The concept of Argala

Here is a small writeup on Argala to ignite your curiosity more and give some guideline on working with Argala. Study this and try out the argala and its obstruction in your seconds house. It is written in jyotisha shastras that signs/ planets placed in the 2nd, 4th and 11th from a house/ karaka have argala to it. Whereas planets placed in the 12th shall oppose the argala of 2nd, 3rd will oppose 11th and 10th shall oppose the argala of 4th. The secondary argala is caused by signs/ planets in 5th and 8th from a house/ karaka and planets/ signs in 9th and 6th from it shall oppose it. Lets see what is the practical use of the concept of argala.

We know that none of the activities in this world happen in isolation. There are many factors which each activity in our life. Argala is a JyotishTool to analyse how the argala influence our activities. To understand thislets take an example:

Lets find out what are the factors which influence our worklife or karmakshetra indicated by the 10th house. They are:
1. Our Attitudes and Personlity
2. Intelligence
3. Drive and Vitality
4. Health
5. Job-Satisfaction
6. Income from the Job
7. Friends circle
8. Stress and Tension
9. How much tiring the job is?

Now we can broadly classify these indications into the following houses:

1. Our Attitudes and Personlity
2. Intelligence
3. Drive and Vitality
4. Health
5. Job-Satisfaction

11th house
6. Income from the Job
7. Friends Circle

8th house
8. Stress and Tension
9. How much tiring the job is?

Now we see that the common link between these three houses are that, they have argala on the 10th house or work. Now the planets placed in these houses shall positively or negetively affect the work. Like if Rahu is placed in the Lagna, the person shall have no job satisfaction and prone to take wrong decisions at job as Rahu is an enemy to the Karaka for Intelligence and wisdom, Jupiter.

Now lets see how to analyse the argala of a planet on a given house. We shall take a step by step approach to look at that:
1. Find the Karaka of the House under focus.
For the present case, this happens to be 10th and the karakas are:
a. Sun- Recognition at workplace
b. Mercury - Intelligence and communication
c. Saturn - Persistence, Patience and Hardwork
d. Moon- Nature of Workplace

2. Find the relationship of the planet causing argala and the karaka of the house. If the relationship is friendly then that will have positive influence on the significations ruled by the Karakas under consideration.
Here we have to look at two things:
a. The influence due to the natural nature of the planet
b. The influence based on the house (11th, Lagna, 8th) causing the argala on the concerned house (10th)

Lets take an example, where Jupiter is causing Argala from the 11th. This shows that, the native shall get due recognition at the workplace as Jupiter is a friend of Sun (point a). Because of the Subhargala, there will be some good frinds who shall help the native at his workplace (point b) and he will get pretty decent income commensurating his work (Point b).

3. Find the Karaka of the House, where the Argala causing planet is placed. The extent to which the Argala causing planet shall promote or diminish the result of the house under consideration is based on how much support it is getting from the Karaka of the house it is placed.

We know that the karaka for gain is Jupiter for the 11th house. If Jupiter is placed in the 11th, then the person's income is supported.

4. Find the Lord of the house, where the Argala causing planet is placed. Along with the Karaka, the dispositor of the Argala causing planet can support or oppose it based on its relationship with the karakas of the house under consideration and also the argala causing planet.

5. Virodhargala:
Virodha means opposition. Here we shall see the strength of opposition on existing argala. More planets or stronger planets in the virodhargala causing house show one of the following situation.

(a) Virodha is stronger, if the virodhargala planet is favourable, whereas the argala in unfavourable
(b) Virodha is unfavourable whereas the argala is favourable to the karaka of the house under consideration.


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