Analysis of a Bhava IV- Generic Effect of Planets

Favourable and unfavourable effects of planets
1. Benefics gives unfavourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 8th or 12th houses.
2. Malefics give facourable results related to its significations when placed in the 3rd, 6th or 11th houses.
3. Planet gives unfavourable results when
i. Placed in Debilitation
ii. Conjoined with/ aspected by malefics
iii. Conjoined with/ aspected by enemies
iv. Placed in Rasi Sandhi or Gandanta
v. Placed in inimical sign
vi. Hemmed between malefics (Papakartari)

4. Planets give favourable results when
i. Placed in exaltation
ii. Placed in friends house
iii. Conjoined with / aspected by Benefics
iv. Conjoined with/ aspected by Friends
v. Hemmed between benefics (subha kartari)

5. Planets placed in Bhava Madhya is capable of giving full results whereas the result of a planet placed in bhava sandhi would be feeble.

Results of Planets:
Unfavourable position: Wrath of ruler, lord Shiva, father; Diseases in Heart, stomach, eyes; troubles to bones; diseases caused by Pitta; Fear from Quadrupeds and fire; Destuction of copper utensils; Decline of personal influences on others

Favourable positions: Sattvik Nature; Blessings of lord Shiva, father and rulers; Acquisition of copper utensils; Increase of wealth through journeys and by trade in woolen goods, grass, gold, leather and medicines.

Unfavourable position: Queen’s anger; dissatisfaction of the mother or her illness; diseases caused by vata, pitta and impure blood; enmity with superiors or relatives; wrath of Ma Durga; loss of crops; Danger to life; ill fame

Favourable position: Satisfaction to mother; Gain of money by trading in ghee, sugar, clothes; Income by chanting mantras or by breeding cattle, by marine traffic and by dealing with diamonds, through the help of women and by increase of crops and increase of fame and riches

Unfavourable position: Misunderstanding with brothers, Loss of landed property and gold; Fear from fire, thieves and enemies; Wrath of god Subrahmanya and trouble from military personnel; Ailments arising out of impure blood, fever, eye diseases; Loss of utensils; Cuts and wounds caused in the body by weapons

Favourable: Acquision of landed property, gold, weapons; Favour of commander in chief; Grace of lord Subrahmanya; Profit from loss of enemies; Profit from brothers and kings

Unfavourable position: Wrath of lord Vishnu; Suffering from the heir-apparent; Suffering due to abusive languages; Trouble from theives.

Favourable: Acquisition of horses, gold, land; Increase in friends; Acquisition of wealth with the help of Brahmins and good advisors; Income from sculptural skills and arbitration work; Increase of Fame; Performance of religious deeds; Earning by writing or mathematics; Grace of lord Vishnu

Unfavourable position: Ear troubles; Sickness to children; Wrath of gods and brahmins; Enmity with wicked people
Favourable: Increase of clarity of mind; Gain from religious practices, through persons well versed in recitation of Vedas and through favour of rulers; Acquisition of gold, horses and elephants; Blessings of gods and brahmins

Unfavourable position: Sickness to wife or other female relations; Destruction of clothes; Decrease in general prosperity; Sorrow caused by love; Hatred towards government servants; Association with low born people; Death of cattles; Loss of silverware

Favourable position: Gain of silver utensils; Fine clothes; Ornaments; Diamonds; Underground treasures; Marriage; gain of money; Increase of taste for music; Access to cattle and good food

Unfavourable position: Diseases caused by vitiation of wind and phlegm; Ignorance; Tendency to steal; Irritability; Calamities; Lazyness; Physical and Mental debility; Suffering due to sarcastic attitude of spouse, children and servants; Dislocation of limbs; Jealousy.

Favourable position: Reduction of sorrow; Association with old women; Increase in servants and iron goods; Headship of a town; Acquisition of buffalows

The effects of Rahu are similar to the lord of the rasi occupied by him and of Saturn. Similarly the effects of Ketu are similar to the lord of the rasi occupied by him and of Mars.

General Inauspicious effects: Death; Serious diseases; Danger to near and dear ones; Destruction of house; Fall from position; Wrath of the rulers; Unpopularity; Loss; Waste of money and land; Theft of property; Dishonour; Ill fame

General auspicious effects: Good health; Royal favour; Gain of money; Friendship or increase in friends; Success in all undertaking; Mental peace; Elevation to high position; Popularity; Fame; Birth of children.


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