Lagna Bhava I: Lagna lord in different houses

Lagna represents the ideals of the native and his intelligence. Wherever the Lagna lord is placed, the native’s ideals and intelligence is focused on that area of life, represented by the concerned house.

These results will also apply to the Lord of the constellation and sign occupied by the Lord of the ascendant. Matters concerning the mind (e.g. intelli­gence, enemies, fortunes etc) shall be more evident from the Lord of the Constellation whereas those concerning the physical body shall be seen from the Lord of the sign.

1. Lagna lord in Lagna: If the Lagna Lord is in Lagna itself, the native will be endowed with physical happiness (deha sukha) and prowess (bhuja vikrami). He will be intelligent (manasvi), fickle-minded (chanchala), will have two wives (dvibharya) and will unite with other females (parago).

The Lagna is the place of ideals, intelligence, vitality etc. Whenever the Lagna lord is placed in the Lagna, the native is endowed with high energy, vitality, good health and strong ideals. They are also intelligent as they the lord of intelligence is placed in the house of intelligence. They are always in pursuit of realizing their ideals and lead a principled life. Usually they are not seemed to compromise with their principles and hence they are very difficult to convince on ideas alien to their own.

Maharishi’s proposition on the presence of two wives may look somewhat odd. However this only shows that the native will have the vitality to have sexual relationships with many females. However, it can not be implied that the native would have low sexual morals or infidelity. Though this proposition was valid in ancient times, where multiple wives were allowed in the society, in modern times, this is valid only in cultured, where multiple marriages are still allowed.

Lagna lord behaves like both Sun and the Moon and while the Lagna lord placed in the Lagna, it carries the effect of the Sun and the Moon on the Lagna. Thus it gives, intelligence and vitality as represented by Sun, however also Moodiness and fickle mindedness as represented by the Moon’s influence on the Lagna.

In addition, Moon influence on the Lagna also gives the urge to have sex with multiple partners. Thus, for the significance of the multiple sexual partners to be valid, Moon should also be strong and influence the Lagna. This indication is strengthened if Mars is influenced by Venus or Mercury is under the influence by Moon. Here, influence means aspect, conjunction or placement in Trine.

Since Lagna also represents the body of the native, the intelligence of the person is focused in maintaining the body and they are constantly in effort to keep their body fit and beautiful. They spend a lord money in procuring the materials which would make their body fit and presentable.

2. Lagna lord in Second house: If the Lagna Lord is in second houses, the native will be gainful (labhavan), scholar (pundit), happy (sukhi), good natured (sushila), be religious (dharmavi), honourable (maani) and will have many wives.

For such natives, the intelligence and ideals are focused in the 2nd house of family, wealth and food. This makes them always in pursuit of accumulating more and more money and increasing their bank balance. The like good food and can also make connoisseur of food or good chef.

2nd house being the house of speech and also resided by goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, when the Lagna lord is placed in the 2nd house, he is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. This makes the person learned and wise. While seen in the context of the 5th house, the house of knowledge, 2nd is placed in the 11th from it. Hence, it shows gain of objective of knowledge or applying the knowledge in real life, since 11th house rules gain of objectives.

Second house is also the house of family. The presence of the Lagna lord in the 2nd house makes the native is committed towards the family. The commitment can also be extended to the family outside his immediate family, all the relations, and his community in whole. The native shall constantly try to fulfil the requirement of his family or the community. This also makes the native respectable in the eye of the family and the community and honourable too.

Along with the 9th house, the 2nd house is also the house of Vishnu, since 2nd house is the house of sustenance and Vishnu is the sustainer. Vishnu gives the dharmic ideals to the person and takes him on the path of dharma as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavat Gita. Placement of the Lagna lord in the 2nd house thus makes the person inclined towards dharma and dharmic activities. However for this indication to fully manifest, the karaka for dharma, Sun should also be well placed in the horoscope and preferably influence the houses of dharma.

Second house is the 8th house from the 7th house and thus rules the 2nd marriage. When the lagna lord is placed in the 2nd house, the native craves for relationship beyond the marital relationship. The native is highly passionate and provided the planets which can give passion (Venus- Mars or Mercury- Moon) are also under picture, the native shall have relationships outside the social boundaries. This also means that the native have multiple marriages with the break of former marriage concludes into latter marriages. This indication however comes true, only if the 8th house is afflicted (malefics in 8th and/or 8th lord weak and afflicted).

