Analysis of a Bhava V- Planets in First house

This section shall enumerate the different effects of all the planets in different houses. The effects of all the planets shall be divided into two distinct categories namely the favourable effect, the unfavourable effects:

A planet gives favourable results
if it is placed with strength viz., placement in exaltation, Moola trikona, own house or natural friend’s house
if is under the influence of natural benefics Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon.

A planet gives unfavourable results
if it is weak by placement viz., placement in debilitation or enemies house.
if it is under the influence of natural malefics Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.

The relations signified by a house suffer, if the house is placed with malefics (afflicted) and the lord of the house is weakly placed as well. If benefic aspects such house, the suffering is either nullified or minimised to great extent. The influence on the lord of the the bhava also shows the effect on the native’s mental makeup towards relations signified by that house. Thus if the 3rd lord is afflicted, the the native might not go well with brothers. The different relations governed by the houses are:

Lagna- Self
Second- Family as a whole
Third- Siblings in general and younger siblings in particular
Fourth- Mother
Fifth- Children; Secret friends
Sixth- Enemies, maternal uncles
Seventh- Spouse
Ninth- Father
Eleventh- Friends, Paternal uncle
Twelfth- Secret enemies

The natural benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon & Venus) are good for the health and longivity of the relations and natural malefics (Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu & Ketu) cause health troubles and reduction in longevity and health. In the the third house malefics give lesser siblings and in the fifth house it gives difficulties in birth of children and also lesser in numbers.

Lagna is primarily a kendra bhava and secondarily a trikona bhava and hence Parashara says that this bhava is specifically auspicious of all natives. If there is affliction to this bhava, the whole horoscope is affected. Malefics placed here can harm the bhava, however since this is a kendra bhava, if those malefics (Mars or Saturn) are placed in own house or exaltation, they constitute two mahapurusha yoga namely Ruchaka and Sasa Mahapurusha yoga. When such mahapurusha yoga occurs, the planet doesnot harm the bhava and instead promote the bhava.

The influence of the planets on the physical features and nature, while placed on the Lagna can be seen from the characteristics of the planets, which are as follows:
§ Sun
o Has honey-coloured, golden Brown or Tawny eyes (madhu pingala drk)
o Has Sqarish Face (Chaturasrah)
o Has bilious temeperament (pitta prakrti)
o Is intelligent (Dhiman)
o Has limited hair (Puman alpaka)

§ Moon
o Is extremely windy and phlegmatic (bahu vata kapha)
o Is Learned (Pragnya)
o Has round face (Brtta)
o Has good looking eyes (Subha Drk)
o Has sweet speech (Madhu vakya)
o Fickle-minded (Chanchal)
o Is Lascivious/ eager to associate with opposite sex (Madana Aturah)

§ Mars
o Has fierce and blood-red eyes (krura/ raktetasana)
o Unsteady or wavering (chapala)
o Has bilious temperament (pitta prakrti)
o Is angry (Krodhi)
o Has thin waist and physique (Krsah Madhya Tanu)

§ Mercury
o Is admirable (vapush)
o Is splendid and beautiful (Strestha)
o Has beautiful skin/ skin without blemishes (shlishtvak)
o Is fond of humor (hasya ruchi)
o He has a mix of all the three humours, i.e., bilious, phlegmatic and windy

§ Jupiter
o Has a big body (Brhat Gatra)
o Has Tawny hair and eyes (Pingala murdhajeksane)
o Is phlegmatic (kapha prakrti)
o Is Intelligent (Dhiman)
o Is expert in all Shastras (Sarva shastra visharada)

§ Venus
o Is charming (sukhi kanta)
o Splendorous physique (vapusshreshta)
o Has beautiful eyes (sulochana)
o Is poetic (kavya karta)
o Is Exceedingly phlegmatic (Kapha adhikya)
o Is also windy (Anilaatma)
o Has curly hair (vakra murdhaja)

