Analysis of Bhava XIV- Planets in the Tenth House

Tenth house is the Karma bhava or the house of action. This holds the key to the status, positions, reputation, fame and everything that we get as result of our action in this world. Since all planets govern one or other area of action, all of them give good results in this house, unless afflicted.

This is the third upachayas after the third and the sixth house and hence the planets in this house indicate growth of the Lagna or the self. However, the growth is given by the planets in their own way based on the natural characteristics of the planets.

Planets in tenth house have dhanargala on the ninth house, sukhargala on the seventh house and labhargala on the twelfth house. Thus the significations of these three houses Seventh, Ninth and the twelfth are significantly influenced by the planets placed in the tenth house.

Happy; Powerful; Blessed with children; Conveyance; Bestowed with all comforts; Success in profession and all endeavours; Noble; Attain high position and status; Famous at far and wide; Grace of the king; Successful in political objectives (more applicable in dasamsa)

Mentally worried; Trouble to mother

High academic attainments; Brilliant; Pious; Famous; Kind hearted; Virtuous; Successful in all endeavors; Valorous; Charitable; Wealthy; Successful in his efforts; Gain wealth due to grace of the ruler

Illicit relationship with a widow; Obstacles; Indulge in sinful deeds; Loss of reputation

Strong body; Admired by people; Respected; Famous; Brothers will be long-lived (If the lord of the tenth is strong the); Fortunate; Prosperous; Interest in meditation; Devoted to his preceptor; Successful in his undertaking; Financially Well-off; King or Heir apparent (association with 9th/ 10th lord); Good conveyances (association with Jupiter); Association with ruler class; Posses land; Happy; Powerful; Charitable; Valorous (like a lion); Unconquerable; Efficient in his work; Rise high in life (even from a humble origin); Blessed with children; Glorious; Brilliant intellect.

Obstructions in the professional career and other activities; Mentality of a thief; Indulge in sinful deeds; Cruel.

Engaged in virtuous deeds/ auspicious ceremonies; Patient; Wide spread reputation; Intelligent; Great thinker/ wise/ knowledgeable; Engaged in meritorious deeds; Perform religious rites; Honoured by the state; Acquire wealthy through many sources; Blessed with children; Wealthy and kind-hearted; Successful in his efforts; Loved by people; Inherit paternal property; If highly fortified, then the native would be good orator; well versed in trade and commerce and attain high position.

Unfavourable (only if afflicted)
Eye troubles; Stupid; Indulge in sinful deeds; Bad conduct

Perform righteous deeds; Spiritually inclined; Able; Widespread reputation; Respected by masses; Study Srimat Bhaagavat Gita; Wealthy; Grace of ruler/ Govt.; Good conduct; Successful in all efforts; Comforts of conveyances; Headship/ Hold administrative position; Happiness from children, father; Loves discipline and order; Wise; Charitable; Honourable

Evil deeds (10th lord afflicted); Financial distress; Unhappiness with regards to children (placed in 6th from the karaka Bhava)

Glorious; Wealthy; Intelligent; Virtuous; Happiness from friends; Respected; Attain high status and position; Famous; Engaged in religious work; Interested in works related to cosmetics or beauty products or building homes; gain in the company of women

Difficulties and obstacles in undertaking

Successful in undertaking (benefic influences); Happy; Powerful; King/ head of a village; Minister/ Judge; Wealthy; Famous; Courageous; Interested in Agriculture

Obstacles in career; Miserly; Bilious constitution; Afflicted- indulge in sinful deeds; Troubles to father


D said…
Real cool articles! But,what about Rahu in the 10th house also does Rahu get engaged in parivartana yoga for example for Libra As, a parivartana with moon?
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