Judgement of Svamsa

Parasara recognized the difference between Karakamsa (soul) and the Lagnamsa (body) and uses the term "Swamsa" to describe both when common rules are present.

The Lagnamsa represent that which is readily available or easily achieved whereas the karakamsa represent the desire of the soul. If both of them conjoin, the stage is set for self-actualization. Instead if they are in sadastaka (mutually 6/8th) life can be a bed of thorns. Similarly consider other karakas from the bhavas.

If there are only benefics in karakamsa and lagnamsa and aspected only by benefics, the native will surely enjoy Rajayoga. Similarly benefics in Swamsa or in its quadrants or trines and devoid of malefics, the native will surely be prosperous and knowledgeable. Mixed planets give mixed results.

  1. Aries: trouble from rats, cats etc.
  2. Taurus: Troubles/ Happiness from quadrupeds (cow/ bulls etc.)
  3. Gemini: Itches, skin infection and over weight problems.
  4. Cancer: Trouble from watery diseases, hydrophobia and leprosy.
  5. Leo: Danger from dogs, tiger and other such canines.
  6. Virgo: Trouble from fire, weight problems, skin infections.
  7. Libra: Trouble from Trade and business.
  8. Scorpio: Watery diseases, danger of reptiles, and snakes, shortage of mother’s milk.
  9. Sagittarius: Danger of accidents and fall from height.
  10. Capricorn: Danger from aquatic creatures, birds and spirits besides skin problem and/or psychic disorders.
  11. Aquarius: Construction of lakes, tanks, garden, roads, temples etc.
  12. Pisces: Law abiding, religious and righteous person. Parasara adds that the karakamsa in Pisces indicates Moksha.

Note: Various kinds of problem have been indicated by planets occupying specific Navamsas. These problems arise in the life of the person if the Atmakaraka is afflicted. Physical problems are indicated by the Navamsa of the lord of the badhakasthana.

Effect of Planets in Swamsa
  1. The sun in swamsa makes the native a keen government/ political worker and good at social service.
  2. The full Moon and Venus in Swamsa give all luxuries of life and an educationist is produced. According to Parasara presence of full moon and aspect of Venus on it also gives the same result.
  3. Mars in Swamsa gives expertise in metallurgy or in arms and warfare or in matters related to fire.
  4. Mercury in Swamsa gives business acumen and produces a skilled trader or weaver, sculptor or one well versed in social and legal norms.
  5. Jupiter in Swamsa makes a Karmayogi who will excel in any field due to his intelligence or one interested in philosophy and religion or a priest.
  6. Venus in Swamsa indicates a government or political official or a passionate person who is virile up to a hundred years (indicate bureaucracy).
  7. Saturn in Swamsa gives success in any line of activity and consequential fame
  8. Rahu in Swamsa produces a Bowman or a thief. He may earn by dacoity or by cheating or maybe capable of handling very poisonous and dangerous chemicals, medicines etc or an expert in metals/ manufacturing activities.
  9. Ketu in Swamsa indicates one who will earn through elephants (trucks and heavy vehicles) or maybe a thief or a swindler. This may also indicate watch repairing or delicate machines or computers.
  10. Moon in Swamsa aspected by Venus: Capability to deal with liquids and chemicals.
  11. Mercury aspecting Moon in Swamsa: Produces a doctor or work related to medicine.

Note: The various vocations listed above may be more applied to the lagnamsa than the karakamsa as karakamsa indicate the desire of the soul whereas the lagnamsa indicate the actual karma of the body. Though these indicate the vocation with D-10 we can say with certainty the actual vocation.