Since Lagna lord also brings the influence of Moon on the 2nd house while placed there, the natives sometimes find their wealth fluctuating, since Moon shows fluctuations to the indications where it is placed.

3. Lagna lord in Third house: If the Lagna Lord is in Sahaja Sthana, the native is courageous like a Lion (Simha tulya parakrami), endowed with all kinds of material luxury (sarva sampad yuto), honourable (maani), have two wives (dvi-bharya), be intelligent (matimaan) and happy (sukhi).

Third house is the house of valour, younger siblings, communication and sexual morality. When the Lagna lord is placed in the third house the ideals and intelligence (Lagna) is focused on the matters of third house.

The symbol of Lion in the matter of courage shows that while the natives of this combination are valorous, they are principled in the matter of courage and will only show the courage at the time of need, like a Lion. However, they are calm and composed at other times and well behaved too. This is similar to the behaviour of Lion, when it is not on its hunting spree. In addition, when the Lion has quenched its hunger, it does not long for its hunt any more and generously leave the remains for the lesser predators. This indicate that native with this combination shall be generous while courageous and shall not display their courage every now and then. This indication is stronger if Lagna lord is a malefic and/or the 3rd house is aspected by malefics and/or the karaka for valour Mars is well placed. The Karaka’s aspect on the house enhances the significations of the house, related to that Karaka. Thus while the Lagna lord is placed in the Lagna, Mars also aspects or placed in the 3rd house, the native is extremely courageous. How he displays his power in this world is a different matter however, which needs to be seen from the 3rd or 6th from the Arudha Lagna.

In the real life the quality of courage translates into risk taking behaviour. Hence when the Lagna lord is placed in the 3rd house, such people become high risk taker. Because they are not afraid of anything, they more than often take initiative in whatever comes their way. This makes them a natural leader and respected by their peers. However, as mentioned before this, influence to be strong on the native, the karaka Mars should be well placed and/ or influence the 3rd house.

The third house is also given the name of Upachaya, which represents growth. When the Lagna lord is placed in the Upachaya, the native like to gain from the environment surrounding them and they are in the pursuit of procuring all the materials of comfort. The important necessities of growth are Intelligence and effort. Among the four upachayas, namely 3/6/10/11, the 3rd and 6th house shows the intelligence required for the growth (from Lagna it is the growth of self) while the 10th and the 11th shows the efforts. Thus, if the Lagna lord is placed in the 3rd house or 6th house, the natives are intelligent and also called Dhi-Mantah. To illustrate this, Maharishi says that the natives with the Lagna lord placed in the 3rd house are Mati-maan (Mati means intelligence and Maan means endowed with). Along with this Maharishi used the term Sukhi or happiness. This is a continuous endeavour of human to attain happiness in their life. Thus a person having the mentioned combination would take any kind of risk to attain the matters of comfort and having a happy life. The key thing here to be noted is that the native would rarely dependent on others to attain the comforts and shall use their intelligence instead.

Third house is also the house which governs the attitude towards sexual relationships and the sexual morals. Many say that this is also the house of Copulation. The placement of the Lagna lord in the 3rd house also draws the native towards these indications and hence the native becomes passionate. They crave to have sexual relationships with many, however, whether this shall be predominant in the nature of the native can only be seen from the combinations supporting or opposing it. While the combinations Venus- Mars or Moon- Mercury gives high sexual passion, Ketu helps in curbing the same. All the influences needed to be taken before pronouncing the result. This is why Maharishi says that the native with the Lagna lord in the 3rd house have two wives.

