Tajika Yogas

  • Ishkavala: Planets in the Kendras and Panapharas only.
  • Induvara: Planets only in Apoklimas.
  • Ithasala: When a faster moving planet is behind a slower moving planet this yoga is formed.
Vartamana: There is overlapping of the orbs of the planets in question (in aspects, conjunction etc..)
Sampurna: It is full aspect (Conjunction. Trine etc..) for planets remaining with 10 of exact aspect, conjunction etc.
Bhavisyat: The faster moving planet behind the slower moving planet is forming aspect (the orbs going to overlap).
  • Separating Ithasala: When the faster moving planet is ahead of the slower moving planet forming an Ithasala.
  • Easarapha: When faster planet is ahead of the slower planet.
  • Nakta: In the absence of the Ithasala, if a faster moving planet is in between the slower and a faster moving planet and involved in aspect with the other two.
  • Yamaya: When two planets are not in mutual aspect but are in Ithasala with a slow moving planet.
  • Manahoo: When there is an Ithasala between two planets and Saturn and Mars are within the Orb of the faster planet.
  • Kamboola: When the Moon joins an Ithasala yoga.
  • Gairakamboola: When the Moon is with any other planet whether or not forming a yoga, and when any other planet has entered the sign.
  • Khallasara: If the lord of Lagna Is situated between the moon and another planet and there is no mutual overlapping of orbs.
  • Redda: An Ithasala where a planet is in retrogression or in combustion or within the orb of the Sun.
  • Duparikutha: When a slower planet, strong (exalted, own house etc.) enters into Ithasala with a faster moving planet, not strong. But if the faster planet is retrograde or combust, the yoga can’t function.
  • Duttota: When any two planets are weak but one of them has Ithasala with another planet in exaltation, own house etc.
  • Thambira: Whn a faster planet strong at the end of a sign is about to form Ithasala with a slower planet.
  • Kutta: If a planet in the ascendant is aspected by a planet occupying a kendra or panaphara identical with exaltation or own house.
  • Durupha: When a planet in the 6th, 8th or 12th is debilitated or occupies an enemy’s house or is retrograde or combust and enters into Ithasala with another planet similarly afflicted.
Orbs of Planets
Sl. No.    Planets    Orbs
1. Sun 15
2. Moon 12
3. Mars 8
4. Mercury 7
5. Jupiter 9
6. Venus 7
7. Saturn 9



Anonymous said…
Hi Sarajit

I am Mr. Khoo Hock Leong from Singapore.

Great Blog!

I understand that Kamboola Yoga is of 3 kinds : Shrestha, Madhyama and Adhama.

How is each of them formed?


Hock Leong

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