§ Saturn is
o Has an emaciated and long physique (Krsha Dirgha Tanu)
o Has tawny eyes (Pingala Drsti)
o Is of windy in temperament (anilaatmakah)
o Has protruding teeth (sthula danta)
o Is lazy (alasa)
o Is Lame (Pangu)
o Has coarse hair over the body (khara roma)

§ Nodes
o Rahu has smoky appearance (Dhumra akara)
o Has bluish body (Nila tanu)
o He resides in forests (Vanastha)
o He is horrifying (Bhayankarah)
o He is of windy temperament (vata prakrti)
o He is intelligent (Dhiman)
o Ketu is akin to Rahu

Note: Terms inside the closed brackets are the sanskrit term taken from BPHS.

Since the Lagna signify the self and the personality of the native, the influence of different planets shall influence the personality of the native too. If more planets are placed in the Lagna (or aspect it), the person would be broad minded as he would be having the attitude / personality traits bestowed by all planets. Many shastras say that such people will be a king, which in modern context mean an able leader or a natural leader.

This is a Marana Karaka Sthana for Saturn and hence the natural significations of Saturn such as longevity gets severely affected. However, if they also constitute the Mahapurusha yoga, the effect undergo transformation and the Marana Karaka avastha is cancelled.

The different Karakas for this bhavas are:
Sun - Soul; Health and Vitality
Moon - Body
Jupiter - Intelligence
Saturn - Hair

The effect of different planets on Lagna is based on their interaction with these different karakas. If they are friends to the Karaka, they shall enhance the significations of the karaka; otherwise they shall affect it adversely. However, it needs to be emphasised again that strong planets (exaltation, own, friendly houses) tend to give less malefic results than the weaker ones. It is also to be noted that each planet is a karaka for other houses too. If it is placed in a dusthana (6th/ 8th/ 12th) from the concerned house (karya bhava), then the native is unfortunate related to the affairs to that house. For example if Saturn is placed in the Lagna, it can curtail longevity since, it is the karaka of eighth house (longevity) and if placed in the Lagna, it would be placed in sixth house from the eighth, which happens to be a dusthana from the karya bhava. Similarly Mars is the Karaka for enemies and if placed in the Lagna, would be in the eighth (dusthana) from the sixth house, causing damage to the sixth house. Thus, this position of Mars, causes suffering to the enemies in the hands of the native (Lagna- self).

One more very important thing to consider is the concept of argala. Planets in the Lagna would have argala on the 12th house, 3rd house and the 10th house. Malefics in the Lagna would have the argala on the 11th house too. Thus the planets in the Lagna shall effect the influences of these four houses also. If benefics are placed in Lagna, then it enhances, expenses on good cause, prosperity of the siblings, enhacement of reputation and fame and also income from desirable sources. Malefics placed in the Lagna gives quite opposite results.

Favourable effects
Less Hair on head (baldish)/ Prominent forehead; Dignified; Sattvik Natured; Good health; Intelligent; Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise; Ambitious; Initiative; Natural leadership qualities; Commanding nature; Bilious Temperament; Hot tempered; Fierce; Less spoken; Valourous; Self contended; Famous; Wealthy; Acquire territory (Leo); Father of daughters (Virgo)

Unfavourable effects
Lethargic (predominance of tamasik guna); Obstinate; Cruel Hearted; Lack the forgiving attitude; Wanderer; Proud; Fluctuating wealth; Devoid of Learning; Devoid of authority; Devoid of progeny; Blind; Subservient to Women (Pisces); Suffer from boils; Diseases in the Head; Eye defects/ diseases/ troubles/ Eye Inflammation or Cataract of eyes/ Night blindness (Leo); (Cancer); Heart disease (Capricorn); Lose his wife/ Ungrateful (Virgo).

