Analysis of Bhava VII- Planets in the Third House

Third house is a upachaya or a house of growth. Any planets in this house as reckoned from the Lagna, cause the growth of the Lagna bhava. However, the ways in which a planet shall help in growth of the Lagna shall be dependent on their own nature. Being the bhava of courage, malefics in this bhava gives courage, their affliction can cause lack of siblings or trouble to siblings. Benefics in such place may cause lack of courage or cowerdice, but is good for the health and affairs of siblings.

This is also the house of skills and dexterity. Planets in this house make the person skillful in the areas ruled by the planets. Thus planets like Moon or Venus can make a person artist, however the genius and creativity is only ruled by the fifth house.

Being the 7th house from the 9th house, planets in this bhava also aspect the ninth house of fortune. Hence, Malefics placed here give troubles with fortune, more so if afflicted and benefics give rise in fortune.

Being the 9th house from 7th house of relationship, it shows the dharma in the relationships and hence it also the house of morality. Affliction to this house also makes a person low in morality and principles.

From the Argala perspective, planets in the 3rd house shall have dharnargala on the 2nd house, labhargala on the 5th house and sukhargala on the 12th house. Thus courage and initiative actively influences the wealth one accumulates, the knowledge one gathers and the expenditure one involves in. If benefics or the karka or the friends of the karaka of 2nd/ 5th/ 12th are placed in the 3rd house, the significations of these houses shall enhance, otherwise suffer due to significations of 3rd house.

Valorous; Famous; Wealthy; Happy; Have a good and eventful life; Intelligent; Generous; Good to friends; Forgiving nature; Patient; Devoid of illnesses; Handsome; Liked by women; Respected; Honourable; Conquer enemies; Go to pilgrimages; Philantropic; Virtuous; Endowed with material comforts; Fortunate; Aquire comforts due to grace of ruler; Prosperity of brother; growth of family.

Devoid of siblings; Cruel Deed; Inimical towards his relations; Ear troubles; Destruction of family

Prosperity and well being of brothers; more sisters; Healthy; Strong & Courageous; Religious; Good in Literature; Enjoys material pleasures; Dependent on friends; Dependent on relations & Friends; Fond of Traveling

Suffer Rheumatism; Autocratic/ Cruel and Miser

Financial gains; Brothers long lived (Mars under benefic influences); Patience; Valorous/ Courageous; Unconquerable; Generous; Meritorious; Honoured by the ruler/ govt.; Happy; Independent/ self-confident; Healthy and Famous; Self made person

No younger siblings; Wife of questionable character; Association with prostitutes (association with nodes); Inimical to siblings or Loss of younger siblings; Devoid of good living place; Suffer tuberculosis / consumption

Many siblings; Happy; Posses landed property; Acquire wealth; High morals; Independent; Good natured; Virtuous; Tolerant; Long life (when third lord is strong); Long life to brothers; Inclination towards trade and business; Courageous; Clever; Detached from worldly affairs; Dependence of younger siblings on the native.

Suffering in life; Suffer throat diseases; Timidity (weak third lord); Consummate rogue; Devoid of friends; Unstable mind

Big family; Many siblings; Religious; ; Detest materialism/ belief in simple living; Clever; Determined; Fond of Travelling; Brothers achieve high position; Fortunate but cannot earn as much as he desires; Get national honour or recognition

Stingy/ Miser; Impatient; Idiotic; Suffer poverty; Suffer from Acidity / Inflammation; Sinful; Malicious nature; Humiliated in public; Dominated by wife; Ungrateful; Not a friend of anybody; Worried; Devoid of courage

Tolerant; Many siblings (mostly sisters); Determined; Wealthy and Happy

Weaker constitution; Miser; Not liked by people; Devoid of happiness / wealth; Wife dominates over the native; Devoid of courage; Devoid of enthusiasm; Less fortunate; Attracted towards women; Lose morals and involve in lowly acts; Unhappy regarding children; Dependent on others

Many siblings; Intelligent; Courageous/ Great strength; Determination; Natural leader; Holding administrative positions; Generous (even treat his enemies well); Patient/ persistent; Happy married life; Charitable; Ambitious; Good orator

Loss of brothers/ Unhappy on account of brothers; Earn by questionable means; Lazy; Unhappy; Mean; Devoid of gratitude towards others; Face many obstacles in life; Suffer ear troubles; suffer due to rheumatism (vata)


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