Effect of Ascendant II: Taurus

Physical Features

  1. Short or Medium stature
  2. Well-built and stumpy body
  3. Short and thick hands
  4. Broad Forehead
  5. Small and bright eyes (indicated by strong Moon)
  6. Short thick neck
  7. Wide nostrils and mouth
  8. Lustrous face
  9. Broad shoulders
  10. Dark Hair
  11. Love curl on forehead
  12. Fair Complexion

Artistic Temperament: This sign is ruled by Venus and Moon gets exalted here, thus providing enough ground for expression of the artistic talent of the native. They are fond at least one of the form of arts, say music, arts, cinema or drama, etc. They start learning the art forms in their early age; they can become skillful as they possess the natural talent to learn this.

Melodi­ous voice: This is the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which represent speech. Being lorded by Venus; the planet of relationship and attraction, they are naturally endowed with a charming and melodious voice. They like to merry around while humming, wherever they are. In addition to the lordship of Venus, this sign also exalts Moon, the planet who rules singing.

Fond of good food: 2nd house also rules food as it is the house of sustenance. Being the 2nd house of the zodiac, it makes the person, a lover of good food. They are connoisseur of food and taste.

Elegant: They are a firm believer of elegance and demeanor. They are naturally very well mannered and believe in fair play. This is a natural gift from the owner of the sign, Venus.

Calm and Composed: They are generally calm and composed and have a great endurance power, however when they are provoked they become angry like a bull. When they get angry they are very difficult to control as they have a powerful built and a tendency to be stubborn. Their composure is also based on their tendency to conserve energy and not to waste it in unwarranted activities.

Believe in harmony: Being ruled by Artistic and Benevolent Venus, they like to stay away from any kind of fight and would not budge from their stand unless instigated. However, once instigated, they are difficult to control, just like a Bull.

Firm, determined and stubborn: Though they are slow and steady in carrying out their activities; however they have a great power of perseverance and persistence to see through the conclusion of their activities. Since they are not impulsive, they shall not be agitated by the delay in the activities and patiently wait till the activity is done. Since they have a strong will- power they try carrying out their pursuits in spite of all odds, however they will take their own time and do it with their own pace until the objective is reached.

Practical: They are practical in evaluating various things such as people, project or ideas etc. Being an earthy signs, which represents stability; these nativities have the tendency to take steps only after proper evaluation of the pros and cons of whatever actions they would take. This is unlike Arians, who would take up any activities coming up their way, without much prior thoughts.

Cheerful: This sign, exalts Moon and hence shows a place where the mind becomes extremely delighted. Thus the natives ruled by this sign are naturally very cheerful; however, since Moon represents fluctuations and vacillations, they shall also be very Moody, while being cheerful at the same time. Due to the predominant influence of water element in this sign, the natives of these signs are also emotional and search for support from outside. This makes them prone to search happiness in their own community (2nd house also rules family and community). They are hence easily swayed away by flattery.

Ambitious: Their ambition is granted by the exaltation of Moon in this sign. They want to fly high in life as they find their surrounding very appealing and instigating. They always like to be in action which take them higher and higher and would never get complacent. They are born achievers as signified by a Bull, who once decided to go ahead with a certain thing, would not be bothered about the obstacles that it would be facing while achieving the same. This makes them industrious; someone who believes is action, however, with caution.

Self-centered: Usually the natives ruled by this signs are self centered and they do not have a big friends circle. They like to be contended with their own self and focus on planning out the activities and goals of their life and also the ways to achieve it. This can be said that they live in their own world of imagination. The negative side of this is that, they are hardly moved by the happening around that and have a attitude of “I do not care; whatever is happening, let it happen. Also this makes them less affectionate and touched by other emotions, so much so that many call the natives of this sign as “Cold hearted”

Passionate: They are passionate but steadfast in their love. Generally they do not fall in to relationship easily, however once they enter an relationship, they would be fully committed to it.

Fortunate: They are blessed by goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of corns, the deity signified by the Lagna lord Venus. Being the 2nd house, Dhana Bhava of the natural zodiac, they have natural tendency to find out opportunities to earn from all odds.

Fond of worldly possessions: They are fond of all kinds of enjoyment, since this the natural house of wealth. In addition the lord also represents all the luxuries of the material world. This also makes them spend money in procuring them, as long as they get comfort out of it. Sometimes, they are prone to excesses and which makes them lazy and callous.

Spendthrift: Being the 2nd house of the natural zodiac, which represents money and sustenance; the ruler of this sign has the natural feeling of abundance and they do not believe in hoarding money for the rainy days. Usually they would not hesitate to spend money wherever they find an opportunity, however, that should match their artistic taste and give them comfort.


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