Judging placement of a Planet in a House

We could go by step by step methodology to understand this. The steps follow:

Lets pick up Sun's placement in the Lagna.

Step 1: Find the natural significations of the house
Here the Lagna stands for Personality, attitudes etc. Now Sun shows independence, authority, status, power, generosity, a firm and stern attitude and so on. Thus when Sun is placed in the first house, it will give such an attitude to the person. However, we know that when sun is debilitated in Libra, the independence of the Sun is lost and for such people, the Sun in the Lagna shall make them look for some form of support for decision making. They shall also have a sense of deprivation because of the debilitation of the Sun. In the sign Leo, Sun is the most generous and in Pisces, it is the most knowledgeable. In Sagittarius, it is the most righteous and protector of dharma etc. You can understand the nature of the signs and then try figure out how Sun shall behave in each of the signs.

Step 2: Find the Karaka of the house under consideration:

Karakas of the Lagna are:
1. Sun- for vitality and drive (which comes from the soul) and conscience
2. Moon- for body and health
3. Jupiter - Intelligence
4. Saturn - Hair

Now the planet under consideration, i.e., Sun shall promote the significations of the Karakas with whom Sun is friendly and shall damage those with whom Sun has enmity. Now Sun the karaka for Lagna and hence it shall make the person conscientious and full of energy and drive. Its a friend of Jupiter and hence shall make the person intelligent and wise. It is a friend of Moon and hence shall make the body free of diseases.

It is an enemy of Saturn and hence shall reduce the significations of Saturn making the person bald or lack hair.

Now there can be variety of intensities of results such as. When such Sun is in cancer, Moon's karakatva is very strong there and thus the person shall enjoy good health more than Scorpio, where Moon becomes naturally weaker. Also Sun in Pisces, Sagittarius and Cancer shall be more intelligent than any other signs, as these are the places where the Jupiter is very strong. Just think of Vivekananda, having Sun in the Sagittarius Lagna.

Similarly, Aries and Leo native shall have lesser hair on the head than Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius native, as in these houses the Karakatva of Saturn shall be stronger.

Step 3: Find the house of which the said planet is a karaka
Sun is the karaka for the
2nd- for eye sight
5th- power and authority
9th- Dharma, Father
10th- Recognition in profession and enterprise

From 2nd Sun is placed in the 12th house, which is a marana karaka sthana, this shows that the native shall have defective eye sight. However if Sun is exalted, then the weakness of Sun is cancelled to some extent, salvaging the eye sight. The cause of the weakness of Sun is Saturn being the karaka for the 12th house. If Saturn aspects such Sun, then it becomes difficult to salvage the eye sight.

From 5th, Sun is placed in the 9th house, a trine and shall promise good position, status and authority. The cause of strength of such Sun is Sun and Jupiter both being the karaka for the 9th house. The influence of Jupiter on such Sun shall be helpful in giving power and authority to the person.

From 9th, Sun is placed in the 5th house, and hence shall protect the 9th house of Father and Dharma. Thus such persons shall be having a righteous life and happiness from father.

From 10th, Sun is placed in a kendra, making the native enterprising and gain recognition for his work. However the karaka for fame is Jupiter, and if it influences such Sun, then the person gets his due recognition and also becomes famous.

Step 4: Find the aspect of the planets on different houses.
The graha drsti of the planets shall show what the planet in the Lagna wants from the houses it is aspecting. One can work out the karaka of the house on which it is aspecting and find out the relationships of those planets.

For example, Sun aspects the 7th house. The karaka for 7th is Venus, who debilitated Sun and snatches the independence from him but chaining him under relationships. But As Sun is strongly influencing the Lagna, Such persons will not fall into relationships easily and always try to have an independent life style. However this is not so strong, when Sun is in Libra as the influence of Venus is pretty strong on the Sun.

This can be covered in further lessons on the influences of planets on the houses.

Step 4: Argala
Read the argala article posted in this site.

Try to find the influence of a planet from its position to different houses it is having argala on. It will try to influence the affairs of the house, it is having argala on, by carrying the influence of the house it is placed in.


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