significations, hence it will support only some of Saturn’s significations. However, Saturn is inimical towards Sg, hence will destroy its significations.
  10. Cp: Supporting-supported. This is Saturn’s own sign, hence the significations of Saturn and Capricorn both strongly supported.
  11. Aq: Supporting-supported. This is Saturn’s Mulatrikona sign, hence the significations of Saturn and Aquarius both strongly supported.
  12. Pi: Supported-supported. Saturn is friendly towards Pisces, hence its supports significations of Jupiter and Pisces here. Since Jupiter is neutral towards Saturn, it only partly supports Saturn’s significations.

We observe that Mercury, Moon, Sun and Jupiter are neutral towards Saturn. Hence, they partly support Saturn’s significations. Now what significations they support and what they don’t?

Saturn’s significations can be classified into two groups that can be mapped to the two signs. Capricorn is the natural 10H and mapped to Saturn’s significations related to Karma, labor, discipline, kingship etc. Aquarius is the natural 11H i.e., Badhaka and mapped to significations related to obstacles, blockage, troubles, denial, diseases, longevity/ death, separation, detachment etc.
Mentioned Grahas supports or opposes one of the signs depending on which one fall in the Upachaya or 7H from their own Mulatrikona.

Thus, Me, Su and Ju opposes Aq- disease, denial and death but supports labor and success. Moon on the other hand supports Aq- longevity but opposes 10H-labour.

These variations need to be kept in mind while judging the results.


According to Saravali, Saturn in Scorpio makes it hostile, crooked, danger from poison and weapons, ill-tempered, miserly, egoistic, rich, thievish or criminal mind, averse to joys in life, malicious, miserable, suffer diseases and destruction.

In Vajpayee’s horoscope, Saturn is placed in the Lagna giving him a life of activism and fights. Saturn is the lord of 3H in the Lagna indicating he had to fight battles in life with courage. This is also endorsed by Mars’s placement in the 6H of enemies. 4L in the Lagna involving in the fight indicate that he his battle was for freedom of homeland.

In Subhas Chandra’s horoscope Saturn is placed in the 8H in Scorpio which threatened his life.

In the horoscope of Alfred Hitchcock, Saturn in Sc falls in the 5H of psychology and the fights indicated by Saturn\-Mars made him one of the foremost detective.

In Gandhi’s horoscope, Saturn is in 2H of speech, family and wealth. It caused him poverty and also fight for freedom of his land 4H. See Saturn’s aspect on the 4H.In the horoscope of Abraham Lincoln, Lagna lord Saturn is placed Sc in 10th house of Karma. He had to fight one big battle to abolish slavery (Saturn).

In Osama Bin Laden’s horoscope Sa is in the 2H like Gandhi caused him to fight for his people (family), but Mars is placed in 8H (death) which caused him to take many lives. However in Gandhi’s case, 2L Mars is placed in Lagna conjoined with Me and Ve indicating non-violence means.

In all cases Saturn in Scorpio indicated some or other form of fights in native’s life. However, the Bhava where Saturn fell caused variations pertaining to where the fights manifested. It caused the fights and destruction in the matters pertaining the Bhava under consideration. If Lagna falls in Scorpio and the lord is weak, the native can himself have criminal tendencies and suffer diseases and destruction.


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