Analysis of Bhava XV- Planets in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of gains and is known as Labha Bhava. The gains though mainly seen in terms of monetary gains, in general this house signify the gain of all objectives and desires. It is interesting to note that the third house is the house of desires and counted in the anti-zodiacal direction, the 3rd house shows the fulfilment of desires. This the why Maharishi Jaimini says that this is the house of Hara or destruction of desires.

This is the last of the four upachayas (3/6/10/11) and being a upachaya, planets placed here cause growth of the lagna or the self. Almost all planets give auspisicious results while placed in this house as they shall help in gaining different objectives of the life. However, it must be remembered that all planets have their own way to fulfil their goals; malefics would do this in their own malefic way and benefics would do this in a benefic way. Primarily the planets placed in this house, shows gain in the life of the native, related to the significations of the planets so placed. So unless, planets are badly placed (debilitated, in inimical sign) or afflicted (placed with/ aspected by malefics), good results can be pronounced, without much afterthought.

From the Argala perspective, the planets placed in this house shall have dhanargala on the 10th house of karmaphala; sukhargala on the 8th house of aayu and labhargala on the Lagna bhava. Thus the planets in this house can actively influence the significance on the 10th, 8th and the Lagna.


Glorious; Long life; Wise; Attain high status; Powerful; Wealthy/ Endowed with luxuries and good vehicles; Committed to his words; Successful in ventures; Visionary; Income from government (grace of ruler);

Long life; Blessed with children; Highly learned/ Great thinker; Helpful nature; Virtuous; Wealthy without much effort; Famous; Good friends and attendants; Glorious; Valourous; Honourable; Favourable for daughters; Expertise in trade related activities

Unsuccessful in efforts

Prosperous; Valorous; Conquer enemies; Involved in manifold activities; King (association with 11th lord); Association with influencial people; Prosperity of elder siblings; Wealthy; Happy; Virtuous; Blessed with children; Miser; Gain wealth from both good and bad ways

Trouble to Children; Destruction of wealth

long-lived; Learned/ Intelligent; True to his words; Wealthy/ Financial gains; Happy; Possess obedient servants; Fond of luxury; Famous; Expertise in Trade and Commerce; Good in writing and handicrafts

Suffer loss of wealth on account of sinful deeds

Long lived; Learned; Enormous gains/Prosperous (more so if Moon is conjoined)/ Wealthy/ Gain wealth due to patronage of the ruler/ govt.; Widespread reputation; Good luck/ Fortunate; Fearless; Few children; Many conveyances; Endowed with servants; Noble; Charitable; Possess articles of gold & silver; Inclined towards earning from righteous means only
Not much education (eighth from fourth house)

Handsome; Learned; Extremely wealthy & high financial gains; Owner of landed property; Kind hearted; Enjoy conveyances; Lover of truth; Virtuous; Fortunate; Earning through rightful means; Prosperity; Passionate (fond of company of women); Enjoy all comforts of life; Well-behaved; Famous

Extremely passionate; Gain of wealth though questionable means; With 6th/8th/12th lord and weak- no financial gains; Wanderer

Long-lived; Healthy; Extremely wealthy (however face obstacles in earning them)/ Endowed with comforts of all kinds; Stable minded; Endowed with landed property; Grace of ruler / govt.; Maha-bhagya yoga/ extremely fortunate (own house/ exaltation); Courageous

Loss of wealth in trade etc.; Trouble to elder brother


Venusinthefourth said…
Can you please let me know what happens if Ketu is in the 11th house in the natal chart and Saturn is now moving (on July 15th) from the 10th to the 11th house? What will be expected with Saturn in this 11th house? Thanks.

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