Neechabhanga Rajayoga (Pt. Sanjay Rath)

1. The lord of the sign of exaltation of the debilitated planet is in a kendra to Lagna or Moon. For example, if Mercury is debilitaed in Pisces, the Mercury itself which is the lord of Virgo, the sign of its exaltation, should be in a kendra to Lagna or Moon. Thus, Mercury attains neechabhanga if eithe lagna or chandra is in any of the dual signs. It is for this purpose you find that dual signs give good communication abilities and produce many writes etc. Another example: If Saturn is debilitaed in Aries, then if Venus, the lord of Libra its sign of exaltation is in a kendra to the Lagna or Moon, Saturn gets neecha bhanga or cancellation of debility.

2. The lord of the sign of debility of the debilitated planet is in a kendra to Lagna or Moon. This is the concept of the dispositor of the planet, and if the dispositor of a debilitated planet is in a Kendra to Lagna or Moon, then neecha bhanga occurs. This is also an important part of the Kalpa Druma Yoga where the dispositor of the strong lagna lord is required to be in a kendra to lagna. In such a case, when the naive approaches someone for help, when in trouble or in debility, help is sure to come.

3. The debilitated planet occupies its exaltation sign in the Navamsa chart. Every sign has nine Navamsa, Saturn is debilitated in Aries and the seventh Navamsa is that of Libra, its exaltation sign. Thus, if Saturn were to be between 20-23.20 degrees in Aries, neechabhanga is automatic. This implies that the native has done some very good dharmic karma in the past birth bring ing forth the blesings of Bhagavan and hence his debilitated condition or troubles are forgiven and he gets relief.

4. The sign where the planet is in debility is conjoined another planet which gets exalted in that sign. It pays to have powerful friends and associates and a planet in debility, if conjoined another planet in exaltation leads to a situation where the troubled soul meets another who is exalted and powerful or the person who is best suited to help him out. Sheer luck you may call those situations or just coincidence is what many people say. In one case, a businessman was about to be kicked out of all his businesses and as he waited at the airport, he had the acquaintance of the chairman of a bank. They discussed and then the businessman revealed his problem. The Chairman cancelled his flight and went back to office the next day and gave him a loan. The businessman went on to purchase controlling shares and grow into a big business house.

Such Rajyoga do not occur with every neechabhanga, and at least a few of the factors cited above have to occur. further, all planets do not get neechabhanga by all the four methods. As a study, examine the debility of each planet and see the peculiar situations that cause its exaltations and the lessons they hold


Anonymous said…
Dear Sarajit,

Congratulation on compiling and presneting such informative articles. It is indeed an admireable job. It was my old desire to see such good articles of Gurus, contributors and members of the SJC'c groups on a single plate form as an archive, instead of searching in the old messages and books.

Best of luck.

jon said…
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jon said…
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Uma said…
I just read this thread, was wondering how a debiliated planet in Rasi as well as Navamsa should be taken?

Here is the case.
Taurus Ascendent - Venus debiliated but it is in Leo in Navamsa.

Sun also debiliated in Rasi and in Navamsa who is 4th lord.

Ascendent is same Taurus in Navamsa also.

How this case should be read?
Namashkarji, Neechabangha well explained.

Heuristically, Moon has always been favourable to me however my Moon(also lagna lord)is debilitated and Mars(also yogakarka)is in 11th house from lagna i.e.Taurus with Venus.But Mars, the lord of debilitation house & Venus, the lord of Taurus where Moon exalts is 7th (kendra) from Moon - Note: Kendra from debilitated moon itself, does that make any difference?

I examined Phaladeepika and several other texts but no direct mention of this point, pls share your thoughts. TQ
T.Appu said…
Hi My DOB is 18-Oct-1982 and time is 2:25 pm and birth place is kumbakonam,TamilNadu. One astrologer told that i have this neecha bhanga raja yoga. Is it good or bad ? I am not clear on this.
Anonymous said…
Astrological chart is an indicator of past karmas. Debilitated planets indicates karma to be offset or improved in that specific area. Cancellation of debilitation indicates what? In my opinion it is only a concession given like sapa moksha, for Debilitation comes first then only cancellation.

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