SJC IInd Annual European conference

Date : 03.08.2004 - 08.08.2004
Venue: Sri Murugan Temple, Highgate, London

The Sri Jagannath Centre will be holding its second annual European conference on Hindu Astrology in August of this year. Set to take place at the renowned Sri Murugan Temple in Highgate, London, the conference aims to build upon the huge success of their Annual Asian conference which was held in Puri, India earlier this year. The Conference taking place in London this year aims to reach all those who have an interest in Astrology from the absolute novices to the most advanced researchers of the subject. In other words regardless of your level of understanding there will be something substantial on offer for all who have an interest in the subject. For more details visit

This has been published in the London Murasu Newspaper.

Though the conference aims to be a non profit one, if there were to be any residual profits then 50 % of said profits will go directly to the Sri Murugan Temple and the remainder would go back into the Sri Jagannath Centre organisation. None of the speakers will receive any remuneration for these talks and their costs of travel and stay will be covered to the extent possible.


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