Pointers to Mantra Bhava

1. Jupiter is the karaka for the mantra bhava. Ninth from the Jupiter brings Guru in the one’s life.

The Guru in one’s life is represented by the chara bhratrkaraka. What way the native associates with the guru can be seen from the chara bhratrkaraka in the rasi chart.

2. When benefics are placed in the fifth house the person is wise and principled. He is inclined towards Japa or Meditation and is spiritual and well behaved.

3. A strong fifth lord in conjunction with Jupiter or Mercury placed in a trine or a Kendra endows the native with Intelligence or wisdom.Mercury or Jupiter’s association with fifth house makes a person a scholar and an author.

4. Preponderance of masculinity on fifth house or lord gives the desire to worship a male deity. The masculinity can be indicated by 1) Odd sign and 2) Male planet (Sun, Mars and Jupiter).

5. Association (conjunction, aspect, exchange) of malefic planets (Saturn, Mars and Rahu) the malefic is pulled towards kshudra devata, spirits and departed souls. However, if there are influences of benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon and also Sun) on the fifth house/ lord, the native likes to worship Sattvik devatas and has a nature that of a sadhu.

6. When the lord of the fourth house is in fifth, the native would be a devotee of Vishnu (Jataka Parijata, JT, BPHS).

7. When the fifth lord is associated with Mercury, the native worships Mahavishnu.

8. When the twelfth lord in second or eighth house and is related to fifth lord then the native is devoted towards Sattvik deities.

9. When the fifth lord is in Leo and aspected by Sun, then the native will meditate upon Panchakshari mantra and attain blessings of Shiva (Suka Nadi).

10. If Moon is in fifth house and fifth lord is with Mars, the native worships Kartikeya.

11. If Jupiter is in fifth house and the fifth lord is in Virgo, the native becomes a worshipper of mata Gouri.

12. When the fifth lord is placed in the seventh house, the native becomes arva dharma samanvita and respects all religion.

13. When the eleventh lord is in fifth house, the native is religious.

14. When the twelfth lord is in fifth native visit shrines to get a child.

15. The deities governed by different planets are Sun- Shiva; Moon- Gouri; Mars- Skanda; Mercury- Vishnu; Jupiter- Sadashiva, Mahavishnu; Venus- Lakshmi; Saturn- Narayana; Rahu- Durga; Ketu- Ganesha. If there are influences of these planets on the 5th house or the fifth lord, then the native would be attracted towards worship of the deity signified by different planets.


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