Analysis of Bhava XVI- Planets in the Twelfth House

Twelfth is the house of loss and the shatras call it the Vyaya Bhava. Losses can mean financial as well as losses of other significations. Malefics placed here cause losses on undesirable expenses or on bad things whereas benefics placed here cause the expenses on good causes such as charity etc.

If planets who are placed here are afflicted then the person is compelled by the circumstances to spend huge sum on unworthy things. Thus, if planets are placed here, they should not be afflicted at least. Beneficial aspects (aspect of natural benefics) on this house helps to keep expenses in control as well as reducing expenditure on unwanted circumstances. Though the benefics fortify this house, the lose their own significance and this is hightened when they are badly placed and/ or afflicted.

This placed is specifically unsuited for Sun as it gets into Marana Karaka Avastha in this house. Thus the effect it can give is specifically unfavourable related to the house it owns and also the natural significations such as father, eye sight, wealth, etc. However, aspect of natural benefics, can make the native spend on righteous and charitable activities.

In addition to the aforesaid significations, Bhavartha Ratnakara says that the native is fortunate with regards to the house, whose karaka is placed in the 12th house. Thus, if Moon is placed in the 12th, the native would be fortunate with regards to the fourth house or Mother or if Mars is placed the person is fortunate with regards to the 3rd house or brother. However, how Sun would give this effect is still a question, since, Sun becomes extremely weak in this house. What we can infer from this, is that, under benefic influences, the dictum would work for Sun.

From the Argala perspective, planets in the 12th shall have dhanargala on the 11th house, sukhargala on the 9th house and labhargala on the 2nd house. Thus the planets in the 12th house actively influence the significations of these houses namely, the Gains, the Fortune and the Accumulated wealth / Family. One can ponder on how expenses are related to these three areas of life.

(Marana Karaka Avastha)
Suffer degradation; Inimical towards father/ paternal uncle; Eye troubles; Devoid of wealth; Childless; Powerless; Mean; Loss of wealth due to wrath of rulers; Expenditure on sinful deeds; Wanderer; Live away from homeland; Leprosy (conjunction with 6th lord)

Learned; kind-hearted; will have good friends; Money will be spent on good causes; Generous and charitable; Happiness from mother

Unfavourable (only if weak and afflicted)
Wickedly; defect in some limb; Angry; Worried/ Restless; Deprived of good food; Wasteful expenditure; Lazy and Lethargic; Not liked by others; Mean (narrow minded); Jealous; Eye troubles; Humiliated/ Troubled by enemies; Earn money by questionable means; Suffer venereal diseases; Dissatisfied with his uncles and mother; His efforts will prove abortive

MARS (Kuja Dosa)
Suffer poverty; Suffer rheumatic and bilious diseases; False vanity; Suffer degradation; Backbiter; Cruel; Loss of wife/ Trouble to wife; Suffer from eye troubles; Mean/ Sinful/ Irreligious; Suffer imprisonment; Liar/ back biter; Troubles from secret enemies; Loss of wealth in litigation; Fear from thieves (loss of wealth due to theft); Expenses on vices

Incur expenditure on religious charities; True to his words; Entertain Brahmins; Valourous; Orator

Fond of disturbing others; Unstable mind/ Restless; Bitterness towards the ruler/ govt.; Suffer degradation; Suffer poverty; Lazy; Devoid of education/ Meagre education; Suffer humiliation within his community (kith and kins are ruled by Mercury); Cruel; Suffer losses in trade and speculation

Interested in studies (ninth from fourth house); Proficient in mathematics; Spend money on religious causes

Suffer poverty/ Suffer loss of wealth; Few children (eighth from fifth); Loose character (sixth from seventh house); Undesirable sexual contacts; Ill mannered (loss of significations of Jupiter); Inimical to others; Disliked by others; Vulgar in speech; Indulge in sinful deeds; Lazy and lethargic; Serve others; Unfortunate; Suffer loss of reputation; Stupid

Well built physique; Wealthy; Luxuries; Comforts of bed (sexual pleasures)/ Clever in sexual matters ; Happy going

Sexual indulgences with many women; Dominated by women; Suffer poverty; Lazy; Mean (narrow minded); Destruction of fame; Inimical towards friends and others

Happy in foreign travels/ foreign lands; Destroy enemies (as Lagna lord) and Good eye sight

Sinful; Suffer poverty; Wasteful expenditure; Suffer degradation; Lazy and lethargic; Sinful/ Gets into bad company; Affliction to body parts (injuries to limbs)/ Deformed body parts; Defective eye sight; Shameless; Childless; Stupid; Gossiper; Mischievous; Cruel; Humiliated by others


Anonymous said…
What about Ketu in the 12th house or Rahu?
Malini said…
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Anonymous said…
What about Sun in the 12th house for virgo lagna? Would that be considered a bad?

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