Analysis of Bhava X- Planets in the Sixth House

Sixth house is commonly called the Ari bhava or the bhava of enemies and it is also an Upachaya. Being an upachaya, the planets placed in this house promotes the significations of the Lagna bhava and help in its growth. It is usually said the the best place for the Malefics are the upachayas. However, their placement in the sixth house is tricky since, this position on one hand gives valour and the power to conquer enemies, on the other, it gives trouble from the enemies. However if the lagna lord is stronger than the sixth lord, then the native wins over the enemies and otherwise if the sixth lord is stronger. The kind of enemies can be seen from the natural significations of the planet who is placed in the sixth house. For example, if Sun is placed in the sixth there shall be enemity with influencial persons and persons from the govt. This might also show the predominant characteristic on the enemies. The benefics placed in this house makes the person free from enemies and if there is enemity, the native conquers his enemies without much effort.

This is also the house of diseases. The diseases caused in this bhava is more pathogenic than physiological. If a planet is weakly placed in this bhava then the native suffers diseases in the physiological system ruled by the planet. The physiological system ruled by different planets are as follows:

Sun - Skeletal sytem
Moon - Circulatory system
Mars - Muscular system
Mercury - Nervous system including skins
Jupiter - Digestive system
Venus - Reproductive system
Saturn - Excretory system

Along with the systems governed by different planets, they also govern other body parts, which needs to be studied to understand different diseases a person would be suffering with. Understanding diseases are an essential part of medical astrology and shall be taken up in another article.

Sixth house is also the house of maternal uncles and in whole it represents the mother’s family. If malefics are placed here as well as afflicted, then the native’s maternal uncles might suffer.

If a benefic is placed in the sixth, its natural significance suffers with the expense of the house itself (the house gains with the placement of a benefic). Thus is Moon is placed in the sixth the person suffers with lack of mental felicity and involved in many unlawful activities if afflicted too. Similarly if Venus is so place, the significations such as relationship, marital harmony etc., suffer heavily and if Jupiter is so placed, the person suffers due to excessive eating (they would like to eat, but many things would be prohibited by the doctor). If Mercury is so placed, then the person gets into trouble due to communication and he is troubled by his kiths & kins.

Venus is placed in Marana Karaka Avastha (MKA) in this house and the natural as well as functional significations of Venus significantly suffer while it is placed here.

Planets in sixth have argala on the 5th, 8th and the 3rd house. Hence planets in this how singnificantly affect the significations of the mentioned houses.


Powerful (but can be overpowered by his enemies); Successful in endeavours; Glorious; Famous; Wealthy; Passionate

Billious temperament; Suffering to Maternal uncle; Heart or eye diseases; Bone related diseases; Acidic Troubles

Conquer enemies (only if strong)

Poor; Sickly / weak constitution; Stomach ailments; Stupidity; Suffer in enemy hands; Low sexual vigour; Low life force- Lazy and Lethargic; Lower longevity; Cruel; Angry; Sinful deeds, working against the laws (govt.); Sickly in childhood.

Famous; Successful in his undertakings; Valorous; Defeat his enemies; Blessed with children; Wealthy; Glorious like a king; Highly passionate; Handsome; Stout bodied and Leader in his community

Rheumatism; Leprosy (association with Mercury); Suffer hyperacidity; Troubles to maternal uncle and Spendthrift; Troubles in Litigations.

Respected/ favour by the ruler/ govt.; Author; Free from enemies; Victorious in the battlefield; Free from diseases; Earn wealth with his own efforts.

Leprosy (association with Mars and 6th lord); Rheumatism & shooting pains (affliction by Saturn or Nodes); Troubled by enemies/ Enemies in his community; Lazy; Harsh speech; Belligerent; Argumentative and gets angry often in arguments; Obstacles in achieving success in educational pursuits; Showy; Proud; Fond of creating controversies; Restless

Conquer enemies/ Free from enemies; Progression of lineage; Free from diseases, Clever; Interest in Mantra recitation (house of speech, 2nd, from the house of mantra, 5th); Famous; Reputation through spouse

Marks of wound on the body; Rheumatism; Suffering from cough and cold; Acidity; Sickness to mother; Lazy; Troubled by enemies; Falling sick due to excessive eating.

Devoid of enemies

Dangerous and scheming enemies (affliction); Suffer poverty; Unhappy; Relationship with many women/ Disliked by women; Inimical toward wife; Distressed; Mean; Unsuccessful in efforts; Deprived of happiness from father or guru; Dull; Trouble in begetting children

Powerful; Vanquish his enemies and diseases (however, troubled by them); Travel far and wide (association of Mars)

Belligerent; Financial distress; Little learning; Troubles to legs/ Suffer rheumatic pains, Suffer loss of longevity (if Saturn is eighth lord); Eat a lot; Wealthy; Proud; Passionate; Courageous; Evil minded; Suffer early loss of maternal uncle


Anonymous said…
I was looking at 6th house specs. that you have listed. I have Saturn in my 6th house and none of the symptoms that you have listed hold true for me. Is there more to Saturn in 6th house.
techster said…
I have sagittarius in 6th house with moon in the 6th house. Cancer is my ascendant.

My Date of birth is 17th May 1976.
Time of birth: 09:54 am
Place of birth: Bhopal (India)

Can u please tell me what are the remedies of having moon (lagnesh/ascendant lord) in the sixth house? Can wearing pearl help me for the same purpose?

Thank You
Anonymous said…
What about Rahu or Ketu placements in 6th house?. Same as those of saturn and/or kuja?

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