Dasa Mahavidya Yantras

I made these yantras of Dasa Mahavidyas or the ten great knowledges, long back. I am sharing this for those who are interested. The dasa mahavidyas are signified by the 9 planets and the Lagna, which are also given below.

Matangi (Sun)

Bhubaneswari (Moon)

Bagalamukhi (Mars)

Tripura Sundari (Mercury)

Tara (Jupiter)

Kamalatmika (Venus)

Kali (Saturn)

Chinnamasta (Rahu)

Dhumavati (Ketu)

Tripura Bhairavi (Lagna)


dewavrat buit said…
Dear Sarjit,

Excellent work.

Kindly give for which I am waiting impatiently :Kalachakra write ups.


Dewavrat Buit
Sarajit Poddar said…
Dear Dewavrat,

Thank you very much for your appreciation. The writeup on Kalachakra is almost ready and I will be posting the writeup in few days.

Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,
it is a common error to associate Matangi with the Sun and Tripurasundari with Mercury. It is the other way around- in spite of what some popular Bengali books might say on this matter. If you look carefully into the string of Bija Mantras in Matangi Vidya, the relationship to Mercury is clear. Remember: In Shri Vidya, The Great Goddess has two "chiefs": Bagalamukhi (who leads her armies),clearly Mars,and Matangi- who is also called Mantrini-clearly Mercury.
Shri Vidya(Sun), Bagalamukhi (Mars) and Matangi (Mercury).Once you have received diksha of Matangi your error (based on other sources) will become clear.
Thanks. Keep up the good work
Arpad Joo
Deepak said…
Dear Sarajit,

Thanks for the post; I had a couple of questions - one is directly related and the second is somewhat at a tangent. How does one, or under what circumstance, does one invoke the last yantra - Tripura Bhairavi (Lagna) - I suppose the question could be extended to all the yantras, how does one figure out which yantra sadhana one requires?

Secondly, I am specifically interested in knowing the resources for performing Kamalatamika Mahavidya Sadhana and I was wondering if you had any pointers for me.

Thanks and regards,

kandhan said…
Respected Sarajit ji,

Could you give details on how to use these yantras? Dont the yantras have aksharas on the petals?

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