Handsome; Happy; Strong built; Well versed in shastras; Wise; Intelligent; Clever converstationalist and Wealthy

Unfavourable (weak in paksha bala along with other weaknesses)
Fickle minded; Restlessness; Weak constitution; Deaf and Mute

Healthy; Strong constitution; Stout body; Big navel; Reddish hands; Valorous; Wealthy; Hot tempered; Honoured by the ruler/ govt.; Long life; Fond of sight seeing

Rarely get peace of mind; Marks of wounds or boils; Suffer many diseases during childhood; Stealing habit; Stupid; Cruel; Angry temperament; Unstable mind; Suffer from Mental troubles; Wicked disposition; Short life; Few children; Ugly appearance; Rheumatism; Eye diseases; Accidents; Injuries to Limb; Loss of wife/ Trouble to wife; Face evil consequences for his actions

Gentle; Educated; Early marriage; Devout listener of the recitation of religious scriptures; Like to travel to many places; Travel to pilgrimages; Inclined towards Mantras and Tantras; Have the power to free people from the influence of evil spirits; Soft spoken; Forgiving; Kind hearted; Gain of wealth; Distinction in academic pursuits; Good health; Golden lustre on the skin; Interested in Astrology; Happiness from brothers; Religious minded; Proficiency in Arts; Poetry, Literature, Logic, Mathematics and use of arms; Stout body/ Handsome; Knowledge of own country; Well versed in shastras; Sweet and tactful conversationalist; Long-life; Destroys the Arishta (evil effect on longevity) caused by other planets in the horoscope and Good physician, Prosperity of children; They usually don’t suffer from any diseases. However, if they contact any disease, it will be very complicated.

Suffer from skin diseases, bilious troubles and jaundice; Defective limb; Antagonistic towards gentlemen; Suffer from eye diseases; Inimical relations with his brothers and will be deceitful; He will be deprived of the comforts of bed (sexual pleasures) and will be a devotee of evil Gods; Suffer the loss of sight in his left eye (association with Saturn); Expenditure on undesirable persons.

Dignified appearance/ Handsome; Good natured/ amicable; Good speaker; Learned; Well versed in shastras; Knowledge of Vedas; Many children/ Happiness from children; Happy; Long lived; Perform religious deeds; Long lived; Fearless; Tolerant; Respected; Virtuous; Charitable; Philanthropic; Go to pilgrimages; Famous; Enjoy luxuries and material pleasures

Indulge in sinful deeds; Unstable mind; Medium span of life; Childless; Ungrateful; Full of false vanity; Forsake his near and dear; Like travelling; Inimical towards others; Miserable

Jataka Parijata says in this respect - If a powerful Jupiter in his full rays is posited in a kendra (1,4,7,10), he alone wards off all aristhas just as a sincere prayer to God Mahadev destroys all sins of the devotee

Handsome/ charming/ attractive; Soft-spoken; Long lived; Proficient in Mathematics; Learned in shastras; Loved by his wife; Fond of ornaments, good dresses & beauty; Liked by opposite sex; Wealthy.

Thieving inclination; Cheat; Suffer rheumatic / phlegmatic diseases; Troubles in generative organs; Two wives (Venus own 6th/8th/12th); Fluctuating fortune; Hard hearted (lack of compassion).

Rheumatism; Bilious complaints; Mendicant (aspected by Moon); Poor; Sickly; Unclean; Suffering from diseases in childhood; Indistinct speech; Lazy / Lethargic; Greedy; Sorrowful; Narrow minded; Conquer enemies.

The native is always dissatisfied, greedy, endowed with broad vision (they can’t see minute details) and over ambitious. They are usually jealous of others’ improvement and as a result suffer lack of peace of mind. However, if placed in own house or exalted or when placed in Pisces or Sagittarius, the native is gets name and fame.

Favourable (only if in own house or in exaltation)
Leader of his community; High status & position

Conquer enemies; Successful in his endeavours with others’ help. Rahu is Leo, Cancer or Aries Lagna is specifically beneficial.

Physical troubles and Troubles in married life.

Good speaker; Successful in education (the deity of Ketu is Ganesha, who is the giver of the siddhis)

Lean; Lacks physical felicity; Marital disharmony


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