Notes on Profession

  • Intellectual - Governed by Jupiter and Mercury: e.g. Historian, Mathematician, Scientist, Philosopher, Doctor, Economist, Journalist, Judges, Lawyer, Astronomer, Astrologer, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst.
  • Aesthetic - Governed by Venus: e.g. Musician, actor, Cinema star, Singer, Dancer, Poet, Dramatist, Fashion designer.
  • Economic - Governed by the Sun, the Moon & Mars: e.g. Politician, Bank workers, Insurance workers, Industrialist, Mill-owner, Manufacturer.
  • Trader - Governed by Mercury: e.g. Book-seller, Publisher, Stationer, Grocer, Printer, Manufacturing representative.
  • Labor - Governed by Saturn: e.g. Laborer, Agriculturist, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Artisan, Mechanic, Compositor, Mill-worker.
  • Routine job - Governed by Rahu and Ketu: e.g. Clerk, Shop-assistant, General staff in the office, government and business organization.


Things governed by different Planets:
  • The Sun: Medicine, wool, Grain, Grass, Diplomacy, Meditation, Arbitration etc.
  • The Moon: Ship, Pearl, Sea-product, Agriculture, Horticulture, Humor (Cartoonist), Women, Clothes etc.
  • Mars: Metal, Mineral, Building, Occupation involving fire, Thieving, Feats of valor, Military occupation, Butchering, Driving, Chemist shop, Doctoring etc.
  • Mercury: Mathematician, Poet, Artist, Sculptor, Writer, Journalist, Astrologer, Priest whose service can be engaged and similar callings etc.
  • Jupiter: Judge, Teacher, Counselor, Lawyer, Banker, Minister, Preacher etc.
  • Venus: Gold, Precious stones, Cattle, Apparel and textiles, Beautician, Perfume, Elephant, Horses, Conveyances, Hotelier, Cinema, Drama, Dance etc.
  • Saturn: Craft, Tilling, Factory and mill-workers, Laborer, Jailer, Warden, Shoemaker, Miner, Practitioner of witchcraft etc.

Professions signified by the planets:
  • The Sun: Authority, Ruler, Dignitary, Government, Goldsmith, Jeweler, Financier, Occupation involving children, Circus-trainer, Theater owner, Manager etc.
  • The Moon: Traveling and all traveling requisites, Sailor, Nurse, Liquor dealer, Laundry-owner, Gardener, Confectioner and baker, House-keeper, Dairy-owner, Obstetrician, Healing, Plastic, Catering, Eating places and waiter.
  • Mars: Fireman, Metallurgist, Armament factory, Machine tools, Soldier, Police, Surgeon, Dentist, Barber, Cook, Hardware goods, Locksmith, Boxer, Butcher, Chemist, druggist etc.
  • Mercury: Documentation and Recording; Teaching, Writing, Clerk, Accountant, Book-keeper, Postal man, Bus driver, Train employee, Architect, Correspondent, Stenographer, Interpreter, Messenger, Reporter, Radio and other communication media, Stationer, Printing and Telephone operator etc.
  • Jupiter: Counselor, Lawyer, Lecturer, Publisher, Writer, Astrologer, Travel-agent, Priest, Temple trustee and official, Cashier, Philosopher, Literature, Grocer.
  • Venus: Poet, Artist, Cinema-artist, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Instrumentalist, Hat and dress dealer and maker, Silk and expensive textile maker and dealer, dealer in Furnishings, Furniture maker, Coffee planter, Tea-estate owner, Fancy articles, Ladies article, Objects of art and fashion.
  • Saturn: Miner, Coal and fuel of every kind, Petrol, Real estate business, Craftsman, Plumber, Architect, Cemetery, Excavator, Building contractor and Mason, Leather goods, Hides, Ice-making, Time-pieces, Coffin and tomb maker, Farm and factory labor, Watchman, Undertaker, Priest, Monk, Nun, Renunciate and Philosopher.


Elements of Signs:
  • Fiery sign: Engineering, Steel and iron industries, combustion engines, Locomotives.
  • Airy sign: Intellectual professions, Philosophers, Writers, Thinkers, Scientist, and Researcher.
  • Earthy sign: Professions that require practicality such as administration, economics and occupation such as Construction of buildings, Mining, Agriculture, Estate agencies etc.
  • Watery sign: Chemistry, Biology, Dairy farming, Breweries, Bottled drinks, Laundries, Shipping and water technology.

Energy level of signs:
  • Movable signs: It endow the native with the push, energy and enterprise so that the native are best fitted for the jobs requiring these qualities such as Salesman, Pioneering work, Market executives, Medical representatives etc.
  • Fixed signs: This sign give the capacity to persevere against odds and fixity of purpose. Natives of these sign succeed as research worker.
  • Dual signs: These sign if strong give the capacity both for go-ahead jobs as well as those require steady work depending on the planets and the sign involved.


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