Analysis of a Bhava II- General Analysis

The following section is taken from Prasna Margam

Postures Vs. Kendras (Used in Remedies)
The Lagna, the 4th, the 7th and the 10th signify the postures Waking (Chakramana), Lying/ Sleeping (Sayana), Sitting (Upaveshat), Standing (Sthiti) respectively.

External and Internal Bhavas
Bhavas can be considered to have two significations, viz., External and Internal. The external ones are as mentioned before, whereas the internal ones are given by Varahamihira in Brhat Jataka.

This difference is very important in the horoscope analysis. One must know that there are two aspects of significations of each house; one of which shows various expect of our own self , whereas the the other aspect is more related to the environment we are in and also the relations we are with…

Strengths & Weaknesses of Bhava
The Bhavas which are associated with or aspected by their lords or benefics (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon) are said to thrive well. Those conjoined with or aspected by malefics suffer annihilation. (26)

The Bhavas which have benefics in the 2nd, 7th and the 12th or 4th and 10th from them are considered favorable. (27)

The benefic nature of Bhavas is destroyed by their connection with the lords of sixth, eighth and twefth or with the natural enemies of their lords. If the bhava, or its lord or the karaka is weak, then also the bhava suffers (28)

The association of a bhava or its lord with sixth, eighth or twelfth or their lords cause suffering to the bhava. The association can be of following way:
The dusthana lords are placed in the bhava or aspect the bhava
The dusthana lords are conjoined with or aspect the bhava lords
The bhava lords occupy the dusthanas

A bhava should be considered weak under the following circumstances
The said bhava, its lord or its karaka is weak
The bhava is hemmed between malefics
The bhava is aspected by malefics
The bhava is aspected by the enemies of their lords
Benefics do not associate/ aspect them
Natural malefics are placed in the 4th, 8th, 12th or 5th or 9th

Out of all the afflictions, if the two or three of them are present, the bhava suffers annihilation

Significator (Karaka): If the different karakas are strong, then events attributed to them will be predominantly seen. If weak, then these shall exist only in name. With regard to Saturn, if he is strong, miseries and diseases decreases, however, if weak, it is felt in abundance

The lords of the 9th and other favourable houses, though they may be malefics, nourish their bhava. This point has been emphasised by Varahamihira in the verse Lagnath Puthre.

Benefics if strong contribute good fully, malefics if weak give their evil in full (34)

A planet capable of giving rise of both good and inauspicious results, confer good results when it is strong and the the evil results when it is weak (37)

A favourable planet if capable of conferring auspicious results fully, moderately according as the navamsa it occupies is vargottama, own or friendly or inimical. Similarly a malefic planet is capable of giving inauspicious results fully, moderately or feebly according to the navamsa it occupies is inimical, own, friendly or vargottama (38)

If the lord and the karaka of a bhava are strong and occupy favourable houses, then the indications of the bhava will be fully experienced. On the contrary if they are weak and occupy the 6th/ 8th or 12th, the results of that bhava will be negetive or feeble (39)

If the lord and karaka are strong but occupy an unfavourable position, then though the effects of the bhava may be seen, the native will not enjoy them. On the contrary, if the lord and the Karaka are weak, but occupy favourable positions, the effect will be experienced by the native, however it would be feeble (40)

If the two, the lord and karaka of a bhava, if one is strong and the other is weak, then the influence should be considered to be mixed in nature (41)

If the lord of a bhava occupies a favourable position from the Bhava itself, then the effects of the Bhava will be full, however only if they are placed in favourable position from the Lagna, then the native shall have good experience (42)

Such bhavas as have any relationships with the Lagna or its lord such as aspect, association, kendra disposition etc. shall be surely experienced.

Benefics in the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th become unfavourable. Malefics in the 3rd, 6th or 11th become favourable. The most important of all these houses is Lagna. The 5th and 9th houses are equally important. It is these three bhavas that benefics show their greatest good and malefics their worst evil. (44)

Malefics in the sixth house confer all significations governed by the planet such as copper, lead etc., however the bhava i.e., the 6th house suffers. The results could be rise in enemity and diseases. (45)

The good and bad significations ascribed to different planets should be used when describing the effects of dashas. (47)

Planets give rise to favourable or unfavourable results based on whether they occupy Ishta or Anishta bhavas. On the basis of Samgnadhyaya, the various effects should be inferred.

When Bhavas are ruined: When the lord of the 8th from a certain bhava or saturn transits the bhava and at the same time, the dasa / antar of the 6th, 8th or 12th operates, the bhava under consideration suffers. Similarly diseases signified in the various parts of the body as signified by the bhava concerned can be predicted.


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