Yogada: The yoga givers

Maharishi Parashara in BPHS discussed about some special lagnas such as Hora Lagna (HL) and Ghatika Lagna (GL) and said that matters related to financial prosperity and power/ status need to be respectively judged from these special lagnas. Whichever a planet comes into contact with these special lagnas, it becomes specifically capable to bestow prosperity on the native. The effect of the yogada can be felt during their vimshottari dasa, in the antar of another auspicious planet, related to the yogada. It is useful to find the intensity of the results, the yogadas can give. The following section gives different level of yoga giver, whereby the ones mentioned later become progressively stronger to bestow yoga on the native.

If any planet becomes the lord of/ placed with/ aspects the Lagna, Hora Lagna or Ghatika Lagna, then he becomes karta. Karta means the doer and thus, such planet can become the doer of different actions in the native's life to bring material benefits to the native related to the area implied by the associaton. If the association is with the Lagna, then there is self development, if Hora Lagna, then improvement in financial prospects and if the association is with the Ghatika Lagna, then there is improvement in power, authority and status of the native.

Kevala means the exclusive one. If the subhapati (Moon sign lord) becomes the Karta, then he takes up the role of a Kevala and gives great material prospects. This is because, the subhapati has the responsibility to provide the materials for sustenance in this world and as it becomes Karta, its ability to bestow material gains increases substantially.

If any planet simultaneously aspects, conjoin, owns the Lagna and Hora Lagna/ Ghatika Lagna, he becomes Yogada. Alongwith the ownership of the signs of Lagna/ HL/ GL, ownership of 7th from these signs can also be considered. Yogada is comprised of Yoga and Da, which means material prospects (yoga) giver (da). The association with HL bestow financial gains and hence such yogada is known as Dhana yogada and association with GL gives power and status and hence such yogada is knows as Raja yogada.

If the subhapati (Moon sign lord) becomes a yogada, he is specifically equipped to give financial gains or status and hence known as Kevala Yogada (exclusive giver of prosperity).

If a planet simultaneously aspects, placed in or own Lagna, HL and GL (or seventh from them), then he becomes Mahayogada. The Mahayogada in its dasa bestow excellent prosperity in the antarof an auspicious planet (related to the yogada by aspect, conjunction or exchange).

This planet has the highest capacity to bestow prosperity to a native. During the dasa of such planet, the person can rise from riches even from rags. Whenever the subhapati becomes the mahayogada, it is called the kevala mahayogada.


Anna said…
Dear Sarajit,
What happens in a case that yogada planet is
1/placed in dusthana and
2/is avayogi at the same time
How much/if at all these reduce its effects you wrote about
jon said…
mars astrology info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your mars astrology posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to mars astrology surfing LOL : )


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