Om Tat Sat


Suku said…
Dear Sir, Great work. Good analysis. Hope this write-up will continue and put a light on other houses as wel. God bless.
Anonymous said…
Dear sir,
what is the effect of lagna lord being placed at 6th house? generally they say that, such type of placement is not good. but in the case of aries lagna, mars is the lord of lagna, as well as lord of the 8th house.
lord of lagna placed at sixth house is bad, but that of 8th house placed at 6th is good.
so what will be ur predictions in that case?
should we predict good or bad for that person?
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,
I like your analysis of the lagna lord in these houses a lot.It's very detailed and the best one I've seen so far.
I would like to know what will be the effect of lagna lord in the 7th house.I am Libra lagna with lagna lord,Venus in the seventh and receiving aspect of Jupiter in 11th,which has 7th lord Mars,5th Lord Saturn and Rahu in conjunction with Jupiter in the 11th house.
Please help me with this one.
I also would like in what way will the interpretation of lagna lord in 7th or any other house change if the lagna lord is a different planet.Say, lagnesh being Mercury or Mars in the 7th would surely mean different things...
Please clarify. Thanks!!
Sarajit Poddar said…
Hello Friend,

Thank you very much for the appreciation. The analysis of a horoscope is the culmination of various influences and their suitable blend. Most classics give the results of simpler things such as planets in various houses, lords in various houses etc. It is expected from a serious Jyotishi is to blend all of them suitably and arrive at a consensus.

Now your question needs to be divided into parts such as effect of Lagna lord in 7th, effect of planet, which happens to be the lagna lord, in the 7th, the effect of the planet in the sign and the impact of various aspects. The trouble is that the aspects also cannot be taken independently... For example, Jupiter placed alone would not behave same as if it is placed with Rahu.

Now lets see what Parasara says about lagna lord's placement in the 7th house.

If Lagn’s Lord is a malefic and is placed in Yuvati Bhava, the natives wife will not live (long). If the Grah in question is a benefic, one will wander aimlessly, face penury and be dejected. He will alternatively become a king (if the said Grah is strong).

He says, the effect would be dependent on the nature of the lagna lord being benefic or malefic. Since, the Lagna lord carries with it the power of Sun, its placement in the most strongest Kama Trikona (the trine which governs our desires and emotions) is not desirable. The emotions and desires are primarily governed by Watery Element. The presence of firely element (which is carried by Lagna lord), would give some kind of enstrangement in relationship matters. It is possible, that they might even stay in a situation of dillemma, not know where to go, which direction to move. Now the indications would change, if the lagna lord happens to be Sun, which would bring more fire, whereas if it happens to be Moon, then it will bring more compassion and watery element with it, reducing the effect of fire on the 7th house and giving more committed relationship.

Whatever I have given is just a guideline. You can work this out in more details based on various other indications, such as aspect or associations.

Best Wishes
Anonymous said…
Dear sir, I recently suffered the terrible trauma of a baby dead in the womb with no resaon. My lagna is Mithuna, with lagna lord Mercury placed in the 11th. My janma rasi is Aries and sun sign is also aries (Bharani nakshatra). My venus is in the 10th from lagna ,Rahu is in the 5th and Saturn is in the 2nd in Kataka.
My husband is of meena lagna with lagna lord in the 2nd, Makara rasi(Sravana) and venus in the 6th and Saturn in the 5ht in Cancer. Rahu is in the 9th in Scorpio.We despair of this occuring. Do you see healthy offspring in our horoscope?
Raj said…

What is the effect if Lagna Lord is in the eighth house? For Meena Lagna Jupiter is placed in the eighth house. Rahu in first, Mars in second (aries), Shani (Cancer) in 5th, sun and mercury (sagg) in 10th and Moon in 12th (Aquarius). Is there anything to worry about?

Anonymous said…
respected sir,
i had examined your is good.i would like to know something about my horoscope,houses 1'2'3 are vacant rahu in 4,mars and moon in5,saturn in 6.mer,jup in 7,sun in8,ven in9,kethu in10.11,12 are birth time is,18-11-1981.iam married,do i have children? can i get a job? if yes, when will these happen/
mrs x
Sunit Kholia said…
I have studied the article and find it to be good. Well in my case, I am also having Saggitarius Lagna with Lagna lord in third house along with moon. Though I have gone through many articles and books but not been able to find out the significance and later life. Much of my horoscope is like yours. Saturn in 7th and Sun, mercury, mars, Mercury in 11th. Please if you can assess my horoscope. My birth details are

Birth Date: 26/10/1974
Place: Delhi
Time: 11:50 a.m.

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