Some more indications:
  1. Sun and Rahu joining swamsa indicate death due to snake venom. If benefic aspect the combination this will not happen. Rather the native will be a doctor handling poisonous drugs and curing venom afflictions. A malefic's aspect would cause death.
  2. Mars alone aspecting/ joining the aforesaid combination indicates a person who will burn the houses of others. Parasara opines that mars aspect on the combination in karakamsa indicates that the person will burn his own house or that of others.
  3. Venus aspect the Rahu & Sun combination will produces fire fighter or the fire won't occur at all.
  4. Jupiter aspect the Rahu & Sun combination indicates one who will set fire to his own house or that of his neighbour.
  5. If Saturn and Rahu are in Swamsa, the Native is either a seller or consumer of betel leaves and other aphrodisiacs.
  6. The moon in the fourth from swamsa produces a sailor. The aspect of Venus confirms this.
  7. Gulika in Swamsa makes the native consume poison or poison others. If Mars conjoin/ aspect Gulika, the native sells or administers these drugs while Jupiter in such place indicate self- consumption. The aspect of Venus or Sun cures the evil or prevents it from occurrence.
  8. Moon aspecting or joining Gulika in swamsa indicates theft or receipt of stolen wealth.
  9. Mercury aspecting/ joining Gulika in swamsa indicate hydrocele and similar diseases of the private pats.
  10. Ketu aspecting/ joining swamsa results in a perforation of the eardrums or other ear ailments.
  11. Venus aspecting/ joining Ketu in swamsa produces asceticism and religious leanings. He may be initiated into a religious order.
  12. Both Mercury and Venus aspecting Ketu indicates a mimic or a talkative person or one born to a maidservant / concubine. Parasara adds that the child may belong to a female remarried.
  13. Saturn aspecting the Venus and Ketu in Swamsa produces a Tapaswi or a servant.
  14. Saturn alone aspecting Ketu in swamsa indicates that the native is a fraud in the garb of a sanyasi.
  15. If the Sun & Venus aspect/ conjoin karakamsa, royal assignment (government/ political office) is surely indicated.

2nd From Swamsa
  1. Venus or Mars in the 2nd from swamsa produces passion and illicit relationships.
  2. Venus or Mars joining/ aspecting the second makes him passionate till the en of life. The influence is milder in case the second is owned by Venus or Mars and strongest if both of these planets in the 2nd owned by anyone of them. Ketu associating such combination destroys the passion.
  3. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the 2nd makes the native excessively passionate and sensuous (provided Venus/Mars also influence)
  4. Rahu joining/ aspecting the 2nd cause the Native to destroy all his wealth on account of his unbridles passion and licentious nature (provided Mars/ Venus also influences).
Note: Jupiter is expansive in Nature. It intensifies the influence of the other planets.

3rd House:

  1. Malefics in the 3rd indicate courage or valour whereas benefics indicate cowardice.
  2. Malefics in the 3rd and 6th make a good farmer or living through agriculture. This also indicates working in the air forces.
  3. Jupiter in the ninth indicates a big landlord or a distinguished personality.
  4. Venus: artistic skill.
  5. Mercury: Writer
  6. Mars: Capable of carrying firearms and weapons.

Sixth has to do with service (toil)

4th from Swamsa

  1. Moon & Venus Joining/ aspecting the 4th from swamsa give a palatial residence.
  2. Exalted planet in fourth will also give big residential house.
  3. If Saturn and Rahu are in the fourth, stones, rocks and such materials are used.
  4. Mars and Ketu in the fourth indicate use of clay and bricks.
  5. Jupiter in 4th indicates that the house made up of wood.
  6. Sun in the 4th gives a house of thatched straw or grass.
  7. Moon in 4th aspected by Venus: Leucoderma or Leprosy (if heavily afflicted).
  8. Mars aspects the Moon in the 4th: White leprosy.
  9. Ketu aspecting the Moon in the 4th: Bluish Leprosy.

4th/ 5th from Swamsa:

  1. Rahu and Mars are in the fourth or fifth from Swamsa, Tuberculosis is indicated. Moon aspects/joins the combination confirms it.
  2. Mars in 4th/5th: Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Gangrene.
  3. Ketu in 4th/5th: Glandular ailments (like Thyroid) or water borne diseases like dysentery, typhoid etc.
  4. Rahu and Gulika in the 4th/5th: Affliction from dangerous poison.; Doctor handling such poison. The aspect od mercury or Venus indicate medical knowledge; Jupiter indicate consumption of poison; Aspect of Mars indicates giving/ selling such drugs/ poisons. The aspect of Sun gives death through snake venom.

5th from Swamsa:

  1. Saturn (alone) in 5th: Archer.
  2. Ketu (alone) in 5th: Abilities to make watches, precision equipment/ light engineering/ electronic goods).
  3. Mercury (alone) in 5th: Ascetic, member of a religious order or one who uses a walking stick.
  4. Rahu (alone) in 5th: Metallurgist (or heavy engineering).
  5. Sun (alone): Swordsman (or one who carries a blade/ knife)
  6. Mars (alone): Lancer (or a spear wielder).
  7. Moon & Jupiter in swamsa/ 5th: Excellent author.
  8. Venus in 1st/ 5th with the Moon from swamsa: Author but of less capability.
  9. Mercury in similar position with Moon: Author of even lesser capability.

