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Intelligence is governed by devaguru Jupiter, who is the karaka for Dhi or the supreme intelligence. There are many kind of intelligence, which is important for sustenance in this material world and with the same reasoning; animals are also intelligent, as they also know, how to keep themselves alive. However, the only difference, between an animal and human being is the presence of “Dhi”, or the intelligence for self-development and realization. Who else can govern, such intelligence than the devaguru himself!

The strength of Jupiter lies with guiding the Mana (Moon) in the right direction. This is why in the Kalachakra, or the time cycle, Jupiter is placed opposite to the Moon. No, wonder, on Amavasyas and Purnimas, when the mind gets hyper exited; only Jupiter has the power to put rein on such Mind. Thus on full Moon nights, when the Moon (Mind) is highly activated, Satya-Narayan (Jupiter) vrata is done.

This is pertinent to mention here is that the knowledge is always within us, as we have the same spark of Atma, which is similar to paramatma, the storehouse of all knowledge. The only difference between a normal mortal and a yogic is that one doesn’t know how to access the source and the other knows how to do it. This is why Maharshis could know many things by meditating, through their intuition. The omnipresence and omnipotent characteristics of knowledge (True knowledge- the Vedas) can only be described by the ethereal Jupiter. Jupiter has the extra ordinary power to tap all form of knowledge, comprehensible or incomprehensible.

Among he supporters of Jupiter, Moon is the most important as he is who exalts the Jupiter. Thus, Moon aids in the manifestation of Jupiter or Dhi, and represent the Mana or consciousness. A strong Mana can only be productive, when it is under the proper guidance of supreme intellect signified by Devaguru Brhaspati.

Sun is the storehouse of all energy as it is the natural significator of the Atma. As discussed above, Atma contains all knowledge, it require only a good Mana and Dhi to access it. This is the source of light, which the Moon (Mana) reflects. Thus an unaffiliated and strong Sun is prerequisite for a native to be a expert in multiple disciplines. As Sunlight contains all colours of light, the ray of light, which a native accesses from Sun, is dependent on the influences on the Sun. This is why the Sun represents the knowledge of Gita, which is a philosophy, which encompasses all form of knowledge and hence has all the colours.

Mars signify the ability to break down a complex problem into smaller part and analyze each of them to have a comprehensive understanding of the whole problem and get the solution. As opposed to Jupiter, it doesn’t use intuition, but logical reasoning for solving problem.

Mercury is the planet of skills and signifies the ability to use Language in communication. Strong Mercury shows good communication skills. On one hand, where Jupiter signifies knowledge and wisdom, Mercury signify formal education, i.e., application of intelligence in solving practical problems. This also signifies the learning ability as Mercury represents a child who can be trained in various things. All depends on who is training the child; the child will learn the things indicated by the teacher. If Jupiter is teaching him, no doubt the native becomes knowledgeable and if Moon is the teacher, he becomes passionate, concurring with the trait of Moon. Who is teaching Merc, is learnt from which planet is placed in the trine to it.

Venus is a great tapasvi, and he rules the desire, which goads us to learn. Thus whenever Venus is associated with Saturn (hard work and patience) and Ketu (Mokshakaraka), the native becomes a Tapasvi (someone who undertakes severe austerity and penances to attain siddhi). As opposed to Jupiter, who rules para vidya (knowledge which is used irrespective of whether we are born or not), Venus rules apara vidya (knowledge which is used in this mortal world). Thus Venus signify practical strategies, which help in solving real life problems.

Saturn debilitates Jupiter and hence signifies loss of Memory among other significations. Saturn detaches one’s consciousness or the Mana from accessing the source of knowledge as opposed to Jupiter, which connects the Mana to it. For that matter Saturn is a bitter enemy of the naisargika Atmakaraka, Sun and hence any studies done during Sani Kala is prone to forgetfulness. One should check out, saturn’s influence on the Lagna or the Paka Lagna to understand, how Saturn is playing mischief in making the person forgetting things. If Jupiter is placed with a strong Saturn, then also the person might suffer failure of memory, as with mere association, Saturn can cause debilitation of Jupiter.

Rahu eclipses Sun and is a bitter enemy of Jupiter. Rahu has a natural tendency to eclipse Sun and hide the effulgence of Sun is extreme darkness. This is no wonder that in Rahu-Kala, not only gathering knowledge is next to impossible; but also one is tend to make wrong decisions (shown by the enmity towards “dhi” karaka Jupiter).

Excerpts from Varga Chakra (Siddamsa by Sarajit Poddar)


Anonymous said…

I don't think Saturn Debiliates Jupiter just by mere association.In fact it will open a new world of knowledge which is possesed by Saturn also,along with jupiter.

I have seen in general,association are alwys shows new development and discloses the unknow.However just Jupiter ,evn exalted cannot do that.More on this later.....

Regards Shripal
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