Effect of Ascendant III: Gemini

Tall & straight body
Long and thin arms
Nervous and fidgety
Dark complexion
Dark hair
Hazel and bright eyes

Intelligent:This is one of the upachayas of the natural zodiac. The upachayas are the houses which helps in the growth of the Lagna (or the house under consideration). The 3rd and 6th house, viz., the first two upachayas are governed by Mercury, which shows that intelligence is one of the key component of survival and growth in this world. Mercury rules the intelligence which helps us in the survival in this world. This is however, different from the intelligence which makes us superior to rest of animals in this world, which is ruled by Jupiter. The operational intelligence of Mercury is borne out of the fact that it rules the skills of communication and expression, which plays a crucial role in our existence.

Curious: In natural progression of age of the zodiac, we can consider Gemini as the sign, which is predominant with the attitude of a child, who has gained consciousness of the surrounding around him. This makes him experience and understand each and everything he can see or feel. This curiosity makes them delve deeper into things and question the existing paradigms, more to understand them. This endows them with a good scientific mind and also the scientific skills. They naturally are very good observant of their surroundings.

Active and rational mind: Since Mercury is the fastest moving planet and also closest to Sun; it is very quick to react. Moreover, they are highly rational. Usually they do not accept things just based on their face value and being endowed with the scientific mind, they try analyzing the thing or situation rationally.

High-spirited: The lord Mercury is naturally a young man and the sign represent a child; whichever perspective it is seen, the natives of this ascendant are high spirited and actively involved in almost everything happening near them. They are full of energy and drive like the previous two ascendants, however along with it they have the curiosity to understand everything they can see.

Humane: They are humane and can empathize with others; in addition to empathy the skills which make them stand alone is the ability to make others feel comfortable, as soon as they start communicating with them. Like a child who cannot withstand the pain of others, these persons also try to help others out in they all means to make them comfortable.

Adaptable/ Flexible: The sign as indicated by a curious child, the natives ruled by this sign are usually flexible in trying understanding the differing paradigms, without rejecting them out rightly. This gives them a balanced outlook about anything new and also makes them flexible. They can be critical if they are faced with something which challenges their existing view points, however, they endeavor to understand more on the opponents view. The flexibility in their thought process and view points also makes them easily adaptable to any circumstances. They are usually adaptable to all pursuits.

Fluent speech/ Good linguistic skills/ Writing abilities: Being a planet of expression, it rules expression through any medium, either through spoken or written. They are usually very vocal and face no restraints in communicating their ideas or feelings to someone else. They also know the art of keeping the communications lively. While they write, however, they can be good narratives or fiction or literature.

Changeable/ Lack continuity/ Indecisive/ Lack self-confidence/ Lack determination and will power: Being one of the fast moving planets it shows changeability in its actions. The natives of this ascendant usually lack fixity of purpose and keep jumping over different things. They have the habit of keeping things half done for long, before they resume and complete it. This also makes it difficult for them to standby one particular opinion or viewpoint and hence making decisions becomes extremely difficult for them. They usually seek opinion from others before deciding anything. They must try developing the self confidence on their own ideas and opinions and then only can they progress higher and higher in life.

Nervous/ Excessive worry/ Irritation: Sometimes these people become very nervous at different circumstances. This is rooted to the fact that they are not clear on their own stand and they have the fear of facing humiliations. This leads to excessive worries, which make them belligerent sometimes. Thus, these people who are usually gentle in nature become irritated while posed with difficulties, which they find difficult to solve. They lose their cool often and tend to get isolated from the crowed under those circumstances.


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