Note: The number of natural benefics in the swamsa or 5th house will determine the capabilities of the author. The presence of the Moon (Mind) is the primary factor. Jupiter, Venus & Mercury give writing abilities, but in a decreasing order.

1st/ 5th from Swamsa

  1. Venus in 1st/ 5th: Indicate a poet, an eloquent speaker or a knowledgeable critic.
  2. Jupiter 1si/5th indicate a genius having knowledge in various branches and a great author.. However it does not give eloquence. It Jupiter does indicate a grammarian, knowledge of religious scriptures (like Vedas, Bible, Quoran etc) and a philosopher & Vedantist.
  3. Saturn in the 1st/5th makes a man in an assembly or a gathering. Such person will shy away from the limelight.
  4. Mercury in the 1st / 5th indicates a mimansaka or involvement in interpretation of texts/ available literature etc.
  5. A logician is indicated by Mars in the 1st/ 5th. Parasara indicate legal knowledge and jurisprudence.
  6. Moon in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Sankhya and Yoga philosophies besides history (rhetoric & Music) or produces a singer.
  7. The sun in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Vedas and Bhagavat Gita. Parasara says that sun in 5th gives knowledge of Music and Vedanta.
  8. Ketu in the 1st/ 5th gives Mathematical ability. This is important for astrology as well. If Jupiter associates, this knowledge is obtained by inheritance and the teaching are fully digested. Rahu indicates capabilities of research and Mathematics.
  9. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the above planets in the 1st/5th will give all round knowledge, both traditional and modern and proficiency in at least one branch.

Note: The combinations from 16 to 27 are also applicable to the 2nd house. Parasara opines that the combinations are also applicable ot 2nd / 3rd house besides 1st / 5th. He also opines that these results are also to be seen from the lord of swamsa. These results in the bhava will be temporary while in the Navamsa they wil be pronounced. The point is to confirm results from both Navamsa Lagna and karakamsa. While the result from Navamsa Lagna will be pronounced, those from Karakamsa (indicating the desire of the soul) may manifest only during specific periods. It is the mismatch between Navamsa Lagna and the Karakamsa that leaves many desires unfulfilled thereby causing rebirth.

7th house:
  1. Jupiter and Moon in 7th: Gives good looking and fair complexioned spouse.
  2. Rahu: Brings a widow or widower in marriage.
  3. Saturn: Brings older (than normally expected) person in marriage or the spouse could be religious (more ritualistic) or of poor health.
  4. Mars: Spouse having deformed or defective limbs.
  5. Sun: Spouse is favoured and protected by family. Spouse is learned, She will be confined to domestic chores. If Sun is debilitated then she may have clandestine relationship with elder members of the family (may not be true under benefic influence).
  6. Mercury: Talented and young spouse. She will be conversant with fine arts.
  7. Moon: First mating will be in the open or an uncovered place. The influence of planets will indicate the following place-
Sun- Garden
Mars- A wall or such construction
Mercury- Park or playground
Jupiter - Temple
Venus - Bathroom or Bedroom
Saturn & Rahu - Tavern or some dirty place etc.
Note: The place of mating is seen from the 10th of 7th (spouse) i.e., 4th. Similarly the place of illicit sex (2nd) is seen from 10th from 2nd i.e., 11th. The exaltation etc, aspects and signs involved should also be considered.

9th from Swamsa
  1. Benefics in the 9th from swamsa make one righteous, honest, truthful and faithful/ devoted to teachers and elders. Malefics associated with the ninth will produce opposite qualities like dishonesty, faithlessness and unrighteousness.
  2. If Saturn and Rahu are in the 9th house, the native betrays his elders and preceptors.
  3. Sun and Jupiter in the 9th will make the native confidant (or faithful) of his elders and teachers.
  4. Parasara says Venus and Mars in the 9th from Karakamsa indicate that the lover (having illicit relationship with the native) will die. Mercury and Moon in the 9th will cause imprisonment due to the illicit relationship. Jupiter alone in the 9th indicates excessive passion and sex.

