SJC IIIrd Annual West Coast (US) Conference

Date: 21.08.2004 - 29.08.2004
Theme: The Art of Prediction in Jyotish
Venue: Best Western Innand Suites, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.
Speakers: Sanjay Rath, Brendan Feeley, Robert Koch, Sat Siri Khalsa, Sarbani Sarkar, Visti Larsen, Raghunadha Rao Nemani,Barbara Corkrean, Freedom Cole.


Main Conference
21st: Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers -- Robert Koch (full day )

22nd: Prashna. Sanjay Rath (full day)

23rd: Location, Timing and Severity of Disease - Somanatha Drekkana, Shastamsa and Trimsamsa charts - Brendan Feeley (full day);

24th: Interrelationship between Arudhas, Houses and Grahas – Freedom Cole (AM segment) ; Drekkana charts: Jagannatha, Somanatha, Parivritti-traya, and Parasari, and their Different Applications - Visti Larsen (PM segment)

25th: Yoga Pravesh: Predicting Important and Everyday Events with the help of the Etheric limb of the Panchangam –Sat Siri Khalsa (full day)

26th: Vimsottari dasa: Predictive Approaches - Sanjay Rath (full day)

27th: Sudasa and Sri Lagna -- Timing the Periods of Prosperity, Marriage, and Child-birth - Sarbani Sarkar or Visti Larsen in the AM (for calculation), Robert Koch in the PM (for judgment and interpretations)

28th: Varnas and the Varnada lagna -- Barbara Corkrean (9-11 AM); Nama Tatva -- Sarbani Sarkar (11AM-1PM); Drekkana charts and Predictive Techniques -- Visti Larsen (3-5 PM)

29th: Nakshatra & Various Chakras in Jyotish, Sanjay Rath (AM Segment)* Conference Review, Questions and Answers - panel with gurus (PM segment).

* If additional time is required, this discussion will be continued into the PM segment. Sanjay will teach the use of various nakshatras in the 27/28 nakshatra system, the results of different planets in different nakshatras (culled from ancient texts and principles), with Nara chakra and as many chakras will be discussed as the time permits.

Evening classes (two hours each segment)
22nd: Dasamsa chart, Loss and Gain in Career – Raghunadha Rao Nemani
23rd: Jagannatha and Kasinatha Horas, Visti Larsen
24th: Ayurveda and Constitutional Types according to Jyotish -- Brendan Feeley
25th: Depth Study of the Navamsa chart – Sanjay Rath
26th: Timing the results of Arishtas – Visti Larsen
27th: Combining and Choosing Predictive Tools, all gurus, Sanjay
28th: Case Studies, Panel discussion, all guru

Info: Lakshmi Kary, Phone: 1-707-485-7637,
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