Analysis of Bhava XIII- Planets in the Ninth House

Ninth house is primarily known as the Dharma bhava or the house of righteousness. This house is very important for righteous actions of a native. If benefics are placed in this house, then the person is righteous, virtuous, engaged in charitable activities and fortunate. Malefics, excluding Sun in the ninth house can make the native irreligious and involved in sinful activities. Saturn in the ninth can cause of fall of dharma and such natives are usually attracted by different dharmas compared to their own.

It is also the house of father and hence presence of any malefics can harm the health of the father; more so if the malefic is weakly placed and afflicted. However, for proper analysis to the father’s health the strength of the ninth lord and the karaka is also seen.

This is also the secondary house of worship being the fifth from the fifth house and the planets placed here shall also make give inclination towards worship of different deities signified by the planets.

From the argala perspective, planets in the ninth house has dhanargala on the eighth house; Sukhargala on the sixth house and the labhargala on the eleventh house. Hence the significations of these three houses sixth; eighth and eleventh are significantly affected by the planets in the ninth house.

Religeous; Philantropic; Respected for his virtuous deeds; Respect Brahmins & scholars; Wealthy; Endowed with children; Endowed with all happiness and Fortunate.

Proud; Stray from the path of righteousness; Trouble to father; Inimical toward mother & brother.

Highly learned; Charitable; Constructs cattle sheds, ponds for public utilities; Prosperous children; Long life to father; Wealthy; Endowed with friends & Relations; Engaged in meritorious deeds; Religious; Devoted to elders and parents; Intelligent; Happy; Passionate- Attract members of opposite sex; Fortunate from his young age; Courageous and Respected by learned.

Weak constitution; Sickly

King's favourite; Wealthy; Fortunate; Glorious; Philanthropic/ generous; Worshipper of Ganesh / Hanuman

Early loss of father; Unfortunate (no prosperity); Illicit relationship with the wife of his preceptor; Cause sorrow and pain to others; Mean; Violent; Irreligious; Commit sinful actions; Cruel; Unsuccessful in his efforts; Devoid of happiness from brothers; Hated by people

Interested in spiritual disciplines; Religious minded; Charitable/ philanthropic; Endowed with many children; Intelligent; Wise; Extremely learned; Virtuous, humble & amicable; Learned in Vedas and Shastras; Fond of music; Patient; Full of glory; Fortunate; Long-lived father; Well cultured; Interested in meditation; Endowed with wealth and happiness; Of good conduct; Orator; Proficient in his work; Perform religious rites; Bring reputation to his family; Destroy those who indulge in sinful deeds; Worshipper of Vishnu. If associated with Jupiter engaged in the religious studies and if associated with Venus, engaged in various art forms.

Religious & Charitable; Interested in meditation; Pious; Wealthy; Long lived father; Righteous; Respected; Honourable; Protect others; Devout; Philosophical; Blessed with children; Minister/ Advisor/ Judge; Knowledgeable in shastras; Worship family gods; Learned; Handsome; Endowed with leadership qualities; Own palatial mansion; Devotee of Brahmins; Loved by near and dear; Endowed with many children; Famous; Truthful; Like justice; Travel to foreign land; Conservative/ traditional; Strict on the principles; Fortunate

Strong body; Religious minded; Inclined towards meditation; Perform religious rites; Enjoy all comforts; Blessed by children; Long lived father; Highly prosperous; Devout; Philosophical; Grace of king/ govt; Happiness from brothers, wife, children and friends; Wealthy; Generous; Devoted to service of gods, guru and guests; Inclined towards money lending business; Live a comfortable & happy life; Fortunate

Worries related to spouse; Urinary troubles

Favourable (Only under benefic influences)
Belief in yoga shastras and renunciation; Detached; Religious; Faith in tradition/ Traditional; Involve in repair of religious institution; Build cattle sheds, ghats etc.; Philosophical

Sinful; Unfortunate; Poor; Childless; Loss of father (weak & afflicted Saturn; weak and/or afflicted ninth lord); Irreligious; Evil minded; Meagre wealth; Unhappy; Cause troubles to brothers and others; Cruel minded


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Hey what abt the placement of nodes in the 9th house??

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