10th from Swamsa
  1. Mercury conjoining/ aspecting the 10th from swamsa indicate results like Saturn (Success in any line of activity and consequential fame). This indicates skill and fame and is good for fortunes as well, as Mercury is a natural benefic. Besides, like Saturn, it tends to promote a traditional vocation.
  2. Beneficial aspects/ conjunctions on the 10th from swamsa produce stable fortunes. Malefics cause fluctuation in fortunes. Parasara opines that the combination will no only give stable fortunes but also make the native serious, strong (fixity of purpose) and intelligent. Malefics will not only harm the business/ career but also deny filial bliss. Mercury and Venus gives success in trade/ career and produce great works. The Sun, Moon & Jupiter so related to the tenth will give Rajayoga (Very high Status and achievements)
  3. The Sun in the 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Jupiter produces a cowherd or milkman (or one associated in some manner with animal husbandry). This is contrast with Parasara who mentions Rajayoga.

12th from swamsa:
  1. Benefics: take the soul to the auspicious world (of the departed) after death. The five benefics indicate five auspicious world as follows:
Jupiter- Svah; Mercury- Janah; Moon- Manah; Venus- Tapah; Sun- Satya.
  1. Parasara opines that Malefics in the 12th indicate expenses on unlawful and bad activities while benefics give legitimate expenses.
  2. Ketu: Final emancipation. Others opine that benefics in the swamsa gives moksha. Parasara says" If exalted planets or planets in own sign or natural benefics are placed in the 12th house from Karakamsa, the soul transmigrates to a beneficial world after death. If Ketu is so placed and only aspected by or joined by benefics, final emancipation (from the cycle of rebirth) shall be obtained.
  3. If Ketu is in the 4th or 12th from Karakamsa, final emancipation will be granted. During the dasa of Rahu in 10th (i.e., Ketu in 4th), the native goes on a pilgrimage and has a symbolic dip in sacred waters to wash his sins. If such placement of nodes occur from swamsa, they lead him towards emancipation. Parasara says- if Ketu is in the 12th from karakamsa in Aries or Sagittarius conjoined or aspected by benefics, the native is led towards emancipation.
  4. Malefics in 4th/12th: No deliverance from the cycle of rebirth. Sun is not considered malefic here, as it is a natural significator of Dharma.
  5. Devotion (mostly seen from 12th of Karakamsa)
Sun and Ketu- Devotee of Siva
Moon- Gouri
Venus- Lakshmi, Native will be prosperous.
Mars- Skanda (Subramanya, Kartikeya)
Mercury/ Saturn- Visnu
Jupiter- Samba Siva
Rahu- Tamasi (destroyer of darkness) or Durga.
Ketu- Ganapati or Skanda
  1. Saturn in the 12th in a malefic sign shows inclination for black magic, devilish worship and spirits.
  2. Venus in the 12th in malefic sign: Same as Saturn.
  3. The religiosity are also to be examined from the 6th from the Amatyakaraka

Malefics in Trine from Swamsa
  1. Two malefics in trine (1/5/9): The native gains expertise in spells (Mantra) and occult knowledge. At least one malefic gives knowledge of Mantra, two indicates knowledge of mantras and their usage while more malefic give knowledge of Yantras and Tantra.
  2. The malefics in trines aspected by other malefics: Expertise in black magic.
  3. Malefics in trines aspected by benefics: Expertise in white magic.

Note: If the combination of malefics is in trine from Lagnamsa then the native will make his living out of knowledge whereas if the combination occur from Karakamsa, the magic is very strong.

Other Combinations:
  1. Ketu in the second aspected by malefics produces stammering and other speech defects. According to Parasara Ketu in the 2nd / 3rd from swamsa causes speech defects. If malefics aspects, these defects are pronounced. Pt. Sanjay Rath says that Ketu in the 3rd won't produce speech defects unless there is a malefic in the swamsa causing papakartari yoga of 2nd.
  2. Malefics simultaneously in the 2nd and 8th house from Lagna, Arudha Lagna and swamsa cause Kemadruma Yoga (utter poverty). If the yoga is from Lagna or Lagnamsa then the effect will be felt throughout life whereas from Arudha Lagna it indicates financial down turn or fall. The yoga from Karakamsa indicates one who will detest wealth and may become a renunciate. Moon’s aspect on the yoga will intensify it.
  3. The results will manifest during the dasa of the sign (or planets) concerned.

Note: The argals or dristi of the sign/ planet whose dasa is operative should also be examined as well as the various yoga and Vargas



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