Analysis of Bhava IX- Planets in the Fifth House

The fifth house is predominantly known as Suta Bhava or the house of progeny. Since children reflects the future in anyone’s life, this house is also called the house governing the future. If this house is under affliction, then there shall be troubles in procreation and also the future of the native is ruined.

This also the house of chitta, or the inner harmony. Affliction to this house cause the person inherently restless and possess lesser emotional quotient. Since this is the house of progeny, which is the reflection of the native himself, this house is also known for any kind of creative impulses and very important for innovation and geniuses.

Among other things, this is the house of power and authority and also represent disciples or subordinates, on which the power is weilded. Planets well placed in this house confer power and authority to the native, while if weakly placed, can cause troubles related to these areas.

Fifth house is also the house of worship and mantra. Planets placed in this house reflect the native’s affiliation towards different forms of divinity. If a male planet is placed here, the conception of divinity for the native is masculine and powerful, whereas female planets shows that for the native, the divinity is feminine and protective. Jupiter confers the conception of nirguna brahman and make the native worship formless form of the Brahaman.

From the argala perspective, planets in the fifth house shall have dhanargala on the 4th house, sukhargala on the 2nd house and labhargala on the 7th house. Hence the significations of the 5th house such as children, knowledge, authority etc, significantly impact the significations of the 2nd, 4th and 7th house.

Devoted to Shiva; Sharp Intellect and Wise

Trouble to first child/ Childless; Devoid of wealth; Use intelligence in sinful deed; Wanderer; Stomach ailment (such as acidity) and Short lived.

Progeny’s well being; More female offspring; Highly intelligent; Fickle minded/ Changeable; Worshipper of Mother; Timid; Wise; Glorious; Truthful/ Sattvik mind; Skillful in handling money/ finances; Philantropic; Meritorious; Rajayogi- Not attached to material surrounding, even if have abundance; Councellor / Advisor; Have good friends; Serve the ruler/ king (govt. servant)

Suffer poverty; Unhappy/ worried; No children/ Loss of children/ abortions; Immoral; Wicked/ Mean/ Sinful (association with eighth lord)/ Uncontrollable; Unstable mind; Wrath of the ruler/govt.; Suffer from cuts or wounds; Liar (like to say foul against others in his absence and create controversies); Shrewd; Troubles from enemies; Mental disorder; Lack of Intelligence; Troubles in education; Backbiter; Tormented by hunger; Suffer hyperacidity; In female horoscope this indicate terrible labour pain

Have children (only under benefic influences); Governmental positions of high status; Intelligent and analytical minded; Courageous

Mother’s well being; Many children but get them late in life; Possess children (only under benefic influences); Highly intelligent; Soft spoken; Wise; Learned in Mantra Shastra and Hypnotism; Minister/ advisor; Happy; Glorious; Well educated; Hold position of authority; Skilful in Trade and speculation

Loss of children/ Inclined towards adoption; Sinful

Highly intelligent; Wise/ Learned; Possess broad eyes; Good conversationalist/ Good orator; Endowed with illustrious children; Glorious; Feed others; Good in politics (rajaniti shastra)/ Favour by king/ govt.; Knowledgeable in Law/ Good advisor/ Judge; Prosperous; Tolerant; Fond of luxuries; Author with fruitful imagination; Wealth from children

Loss of children/ Difficulties in begetting children (in Capricorn, Aquarius or Cancer); Suffer loss of wealth due to wrath of ruler; Loss of memory; Devoid of wisdom

Wise; Intelligent; Educated; Endowed with poetic skills; Clever minister/ advisor/ judge; Long lived grandmother; Respected; Honoured by govt; Well versed in worldly affairs; Have children but devoid of happiness from them; Conveyances; Wealthy; Hardworking; Successful in speculation

Lacks courage/ Cowerdice

Birth of children (more daughters); Affairs with many women; Philosopher; Endowed with the skill of use machines

Childless/ Adopt a daughter (under benefic influences); Weak constitution; Extremely poor; Engaged in inferior trades; Evil minded/ Heartless; Devoid of intelligence; Devoid of learning/ Troubles in education; Devoid wealth and happiness; Wanders aimlessly; Unstable mind; Suffer gastritis


Anonymous said…
So Mars, Moon and Saturn in the 5th(Leo) for an Aries ascendent would be detrimental for children, education and general prosperity?
Anonymous said…
Nice Article, but you did not mention what happens when Rahu or Ketu are in the 5th house.

Also in the female charts, 9th house is laid importance! how far is your article relevant to this scenario

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