10th from svamsa- A closer look

In aphorism 1.2.39 of Jaimini Sutra, Maharishi Jaimini explains the result of placement of Planets in the 10th from svamsa.

रिफे बुधदृष्टे वा मन्दवत्॥
riphe budhadṛṣṭe vā mandavat||

Mercury aspecting the 10th from svamsa indicate results like Saturn. Maharishi explains in previous stanza that when Saturn is placed in the svamsa makes a person achieve success in any line of activity due to sheer hard work. They also tend to become traditional. However, the thing to note here is that why Mercury in the 10th give results as if Saturn in svamsa. The clue to decipher this lies in counting the number of planets in the weekday order starting from the planet placed in the 10th to svamsa. Thus if Mercury is placed in the 10th then counting in the weekday order we have Mercury (10th)-Jupiter(11th)-Venus(12th)-"Saturn(svama)", thus we arrive at Saturn. Applying this principle, we can understand the influence of other planets on the 10th of svamsa.

The weekday order is Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu. Thus the planets influence on the 10th will be:

Sun - Mercury
Moon - Jupiter
Mars - Venus
Mercury - Saturn
Jupiter - Rahu
Venus - Ketu
Saturn - Sun
Rahu - Moon
Ketu - Mars

Thus if Sun is placed in the 10th house, the effect can be read as same as Mercury's placement in the svamsa, which according to Maharishi Jaimini makes the person a mimansaka or someone who follows the middle path of Buddha.


krishna said…
Dear sir

thanks for all these wonderful informations

I have a doubt,

In you post on SWAMSA,its writen

"Mercury conjoining/ aspecting the 10th from swamsa indicate results like Saturn (Success in any line of activity and consequential fame). This indicates skill and fame and is good for fortunes as well, as Mercury is a natural benefic. Besides, like Saturn, it tends to promote a traditional vocation.
Beneficial aspects/ conjunctions on the 10th from swamsa produce stable fortunes. Malefics cause fluctuation in fortunes. Parasara opines that the combination will no only give stable fortunes but also make the native serious, strong (fixity of purpose) and intelligent. Malefics will not only harm the business/ career but also deny filial bliss. Mercury and Venus gives success in trade/ career and produce great works. The Sun, Moon & Jupiter so related to the tenth will give Rajayoga (Very high Status and achievements)
The Sun in the 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Jupiter produces a cowherd or milkman (or one associated in some manner with animal husbandry). This is contrast with Parasara who mentions Rajayoga.

Now from this its clear, jupiter in 10th can give very high level rajyoga, but appllying the above dictim, it means when jupiter is there in 10 from D9 lagna, the effects given by it are like RAHU is in swamsa.

"Rahu in Swamsa produces a Bowman or a thief. He may earn by dacoity or by cheating or maybe capable of handling very poisonous and dangerous chemicals, medicines etc or an expert in metals/ manufacturing activities.

Going by the avobe two dictims can we say, the person may even earn by dacoity but since jupiter is there in 10 from D9 lagna, he will be having stable fortunes??

Lets take piesces D9 lagna(with AK in it) and jupiter is in 10 from D9 lagna i.e in sagg.

With the above case, jupiter is lagnadhipathi, and aspects it by rashi dristi but as per the second dictim, the effects on D9 lagna will be as of rahu???

how to interpret in such case.as by nature, jupiter and Rahu are opposite.

please clear my doubts, whether i am interpreting both the dictims correctly. and please correct me if my understanding is wrong.



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