Analysis of Bhava VIII- Planets in the Fourth House

Fourth is the house of happiness and shastras define this as sukha sthana. Since all of us are in the search of happiness in life, this house shows what motivates all our actions. Being a kendra, it has strong bearing on our activities. We all know that the Kendras are the houses of Vishnu and hence shows our actions, and the Konas are the houses of Lakshmi and shows the results we get for those actions.

Malefics placed here makes the person unhappy at his native place/ home and makes him leave home / native place and go to foreign land to settle down. Where as benefics makes the person enjoy happiness at his home or native land.

Along with happiness, fourth house is also seen for immovable properties such as Land, house etc. and also conveyance. Planets placed in dignity and under benefic influences bestow the native these things and many more luxuries. Whereas any affliction to this house make the native devoid of happiness from these things.

This house is also seen for Mother’s health. This house must be under benefic influences for Mother to be free from any troubles. Otherwise, troubles can be predicted to Mother.

This house rules the heart. Affliction to this house can cause heart troubles. However, one must look for affliction to the Karaka Sun as well, before pronouncing the results.

From the Argala perspective, this house has dhanargala on the 3rd house, labhargala on the 6th house and sukhargaloa on the Lagna. Hence planets in this house influences the prosperity of the siblings (3rd); service / enemies (6th) or the health of the native (lagna).

Sociable; Soft hearted; Fond of vocal / instrumental music

Lack of Happiness; Troubled mind/ Restless; Devoid of friends or relations/ Troubled by friends or relations; Loss of paternal property; Devoid of wealth; Devoid of conveyance; Live away from his home; Troubles to Mother; Heart trouble

Happy/ Satisfied; Fond of luxuries; Passionate- Fond of women’s company; Sacrificing; Have good friends & relatives; Attain high status and position/ hold leadership position in his community; Good reputation/ liked and loved by people; Have good house, conveyances; Trade on waters (river or ocean)

Trouble to mother and Childhood troubles

Favourable (only under benefic influences)
Good health; Own conveyances & landed property; Mother will be long-lived; Gets land and clothes by the favour of the king/ ruler.

Restless; Adversities in the family; Domestic disturbances (kuja dosa); Early death of father; Health troubles to mother/ Loss of mother (if highly afflicted); Devoid of land/ home; Live in dilapidated house; Suffer poverty; Inimical relations with kith and kins/ Devoid of friends; Live away from his native place; Devoid of Conveyances and land

Soft spoken; Active doing something all the time; Patient; Broad eyes; Happiness from parents; Learned; Happy; Flatterer; Wealthy; Own lands and Conveyances; Own good clothes; Wise; Enjoy company of friends; Fond of various art forms

Unfavourable (only if afflicted)
Devoid of land and conveyances; Bitterness in relations; Deceitful/ Acquire wealth by questionable means; Deprived of ancestral property

Happy/ Contented; Wise; Highly intelligent; Good conduct/ Clean hearted; Own land & good house; Own conveyances; Good health to mother; Good friends; Happiness from children & wife; Wealthy; Endowed with luxuries; Conquer enemies; Take part in religious ceremonies; Ambitious; Grace from rulers/ govt.; Reputed in his community

Not contended; Devoid of land and conveyances; Suffer loss of mother; Bitterness with relations

Handsome; Intelligent; Happy/ Happiness from brothers; Good nature/ Forgiving nature; Enjoy conveyances; Good health to mother/ Looks after his mother; Enjoy landed property & house; Possess good ornaments, dresses etc; Leader in his community; Get many gifts from followers

Devoid of land and conveyance; Distress to mother; Illicit relationship with other women;

Favourable (only if Saturn is strong and under benefic influences)
Happiness from mother; Popular in his community; Hold leadership positions

Lazy; Devoid of paternal properties; Bad character; Gets into bad company; Loss of mother/ Bad health to mother/ troubles mother; Lack of happiness; Troubled; Sickly in childhood; Devoid of material happiness (from house; conveyance etc.); Domestic troubles; Loves Isolation


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what is the effect of placement of nodes in the 4th house

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