Analysis of a Bhava III- Generic effect of planets in houses

Malefics: Failure, diseases in head, sorrows, dishonour, displacement, loss of money, pains all over the body, discomfort in all ways

Benefics: General comfort, success, good health, financial prosperity, fame, promotions to higher positions

Second house:
Malefics: Loss of ancestral property, diseases in the face, sickness for the family members, diseases in right eye, scandals, loss of utensils.

Benefics: Increase in family wealth, gains of utensils, family amity and happiness

Third House:
Malefics: Misunderstanding with friends and people who help them, Misfortunes to brothers, diseases in chest, neck and right ear; mental affliction, bad conduct or cowerdice.

Benefic: Good conduct, courage, happiness to brothers, increase in help from others and good health

Fourth House:
Malefics: Distress to mother and maternal relations, loss of cattle, beds, cots, landed property and vehicles, heart trouble, general misery and discomfort due to impure water.

Benefic: Vehicles, lands, cattle, beds and general prosperity and health

Fifth house:
Malefics: Illness/ death / danger to children, leaving of sanchita karma, mental unrest, irritable temperament, illness to native’s advisors

Benefics: Birth of children, good health, peace of mind, influence and increase of good deeds

Sixth house:
Malefics: Occurance of wounds or ulcer in the organ ruled by the 6th sign, fear from theives and enemies, trouble in waist and navel; obstacles in undertakings; ailment signified by the occupying planet

Benefics: Enemies would be vanquished, diseases will disappear and new ones do not sprout out

Seventh house:
Malefics: Sickness or death or separation from the life-partner, disturbances in journey; urninary troubles; fire hazard in spouse’s house

Benefics: Marriage, recovery of lost wealth, enjoyment and happiness, safe return of relations gone to the foreign land, building of a good house.

Eighth house:
Malefics: Illness to servants, obstacles in all work, diseases in anus, quarrels with all, loss of wealth due to theives/ rulers or enemies; loss of appetite; diseases, bad name

Benefics: Freedom from diseases, courage, longevity, facilities to acquire new houses, building mutts etc.

Ninth house:
Malefics: Illness to elders, father, grandchildren; ill luck; divine wrath; disinclination to the acts of charity; gradual decline of hard earned merit; ruin of one’s power of penance; hard heartedness

Benefics: Blessings from elders and parents; mental happiness; god’s grace; increase of fortune, inclination to do good acts; increase of tapas; philantropy; happiness from grand-children

Tenth house:
Malefics: Failures in efforts; loss of reputation; loss of respect; ruin to assistants; breaks in profession; diseases in anckle; exile

Benefics: Contruction of wayside inns; new roads; council halls; temples; success in all attempts; increase in reputation; increase in influence; rise in profession; acquisition of assistants

Eleventh house:
Malefics: Illness to elder brother and sons, ailment in the left ear and legs; gain of articles as indicated by the planet

Benefics: Reduction of grief; accomplishment of desired objects, gain of fresh sources of wealth and material objects signified by the planet

Twelfth house:
Malefics: Squandering of money; fall from position; troubles in the feet; trouble to the left eye; falls due to carelessness and sinful actions

Benefics: Heavy expenditure for good purposes; gradual termination of sinful actions; recovery from illnesses


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