Analysis of Bhava XI- Planets in the Seventh House

The seventh house is primarily seen for relationships and marital aspects of a native and secondarily for business and trade. Presence of malefics or affliction otherwise to this house cause marital disharmony, trouble to spouse’s health.

Since this house is opposition to the Lagna, planets placed here significantly affect the Lagna by aspect. If the planets placed here is friend to the Lagna lord, then the Lagna (self) gains from the significations of the 7th house, however, if inimical to the Lagna lord, then the native suffer due to the significations of the planets placed in the seventh.

Since any relationships is an emotional bond, predominant with water elements, any fiery planet’s (Sun, Mars) placement in this house can cause trouble in the marital life and the relationship bond of the native as fire is inimical to the water element. Placement of watery planets such as Moon and Venus makes the native highly emotional regarding relationship with the opposite sex and they tend to be more passionate and like to have company with many partners. If these planets are afflicted, then this might cause perversions.

Mars and Mercury gets into Marana karaka avastha since, Mars is a bachelor and hence abhors marriage or any relationship with the opposite sex. For Mercury, he is still an undeveloped sexually and thus in the house of relationship, Mercury feels extremely uncomfortable. However, not both give similar results while placed in the 7th house. Mars is more deadly as it cause the Kuja Dosa and makes marriage a difficult path to tread. However, though Mercury is not as bad as Mars, it makes the native suffer from impotency and not able to cope up sexually with the partner. In addition, Mars and Mercury’s functional and natural signification suffer significantly while they are placed in the 7th house.

Witty; Successful in trade and business

Late Marriage; Marital disharmony; Passionate; Immoral; Trouble to wife/ Many wives; Bald; No respect for opposite sex; Wanderer; Meat eater; Urninary troubles; Suffer due to litigation; Wrath of government; Loss in business.

Good looking; Well behaved/ good manners; Soft spoken; Passionate- Fond of women’s company; Grace of ruler/ govt.; Happiness from wife/ Marital harmony; Gains from foreign trade & business

Poverty; Illnesses; Eye defects; Suffer fear of water; Envious of others; weak constitution (suffer many diseases due to this); Greedy

Ill health; Loss of spouse/ Ill health to spouse (due to kuja dosa); Obstacles in getting married; Move away from home; Sexual intimacy with women of loose character; Sexual perversions (association with Mercury/ Saturn); Fond of liquor; Sexual intercourse with women in Menses (association with Ketu); Without potency; Full of vanity; Humiliation at the hand of opposite sex; Immoral; Unhappy; Troubled; Suffer poverty and troubled by enemies & diseases.

Handsome; Wealthy; Enjoy happiness from mother; Possess conveyances; Religiously inclined; Broad-minded; Married to a good natured; wealthy; intelligent wife (more applicable in Navamsa); Possess knowledge of law and rules of own country; Wise; Well dressed; Glorious; Married to a wealthy wife; Respected; Less virile

Eat non-vegetarian food; Loss of husband (in female horoscope); Suffer from Leprosy.

Highly educated; Worried; Financial gains; Chaste, learned and devoted wife; Attached to his wife; Gain wealth from wife; Excel his father in qualities/ More generous than his father; Blessed with children; Orator; Poetic; Head of village; Learned in shastras/ Famous for his learning; Highly intelligent; Powerful; Handsome

Unfavourable (only on affliction)
Illicit relationship with other women

Handsome/ have a charismatic personality; Passionate; Surrounded by women; Wealthy; Surrounded by luxuries; Wealth from in-laws; Influential due to wife; Expert in various art forms; Happy married life; Fond of promoting controversies and quarrels; Possess conveyances; Efficient in work;

Hyper sexed; Have extra marital affairs; Believe in material enjoyment; Loss of wife/ Remarriage; Devoid of children

Good friends; Stable wealth; Stable minded wife; Stable marital life; Gain from the trade of Iron and Metal

Delays in Marriage; The spouse would be significantly older than the expected age / Lean bodied wife (more applicable in Navamsa); Affliction to body; Involve in prostitution; Sorrowful; Sexual intimacy outside marriage/ Intimation with women of questionable character/ Intimation with many women (own sign exaltation)/ Homosexuality (associate with Mars)/ Un-natural sex (associate with Venus)/ Suffer humiliation in the hands of women; Poor; Unhappy; Wander aimlessly; Sickly; Suffer loss of wife; Poor; Ugly; Sinful; Loose morals; Sickness to both the native and the spouse


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