ODD and EVEN Footed Signs (Ajit Krishnan)

The Vamana Gayatri starts with “trinipada vichakrame” and shows the importance of the 3-fold divisions in Hinduism. The vamana avatar scaled all of existence with 3 steps. The fundamental trinity is represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The world consists of the bhu, buvah and svarga lokas. It is the goal of every Jyotisha to be able to see the past, present and future. This three-fold division is the very essence of Hindu Dharma.

Hence, from the starting sign (Aries) and the starting nakshatra (Krittika), every set of 3 signs/nakshatras are labeled odd-footed and even-footed respectively. Just as the sex of signs was used in matters relating to the human body, the footedness of signs applies in manners which deal with dharma.

For example, Narayana dasa deals with the environment in which we find ourselves, and this is a reflection of our previous karma. This falls under the purview of dharma. When determining dasa lengths, the footedness of signs plays a critical role.


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